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ECHOES OF THE PAST. I 4 # I INTERESTING EXTRACTS FROM "THE | I CAMBRIAN," OF 1806. | # I I SWANSEA AS A RESORT OF FASHION. | | FREHCH PRISONERS DARING ESCAPE. #*###* #### *###*## Swansea., Friday, Aug. 22nd. Swansea je at preset very fall of geMoet company, aj-ad are a>La*OHt daily arriv- ing at tiiifc gay neaort of fashion. L ne pro- menade on the Borrows on Sandav evening j displayed am assemblage of beauty ami elo gance, fascinating beyond cLefccripticn, and which very few watering piiwws oocM cxced. The bail, at tha Bush last night, was aiso tn-rifit nwoieraasiy and f;uf-h ionably attended, and the mazy cfcuice was spiritedly main- tained Taotti nea.r sun-rise this mntnÙng. The Benefits commenced at, our TbeatTe on Wed- nesdav last, warn Mr. Ph J lips, the manager, |t waø honoured with hii overfiowmg house. We J& were highly gratified with this solid tofcen of the esteem in which he is held by the town, and cxmlideivt he will never relax his efforts to merit «> flattening a deecrptiom. Brotad Haven, a plesMsaitt little village, five Wales from Haverfordwest, is now the resid- ence of a number of genteel people, from the tetter place, and it neighbourhood, to enjoy the benefit of sea bathing in St. Bride's Bay, which, opening directly into the Atlantic Ooea-n, render# the air w. the warmest weather oora, refreshing and salubrious; the water is parr; and transparent; the sand, firm and fiw. and the descent, gradual and perfectly safe. It i", mattet- for regret that the advantageous situation of the pteoe has not allured son* speculative moneyed man to build a good inn or an hotel there, which, *t the same time affording proper accommo- dation to the company (who are now ob- Hged to' be content wrtH indifferent lodgings) 1 *wdd not fail of proving profitable to the KT.; ADVENTURER. Persons claiming the aJJowanoe of 41. per I* Cent, oat of the assessed taxes, in respect of [ ^*e number of their children, and whose total »e«esfflneaiit» shaH be under 401., are required hy the Act to dehver to the assessors of the i parish or place where such claim shall be I?^e ^OT present year, on or before the ir^rt^entTi day of August, a written declara- tnn of their intentions. Last Sunday a person of the name or Wm. Jpoaaer of Abbey Tiniern, Monmouthshire, I'?8 Severn at a place called *8" a. STRQ&I di^Atarkoei from tifco o4d pa&- *<spe, when he suddenly sank and was vrned. -curious cn^cumetance occturped last- week at C^iKfend, near Hudclersheld. A tailor of wat place stepped a little out of the line of ™s profession, that of catting cloth, by un- dertaking to cut the ears of an unkurtunate ytcaaas. The instruments which Snip used m this process were very appropriate- aaneiy, his abeeurs and gcooo, the first to Mbpatafce. aod the latter to sear; the animal, however, not aitogether feeling pleasant Hnder the operation, roamed roast treirtendons- V- kicked poor Cabbage- irrt-o the dirt, s wheone he sometime tety, a filthy memento of j tw folly of one am in aAtaniptir^ to crop •*<he ears of aaofcher ft. is a wry carious fa«t that the Parish of "1t.. Andrew, V«don, formerly paid a ecaveai- »» 4001. a year for cleaning their streets, which, alter some tone being thought too loach., the person engaged to do it for 3001. ■fcbeo for 3001.—then for 1001., and finally j y for mrtiiing. The Pajrisaii co«tract-e<! with a l person who gave them 3001.then 4001., and now they actually receive 7001. a vear for 'Lh" -oil of their streets. ¡ i t«e village of Harbraodscm, situated on a h»iwrtifal bank of Mil ford JJaven. within two niles of the town of naOberston, aocord- to tradition, was the reetmg place of riari;y VII. and his small armv, on their »!*«• vh.1 in this country, a few da*s before the rahle battle of Bosworth "Fi« ld ui 1485. I to nannecioTate the lIDIOIIl of tih«* Houses of' aDd LtMDcaster, there har been held I ."H.I .Uy for the last 321 yeuis on a large grø,n in the village a fair for hiring sea-vaarte, and the aaie of iTnpleroents of husbandry, I r"tops, etc. On Ttt^sdiiy last (tiie a.i!niveœ- i this very pieafioot spot exhibited a scene of ^?ch uncommon gadeiy that masst, to a feeing spectator, have affordied very ooo- ski -r tblc inteitest and aatifrfactiani." The <^rii^stly notes of violins and harps, gTo" of d.feTcfng lads and lasses, shonte of metrri- g owrs oocasioned by tmfcs of activity, the pnoTj^ naclie of stsne of the mnst fceairtdfid of the <xeation6, the number of honest and re- sp^itable farmers, wniling at the surrounding gkfTKttai prospect of an abundant hatrveRt, and me whcie aided bv tlie splendour of one of the finest dav« of the sea*4on, called back I to th:, delighted recoilecticm taieK of mrai < a,nd "times long- past." At >wanaea fair to-day the shew of cat/tie WB« but mAftereat, ajjd the extremely daD at reduced figure. Horse», M usual, ■were nuan«pmas, but few of any figare and woox was m tolerable plenty, and rather taghei-, the general prkee bemg from 16d. to 2CM. per lb. THEATRE, SWANSEA. MR. PHILLIPS Reaper fully informs the ladies and gentlemen ->f iSwansea and ite vicanky, HIS BENEFIT WILL BE On WEDNESDAY Xext, August 20th, 1806. Tbe t-foramirwe will fje Southerns tragedy OROONOKO, Or, THE ROYAL SLAVE. • 'nisW' i ™ performed heme, »Qd w«i«oed eea«m at fibe Hayma-rket^ called CATCH HIM WHO CAN. At jit reford Abuses. J. Fpeenaen, for bwr- giary, and G. Gardener for sheep stealing Peowve^ sentence of death; W. Protheiroe', for Manslaughter, was fined 101., and ordered to be imTjrikwned one moofch. Three other Persons were sentenced to iiriprisomaesit, and two to be whipped. At Monmouth Assizes, J. Lewis for stealing a, silver watch and Ann Phillips, for breaking open the shop of Da vies, at OaWtkot, were sentenced to be UKtmsoned twelve months. J. K:dley, 10c stealing wheat, to be fined Is. and im- tcsoned for twelve months. f^piar escape of a Prerich priBOoer: A SBaman, having lately dirieti the of the go-'wd at Chatham, whetre he An d-ma,cta<5d the neighbourhood « i>raadstau%. was in the ooui^e of a few ^k^PPp^*IQded, and put- on board a vessel at tW p}a,œ. to be carried to lpig former **d shewn great d^ bm escape mtbe hrst jmtenoe, lt w« thought ad^' „ abie to place a guard over him ooboard ior greater .security; night, howler, being paiefcty far advanced before the veeBei ga*d the FreochsruMi, who waa permitted to remain on deck, stretched himself, with great pre- seax* of mind, at full length, and pretended by snoring loudly that he was fast asleep. The aentinfil. being tlrae put off his gaaird, •wtei himeeif, na turally enough at the dead of night, &nd soon feM fatit a&leep in good earrxsl The prisoner, who was on the watch the whole time, fincKng tlwst he had ensnared the saidLor. quickly jimiped ttp, and first robbing the poor fellow of two sevwn shrilling pieces and his watch, then is*- him- self down into tliesmall boat fro<m the stem, .od gr„c, mfely on shore. The three m- ff-mr iMnds belonging- to the small a&t-er, ceding soon afterwards to prepare for sailing. t --ke the eentmel, who then discovered', ais may he sappoeed, witli astonishment, bot-h escape of tims prisoner and his robbery. lCwj. v Beaar.'h was made r<«r Kiwi orf cotjtso » the morning, and during the whoiie day, but to no pnrj e^e; it wa.s believed tlw- retone fhat he had en-deavoured to arrive at some Sth- part, of the Colbgt, from which he nigiit ^owt a veseea and get over to France. of quitting t he neighbonri -K! of IsroadiitaaTR, Itowever, be hirked about the mrnfh&kis until night, when lie neirarnet!, r,? d boa-nipd a fishing smmck, in wh., > it, Íè IK.W aawertained he erffcted hM eecape 1r J)ta- terk. Ode un the birthday ai his Royal Hignnetss the ilrinm of Wake, 1806 Thewgh many earth-bocn vsepoar aeeam to retit t^pcm the tow'ring Mcwntaiii's n ighty browj To hide tiie blor«ning uplaaids flowery bicast, light not ot; the fismple ui« UtpoQ the tow'ring Mcwntaiii's n ighty browj To hide tiie blor«ning uplaaids flowery bicast, Mt light not on the fismple ui« fielow; ISO fdndowing mountaiD still to n-viiifc the aama, Uxi the loftv honcwars of its name; [ A brighter glory plays around its head, Than the soft beam that gildfi the humble .'shed. ShaH that flit before toe glowing ray Impair the splendour of the Orb of Day? O'er the bate :'ÍilÆ he soats, the transient gloom Dis-pelfi; and added hres the ^'ky resume! As thas new glories mark liis destined way, Whiie harmony awakes on every epray; IUusttriooP Prmoe, we hail thy natal diay To thee we nike t lie oiioral song. To whom sublimer strains belong; For wliom umimnber'd Bards- ahall swieil, 'Hie Muüir or the Vocal Shell While .science fair. wifth iaiu,etLs crownec), ShaH scr««d her various toils around And learning here, her favorite h-mie (Fraught with the stores of (J-reeoe and Rome) Shall trx, enacoour'd of tlie charms, <'f Bntisu Arw and British An». Whore Freedom, to their bright career iV>pitioas, ownes hor. native sphere; And order fair with dimpled «m:les, I Array her beauteous Sister Mes. YVhile all to distant worid\s prociicHm. Tlieir Oeorg-—their patriot BruTtswick's lasting farce

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