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I— " * -'iM^a««L#€25 NEATH…


I — -'iM^a««L#€25 NEATH NOTES. Revelations at the Melyn. Gems of Englishlby Mr.' Law. 44 Who and Why I am Opposed." Rumoured Retirement of Aid Hr P. Charles. •More elections Nothing but. elieeti-yns First the County Council, and now we have the would-be parish councillors and district dittos at each other's throats. And what for? Will the newly-constituted boards be a whit better than the old? Those, who have not sat. before, thing they will, if they are returned. 1 hose, who have, believe they'Ll. be far less competent to discharge the public duties if they are rejected. And so it goes on, and the public have to pay the piper. No doubt. in many instances elections are healthy, and I believe in the principle that no public representative should become pos- sessed of the idea that he has a safe #eat. Certainly that would not, in the ordinaiT course of things, be conducive to the pubt.c welfare. But in connection with these dis- tinct councils and parish council election*, many contests have been forced, and not in every case with the object of making for ef- ficiency. Thus are the ratepayers being sad- died with unnecessary burdens. .+- Now, in Llantwit Lower the rates are, I am informed, between 9s. and 10s. in the B. \et in ionna there will be a. contest, there being eight candidates for ,«ix seats. Win- on earth anyone wants to tight for a -eat ihi any parit-h. council, I can't understand; but in the circumstances of such high rates it seems quite inexplicable. Jn the Melvn Ward they have settled matters. Messrs. n. Gihbs and J. D. Trick have had enough of it. and they have withdrawn, so that Messrs. Law and Meyrick and seven others are re- turned unopposed. ♦ » ♦ Among tue candidates at Tonna is Mr. Tom Brown, the head-master of the local schools, I am told that Mr. Brown had an invitation to Mr. Law's great feed also that Mr. Law did not send it. It appears that some wags got hold of a ticket, which \va< enclosed in an unaddressed envelope. This they addressed and posted to. Mr. Brown. On the face of it this looked very much like the olive branch, but Mr. Brown did not attend the dinner at Melyn. So the wags had not the satisfaction of witnessing the fuTtilment of their intention. There can be no doubt that Mr. Law lias done all he possibly could to get a backing on the Parish Council, and it is equally certain that he will have1 a strong following, but whether sttong enougli to secure II m the position of representative on the Education Authority remains to he seen. Mr. Law (what should we do without him ?) is a source of never-failing joy. He is never happier than when contesting elections. The other day he told me that he wa,* going to take a fortnight's holiday, with the intention of making matters warm* for the opposition in the Melvn Ward to his return to the District Council. Directly after the results of the withdrawals were known on Tue^dav, one saw placarded about the town a llar'ng red saw placarded about the town a llar'ng red poster, upon which wa.s set out his intention to hold a mase meeting at Melvn, at which he would make "Startling Revelations, as to who and why I am being opposed." Now that is a lovely sentence! "As to who. and why I am opposed." It's simply delieiou*. -+- Then he goes on to invite one and all to come to hear the TRUTH AND NO FICTION. ++-+-- Before these I ncs appear in print that mass meeting will be held, and a description thereof will be found in another column. I will venture to predict that it will be with reading. Mr. A. S. Gardner and Mr. Edmund Law are the old members for the Ward on the Rural District Council, and a contest i* caused by the candidature of Mr. Snook, described in the nomination papere as a merchant. Mr. Snook, I believe, is a of Mr. 0. H. lhomns, colliery proprietor. He is a Non- conformist, and a Liberal in politics. I have his authority for saying that he not op- posing Mr. Gardner. Therefore, he must be up "agin" Mr. Law. While reading the poster referred to, which, by the way. is printed in black letters upon a red ground, I thought the following applicable to thei position: "Black on red, player green—Snook-ered." Those who have a knowledge of billiards will appreciate its application. .+-- But Mr. Law will "tar" one and win. The giver of good things is very strong at the Melyn, and he throws such "enthusiasm" into his campaign, that I shall be suiprised if be doss not get top of the poll, and if Mr. Snook Ls not snookered absolutely. In another column as given a list of the unopposed returns, and from it it will be seen. that there are no. contests at all in connection with the Guardians. Nearly all the old members have been returned unopposed. In Neath, Alderman H. P. Charles and the Hev. James Edwards have retired and Alderman \V. B. Irick and ex-Superintendent Evan Evains have filled the vacancies thus caused. Both are well-equipped' for their se,its, but 1 cannot htelp expressing regret that Alderman H. P. Charles should have decided to leave- a board on which he has been such a useful and valuable member. I have heard it hinted that he intends to resign all his public posi- tions. I sincerely hope (and in expressing this I feel sure 1 am voicing the opinion of the ratepayers generally) that such is not the case. ♦ The ot her two members representing Xeath are Mr. Hopkin Jones and Dr. J. W. 'ihojias. The former ha.s been the chairman, and a good chairman, too, for manv vears; wli?e if lue live a few months longer he will have com- pleted 26 years' service as a Guardian. Sure- ly this is a record to be proud üf. The Free Church Council! Where were they? I thought after their ebullition over the vaccination episode that. they meant busi- ness. But it appears that their bark is in- finitely worse than their bite. There are but four changes in the com- position of the Guaidians—the two referred to at Neath, and two at Margam—Mr. Jno. lliomas, a. contractor, and the Rev. T. H. lbomas, a, Nonconformist minister, been returned unopposed. Colonel D. R. David is one of those who have retired. I am told that the reaisom is to be foand in lp's keen disappointment in being defeated by Mr. E. T. Evans at the iccent County Coun- cil election. Col. David will be missed from the fortnightly gatherlllg-s and from the com- mittees. In connection with the District Council elections there are contests in eight divisions, and m :t like number the members have been rturned unopposed. In the unopposed 1>2- turns there is only one new member—Mr. C. E. Price. The contest which is creating meet interest is that, at Blaenrhonddau, where for three seats the following four are candidates :— Messrs. Ed ward Davies, *A. T. Willi airs, *E. Evans B van, and Llewelyn D. Howell. Three vc/irs ago the List-named mistook the day of nomination, and Mr. A. T. Williams slimmed into his seat. There will be a Dattle royal this time, and, although t.he result is difficult to gr.ess, I think tliat Messrs. E. Evans Bevan. Llew. D. Howell, and Edward Davies will be returned. So much for the elections. There will b3 Davies will be returned. So much for the elections. There will b3 many happier men on the 29th of March I than there are now. The Neath prophets, who predicted a sub- stantial win for Wqles over Ireland, have had a very uncomfortable week. One gent'eman told ioo that Wales would roll home by 15 'st so tar as oiJ. Hi point*. Another we. a prophec latter «ar*j he will never r r r again, 'ittle fun( Since oar last is^ue a plea-sing. flia tion has taken place in connection WIl. v hann\" band of pilgi >i»s—the Ne&th Boroltc Police Force-and 1 t ii ink I cannot do better than describe it.. At the fortnightly parade of the above force for par and drill, on tlie. 11th inst., the Chief Constat!* (Mr. E-vnn Lew?*), on behalf of the whole r,t' the force, presented to In- spector Jones,- a. handsome guld-mounted Malacca walking: stick, suitably inscribed. 1 lie Chief Const-able, in making the presenta- tion, said he had much pleasure in dtwng ,o, and informed the Inspector that every mem- ber of ttie. force, fmm himself to the youngest iccruit, had willingly subscribed toward^- thft presentation. It was given him to commem- orate^ hi- completion, on the 5th inst.. of 32 year^ service in the Neath Borough Police Force. He wa,« pleased" to say, from the records he found that Inspector Jones had been on .several occasions the recipient of valuable pre-sent-s. as rewards for his ability as. a police ctfieer, and also of two silver medals for saving life at a fire. The in- trinsic value of this- present was small, but the Chief Constable felt certain that he wan voicing the opinion of every member of the force in saying that this was given simply to snow the respect and esteem wliich the In- held by them. In conclusion, lie would iike. to add that it wa.s a singular co- incidence than on the 5th inst.-the Inspector completed 32 yeais service, and that lie birei,self on the '-yime day completed 17 years. Inspector Jon:s briefly and' suitably replied. Messr. Hancock and Co. the owners of the Albert Inn, have decided to appeal aga'n:st thie decision of the No tfh Licensing justices, who some days ago decided to refuse the reo newal of tlie license of the house named, on the ground that the landlord was not the real resident.owner, and occupier of the premises within the meaning of the Becr HIJUt'(' Act of 1840. Briefly Hue evidence was that Mr. Morgan Jenkins, the lessee and licensee, had not slept on the premises for about two months, and that the house was closed for a shorter period. The last point apjiears to be immaterial, as the Albeit is an ante-1869 beer house, but the other is important, and the derision of Quarter Sessions will be awaited with interest. Actions at law often diag on wtarilv, and mcur very great expanse. Manr rears, ago Mr. Wm. Jones, of Western Moor, contrac- tor, wao engaged by the Neath Rural District Council to cany out what was known its the Skewen Drainage Scheme. When completed the parties could not agree as to remuneration and recourse wa.s had to law. A complete report of the recent proceedings in London does not seem t • have been given, and as the matter i.s one of great importance, I make no excuse for submitting an extended summary. This action was ;> unmenced in 1900 bv Mr. Wm. Jones, contractor. Western Moor, Neath, to recover £ 3.367, balance dui> unon the contract of the Skewen Diainagc Scheme. A further sum of E637 for pipes and other materials, was made, the total .wing £ 4.004. Thp action was finally disposed of by Mr. Pollock, the official referee, at the Law Courts, London, after several days sit- ting. Ihe plaintiff was represented by Mr. d bv -\Ir. Horace Avory, K.C., and Mr. Ba'lhache (in- -stru,tpd bv Morgan and Djvid, Neath). The Neath District Council were represented by Mr. S. T. Evans. K.C., M.P., Mr. Ivor Bawen, and Mr. Redwood Davies (instructed by Messrs. Cuthbertson and Powell, solicitors. Neath). The contract wasjnade on March 14. 1895 and completed in 1897. about seven miles of sewers being milde. The original contract price was £ 12,252. but the Council had paid' for extras and contract £ 16.836. The plaintiff claimed the £ 4,004 in addition to what had alreadv been paid, Oil the grounds that the District Council's surveyor had authority to order alterations and extras, and that the original contract was abandoned by the parties, and that the new prices had been agreed to be paid by the Council's surveyor. The defend- ants were alleged to have refused to adhere to the agreed prices and alteration of the contract. The defence of the Council was that the contract had not keen altered, and that there was wa« no liability to pay more than what had been paid for. aJld that the surveyor could not alter the prices as claimed by the nlaintiff. The defendant paid into court denying liability the sum of £ 521 Is., and said that that sum was sufficient to satis- fy the plaintiff's claim. ThejB52lwaspard into court in 1900. When the case came on oetore the official referee, the plaintiff called his son. Mr. Gordon Jones, and Mr. Ward, loimerly chairman ot tho Londsin Countv Council Main Drainage Committee, as wit- nesses.—the latter, however, had never visited Skewen or the works. Mr. Midgley TaTlor, the eminent sanitary engineer, who had been called in by the Council to examine the works, was pro sent at the hearing, and Mr. John Hill Laurence, the clerk of the. works, were the civet witnesses for the Council. But at the end of the plaintiff s ease, and the: cross-er- mainat'on of his witnesses, the plaintiff's counsel Mr. Avory K.C.. announced that the plaintiff would .accept tlie JE521 paid into couit in satisfaction of his cla'.in. upon con- dition that each side pad their own costs. It was therefore determined not to proceed further, and Mr. S. T. Evans. K.C.. accepted the propose', and by consent the Official Re- ieree gave judgment in that form. Now (lie ratepivers aie waiting for the BILL. 'C' i Ihe Neath and f tistrict Licensed Victual- lers' Association have decided to have a ban- quet. From what f hear it is likely to be a ,oweJ/ affair. Mr. E. Evans Bevan "will pro- bably take the chair. The Government pro- posals will invest the affair with additional interest, and among the guests will be a gentleman who is well qualified to speak thereon, and on matters affecting licensed victuallers generally. This is a tale which a local gentleman told me against himself. "I have a dag. sir of very questionable breed. Indeed, I tell yoa that many canine experts have totally tailed to locate it. As a dog I valued it at bd.. and I was a week or fAt ago offered 8d. toi it. But I wouldn't part Next day the policeman cam?, and I discovered t.hat I iiacui t taken out a license. I was summoned, and had to pay 13s. 6d. So you see I am 14s. ^d. out of pocket. I'll try the law of Moses nr.-st, but if tliat dog won't learn to catch raonits and things, I'll have a coaple of boyes strapped to his back and send him a-boat tins oifctrict Collecting pennies for the Police Superannuation Fund." REV. J. M. GIBBON CHALLENGED. < lo the Editor of "The Cambrian.") Sir.—It will be within the recollection of many of your readers that 1 challenged the ^•ev. J. Morgan Gibbon at a Free Church Demonstration, held at the Gwvn HaH, Neath, on February 22nd la-t. to give the name of a. clerg^.an in London who he al- leged had said that a certain Baptism per- formed by him (Mr. Gibbon) was invalid. He refused to do so at the meeting, but alleged that it was perfectly true, and said that he would send me the name in a week's time. I am still waiting to be furnished with t.he name and address of this imag nary indiscreet tiersonage. Now tliit the din of battle h,as subs:ded, and Mr. Gibbon can enjoy a little rest, after his arduous and exciting Passive Rdistance campaign, his conscience must at tinier agi- tate him when bethinks of the thousand a^id one misrei-ref-entat.ens that were u ed to gull simple folk to adopt a policy of "ro rate" to all except. they were preptred to sound tho) Free Church snibboleth, and respond to the call to arais of the Radical Leaders. When Mr. Gibbon condescends more to leave the grpat city life of Lonacn for his native land, which he has shunned foi sunn'er fields, we trust he will have greater rewaitt for accuracy, and fight with weapons that must surely prevail, if the struggle la*ts fo.r any period of time. "Y ewir a sail."—I a:n, GRIFFITH THOMAS, March 15, 1904 Carmarthen.