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CAVALRY- FIGHT. Russians Trap a Japanese Patrol Reported Flight of the Port Arthur Fleet, Dash for Freedom and Vladivostock. St. Petersburg, Monday.—General Silinski, Kuropatkin's Chief of Staff, telegraphs:—■ On the 7th inst. our patrol discovered four of the enemy's posts on tho Tchmtcha-ngana River, and a troop of cavalry, acting as scouts, near Paktohen. A Japanese cavalry patrol fell into aa asm buscade prepared by our patrol, and was dis- persed, losing one man killed. The Japanese left behind them a quantity of guncotton and some swords and blankets. The officer in command of the Korean force at 19u has consented to surrender the arms in his possession and to disbaud his troops, retaining only 20 armed men. The population of Manchuria is tranquiL According to information, tha accuracy of which has been verified, the Japanese haTe not made any attacks north of Gen-san. (Note.—The Icihint-chang-ame River is pro- bably the OLong-cbong-ang River, to the norb of Ping-yang). (Central News Special War Telegram). St. Petersburg, Monday evening.—The r8It port circulated in t'be foreign Press that Port Arthur had been evacuated by the Rausaiatp £ is absolutely without foundation. INDIGNATION IN -fOSCOW* ("Time.s" per Press Association.) Moscow, Monday.-The report that Arthur had been cowardly abandoned aroused intense indignation. It is declared to be a fcensational fioncod* tion. (Press Association War Special). ToklO, Monday.—A steamer, bulging teal wounded and the bodies of nine men killed iJJ the tight on the 10th, -has reached Sasebo. Most of the killed and wounded took part in the battle between the Russian and Japan-* ese. destroyers. The siuv.voi-a unite in praising the despctr* ately heroic attack of the Russians. They tell an exciting story of a personal encounter between a Japanese sailor and tib* captain of the Russian destroyer Stero* gushtclii. W hen the Japanese closed om tJhe Rossaaitt warship, a sailor sprang on board and mett the commander emerging from his cab a. They sprang at each other, and the saihw brought his cutlass down on the head of t&9 Russian anld felled him. The Russian endeavoured to rLe, but t:h& sailor kicked him overboard, and be waa drowned. The Japanese say there were twenty d«wi on two of the Russian destroyers. They report that the announcement of that death of Engineer Miinamisawa, the hero off the destroyer Kasumi, is premature, but fetf is in a very precarious condition. The Japanese d't:ad who were landed at Sasebo were received with full honours, aod were borne on g-un carriages to the JfaiYal Brigade headquarters. MAIvAROFF INTENDS TO GIVES BATTLE- The Newchwang (Yingkow) correspondent of the "Daily Mail states that d'uxing the last engagement at Port Arthur Admird Makaroff went out in the Novik to reconnoitra the Japanese fleet, and tried to (induce tho* cruisers to foilow him, but without effect. Later the whole fleet wa.s ordcrodt to remain outside wit h steam up, economy of coal beine unnecessary. At Port Arthur the Kazan and Mongolia rave been fitted up as hospital ships. After the removal of the Retvisan, four steamers,, the Harbin, Hailar, Ninguta. and Smngari, were anchored at the mouth of the entranca in proper position and then sunk, leaving a small channel available. JAPANESE LANDING AT XlU-CBWANCt EXPECTED. Tho Chifu correspondent of tho "Daily Express" te.egraphs that news rrvcived from Niu-chwang states that the Russians are preparing to fall back upun Mukden. There is a constant fcu at Niu-chwang of a Jap- anese attac-k. That this fear is justified, I am able to afiirm, for if the Japanese plans are not dunged thev wiil assault Niu-chwang and effect a landing of troops within ten days.