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RUSSIAN OPINIONS. New Armada from the Baltic. Kuropatkin Hurries to the Front Japs Recall War Correspondents. (Press Association War Special.) Paris, Wednesday.—A telegram from St. Petersburg to the "Echo de Paris says the junction of Port Arthur and V adivostock squadrons is considered improbable. It is observed here that the Japanese are in a state of uncertainty as to the position of the Vladivostock squadron. This uncertainty paralyses the commerce of Japan, and of tiie fishermen of the Island of Sakhlin, from whom Japan usually obtains supplies. The Russians accordingly think that it would not be to their advantage to unite their two squadrons. What gave rise to the report that such a union was intended were the repeated sorties made by the Port Arthur squadron acting under orders of Admiral MakharofT. The Russian warships went out again on Monday. Admiral Makharoff wishes by this means to test the fighting strength and the manoeuvring qualities of the ships under his command, as well as the ability and intelli- gence of the officers. General Kuropatkin will arrive at Liao Yang on the 28th instant. In high quarters the military position is considered very favourable for Russia. The Japanese attempt nothing serious, and number of troops they have landed lias, been greatly exaggerated. The" "Eclair" publishes the following des- patch from St Petersburg, dated very eaiij this morning in a telegram which has iu~;L arrived: — General Zilinski. Admiral Alexcieffs duet of etaff, declares that the mast perfect tran- quility prevails at Port Arthur, while no in- cident is reported from the Korean frontier. The (crrespondent of the "Echo de "1S at St. Petersburg corrects the words attribut- ed by him to General Kuropatkin on Satur day — "I think T should have done with Japan by the end of July." What the General really said he now skates was Ù0 not know whether any impor- tant action will take place before the end of July, but I hope to have finished before tV end of the year and to leave the field free for the plenipotentiaries." A representative of the "Echo de Paris" lias had an interview with M. de Nelidoff, the Russian Ambassador, who again declared that the Russians had never believed that their would be war and that they had no reason to anticipate the opening of hostilities. He gave it as his opinion that the war would be an excellent thing for Russia, since the laree influx of soldiers and officials would make Eastern Siberia. more Russian than it liad ever been before. "There must now." added M. de Nelidoff," be from 200,000 to 250.000 men there, but I do not believe that operations will he begun until 200,000 more are concentrated in the country. "No decisive action will be taken for three, perhaps four, months. By that time Eastern Siberia will have become completely Russian. "There is, of course, China, who might annov us by means of the troops of General Ma and General Yuan Ski Kai, and the bri- gand bands. "We have sent strong protests to the Chin- ese Court, and the Empress has promised to observe the strictest neutrality. "The Pekin Government must not be allow- ed to be influenced by the Tunguses, by the almost independent troops, or by the Chinese RUSSIANS LOSE HEAVILY AT PORT ARTHUR. Ying Kow, Tuesday.—The Japanese agiin attacked Port Arthur on the 12th, as a chal- lenge to Admiral Makharoff to come out and fight. During the heavy bombardment the Japan- ese wore in a position where the forts could not train their guns on the enemy, who were in plain sight. The total Russian casualties were over 300 killed and wounded. This is authentic.—"Daily Telegraph." PRESS CORRESPONDENTS RECALLED TO SEOUL. (Press Association Special War Telegram ) Seo-ul, Tuesday.—The effect of the Japan- Korea protocol is already benng felt here I learn to-day that sweeping changes will he nwiae in the Korean administration. Cor- rupt officiate will be cashiered, cruel punish- ments aboJGshed, and th& postal system ex- tended A Japanese officer is to be appointed, adviser to the Korean War Office. The pre- fects who are charged with having kept money intended as payment to peasants for graiin supplied to the Japanese will be prose- cuted Great preparations are being made for the reception of the Marquis Ito. The Japanese authorities have ordered cor- respondents at Ping-Yang and Anju to re- turn, and have withdrawn the permits for- merly given them to accompany the troops to the front. Thecr action in thus detaining the corres- pondents at Seoul is regarded as significant. GRAND DUKE RECEIVED WITH CUSTOMARY SOLEMNITY. (Central News Special War Telegram.) St. Petersuburg, luesday Evening.— Special despatches from Port Arthur dated to-day states that Admiral Makaroff visited this morniimg the destroyers Vnimatelay, Bestra^chny, VinosMavy, and Reschitelnv which took such gallant párt in the torpedo fioht off the port last Thursdav, and warmly thanked the officers and men for their splen- did behaviour upon that memorable occasion. The Admdral also distributed Crosses of St. George to a number of men who particularly distinguished themselves, addressing a few words to each hero, and asking- for details of his share in the fight. Subseauently Admiral Makaroff vdnited the wounded sailors in hos- pital. The Grand Duke Cyr_l Vladimirovitch ar- rived at Port Arthur at three o'clock this af- ternoon, having travelled straight through from Moscow to the seat of war, and was re- ceived with tho customary solemnity bv the civil and military authorities. This evening his Imperial Highness is to be entertained at a banquet arranged in his honour on board he battleship Petropavfcvsk.



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