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I J rrO-MORROW-SA.TURDAT. | BEN. EYANS & Co.'s 1 I Great « A T rTH1 I Summer FIT?. JTV ■! fi ■" if I I Bargains in every Department. f Ben. Evans & Co., Ltd. SWANSEA. C. ROWLAND, MVrItA-CTM TO THE SWANSEA HARBOUR TRUSTEES ftMUWAY HAULIER AST) SHIPPING CXXWTRACTOR TO THE RfiONDDA AND Ii SW-ANSEA BAY RAILWAY CO., and RAILWAY HAULIER TO THE MIDLAND t. AND LONDON AND NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY COMPANIES. 9, FISHER STREET. g I The merits of Stiffs Starch are pare That's wby the LADIES i. 11 PKEZE it; Its praise is echoed everywhere, Which hejps-tCXJ!d..ertise it. Stiff's Oeam Sfcawcfo produces the iI' fas;hiorm,ble tawny tint, and wMJ not injure the mostdefccate material. ¡ A ( I t STtFF &, CO., LTC., J 29fBBDCMFFSTKEEI, BfilSKtl. 'V I I I^EW ST A P. THEATRE, SWANSEA. .< MONDAY, JULY Uth, itfW. THE STREETS OF LONDON. Thursflsv, .Juiv 14th -"THE SORROWS OF SATAN." Friday, July 15th, "MY SWEETHEART." A. LBERT HALL SERVICES. REV. SETH JOSHUA mil (lI. V.) preach in the ALBEK T H A L L On SUNDAY NEXT, Morning: at 11; Evening at 6.30. POCKETTS BRISTOL CHANNEL JL STFAM PACKET COMPANY, LTD. PLEASURE SAILINGS By the Magnificent Passenger Steamship BRIGHTO N I (Classed Ai at Lloyd's). From WEST PIER, SWANSEA, &,c. (Weather and other circumstances permit- ting). MO\T)\Y, JULY 11. 8.0 COMBE and C LOYELLY leavingClovelly 4.0 p.m., and Ilfracombe 6.0 p.m., for Mum- bles only. LONG DAY AT TENBY. TUESDAY, JULY 12, 3.0 a.m.*—To TEN BY and ILFRACOMBE: leaving Ilfra- eombe 4.0 p.m. and Tenby 6.45 p.m., for Mumbles -111y- Fare, Tenby 5s. W E DN ESI) AY, JULY. 13, 8.15 a.m.-— TLFRACOMBE and CLOVELLY: living Clovelly 4.0 p. and llfracombe 6.0 P-iii. THURSDAY. JULY 14th, 7.0 n m.— ILFRACOMBE and LYNMOUTR 'via Pert Talbot.); 1 eaviiic, Lynmouth 4.50 p.m. ar-d Ilfracombe 6.0 p. III. FRIDAY, JULY 15th, 8-,7Ji) a.m.—ILFRA- COMBE and LCNDY ISLAND; leaving Lunctv 4.0 p.m., and Ilfracorabe 6.0 p.m. SATIT?,DAY, JULY 1.6th, 9.0 a.m.*—'To II. ERA COMBE: returning at 7.50 pm. to Mumbles ard Swansea. 4.0 p.m.-( .heap Half Day Trip MUMBLES PIER to ILFR A- COMBE returning at 7^50 p.m. to Mum- bles and Swansea. Farr, 2. 'Calling at Mumbles Pier each way. "\[EW EDITION. Just published, post XV free, 6 stamps. A TREATISE on NERVOUS DISEASES, and WEAKNESS IN >iEN, with a description of the most Com "mo nsense and kcieirtrific TreatnHSct ever introduced. Ijocdon A. J. LEIGH, 92 and 96, Groat Russell-street, W.C. ("^ IU HARNESS. Futl size £ 4 2s. 6d. M Cob sizes, £ 3 15s. Pony size, £ 3 Cab or Business cart harness, 24 IOs. Strong van harness E4- F:Hmf't's' strong cart har- ness £ 3 10s. All the above are band-made in oar own factories. Heavy cart saddles and breecbings £ '• Cart bellybancl 3s. M. Plough pads, 2s. 2,,ins. British Gov- ernment backhands and tugs, 10s. 6d. Cart collars 5s. Steel hames with hooks 15. 6d. per pair. Black waterproof, cart cover 6ft. 6in.. by 6ft.. bin., 4s. 6d. Men s brown leather British fj-ovcrurupat navv beits 6d. All goods sent on approval. Illustrated catalogue post free on application to JAR- DiNE, rontTacior of H.M. Government., NOTTINGHAM. Why not Exchange yonr Piano For a Bechstein, a Col lard, a Neuxneyer, a Broadwood, a H-opktnson, a Schreiber, a Kaps, a Brinsmead, a Chailen, an Ibach, a Rootf, a Cramer, or a Steinway, £ ifh so many good Piano Makers to select from practising on a W orn-ont Instrument should not be permitted. FULL VALUE ALLOWED IN EXCHANGE. Thompson & Shackell, Ltd. S3, CASTLE STREET, SWANSEA, PfAHOS A-ND ORGANS at Loudon Prices for Cash or any Irretammant may be bad on the One, Two, or TTiree Years' System of Easy Payment.?. Catalogues Free 00 appli- ymtmm, C,W—rim Bsfepteaa* No, 218,




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Bad News for Aberavon,


Chertsey Election.