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SEA SKIRMISHES. Brushes with Torpedo Boats. Russia's Fleet More Enterprising (Press Association Special War Telegram ) bti. Petersburg, Friday, 1.40 a.m.—The Czar has received the following telegram from Admiral Alexeieff, dated Mukden, luth inst. The Commandant of the fortress of Port Arthur reports that at about 1 o'clock this morning the outlines of vessels, apparently torpedo boats, were made out at sea within tlie area swept by our seirchlights, and our batteries opened fire upon tbem. At 2.40 our torpedo boats pub to sea and at about 4 o'clock oame into contact with too enemy west of the Liao-ti-Slian lighthouse. After several shots the enemy retired south- ward in the direction of Shmi-Chun. Our torpedo boats returned to the harbour. At 6 o'clock the torpedo boats were again sent out to make a reoonnaissance and returned in half an hour, having learned tliat the enemy's squadron was approaching. At 8 o'clock the Japanese opened fire upon our cruisers and fortress. The enemy had 14 sUips, and was firing the whole time from be- hind Liao-ti-Shjvn. 1 have the honour to report the above to your Majesty. (Press Association War Special.' Paris, Friday morning.—The St. Peters- burg correspondent, of the "Echo de Paris" jays that the Japanese bombarded Port Arthur on Thursday without result. The Russian torpedo boats returned un- hurt. but the Japanese vessels were hit several' times. AD attempted landing at Pigeon Bay was unsuccessful. HUNDRED SCOUTS VOLUNTEER FOR RUSSIA. (Press Association War Special.) St. Petersburg, Friday.—Much comment has been caused among the public by the speech delivered at the Tashkend Military Club by General Ivan, the Governor-General of Turkestan, in the course of which he said "The political outlook is alarming, and it is not at all improbable that the flames of war will not be confined to the Far East. It is also necessary for us to be prepared for every eventuality." According to the newspapers, a hundred young Boers have offered their uerviot-s as soouts to the Russian Government as a mark of their gratitude for the supplies of medical comforts sent from Russia to the Boer forces during the South African war. The offer will probably not be accepted, in view of the lirge number of Oossacks available for scout- tag purposes. DARING FEAT BY A JAPANESE WOMAN. Tientsin, Thursday.—A daring and clever fate was performed by a Jaoaaiese woman who escaped from Dalny. By means which are still shrouded in secrecy she stole from the port authorities the official chains and plans of the harbours of Dalny and Port Arthur, which were being kept strdjtly private and official. She then took them to Tokio. getting away simply as one of the ordinary refugees. On giving the plans to the Japanese Government and telling her story she was dieoo ratted for her heroism.—("Morning Leader.") ST. PETERSBURG STRIVING FOR BETTER FEELING." (Central News Special War Telegram). St. Petersburg, Thursday.—The people oi the Russian capital are informed to-day that English opinion is changing for tlie tetter to- wards Russia. The London correspondent of "Novoe Vrenija" telegraphs that he was the olbject of a demonstration ;n favour of Russia made at a bamquet given by the City Corporation, to the Lord Mayor and sheriffs. The oorros- pondent states that he was tihe only Russian present, and that he was invited to send 10 St. Petersburg strong expressions of frieni- sliip towards Russia. Takinig this pleasing incident as a text, the "Novoo Vremja" says that in England tlHere is a difference of opinion between the public, the Press, and the Government in respect .0 the attitude towards Russia. The British Press, it says, does not now reflect puh' c opinion, and the difference between the action of the Corporation of tihe City of London ana the British Minister for War is striking. SYMPATHETIC TREATMENT." (Press Association Special AVar Telegram>. Paris, Thursday.—The following telegram of today's date has been received here from St. Petersburg :—"The sympathetic treatment which has been accorded to sailors of the Variag by the British authorities and ia- habitants of Colombo has produced an excel- lent impress-ion on the Russian puiblic." The interchange of communications between King Edward and the Czar through the medium uf Count Benckendorff has excited some atten- tion in France, and to-day forms fine subject of a long statement in a French newspaper wh'cti greatly misrepresents the actual circum- stanoes. HOW THE HISTORIC OPENING OF THE WAR OCCURRED. (Central News Special Service). St. Petersburg, Thursday.—'The following interesting account has been furnished to the "Journal de St. Petersburg" by a corespon- dent at Port Arthur of the first Japanese at- tack on that place:— "On the evening of the 8th of February oui squadron was lying in the ou'ter roadstead. At nine o'clock all officers were on board, as a manoeuvre representing a hostile torpedo attack was wnlTloun.œd to begin at eleven o'clock. The manoeuvre was a great success, and at midnight the four torp^lo boats re- presenting the enemy steamed away towards Dalny, whence tliey had come. T'iie com- mander of the Palladia-, which was lying fur- therest oui- at sea, was just going down to his cabjn when be suddenly saw red and white lights fax out at sia, the white lights over the red, which was usual for Russian ships return- ing to port "Tlie captain's first impression was that the four torpedo boats which had left 'or Dalny had resolved to return for some o-n- known reason to Port Arthur. The com- mander of th3 Pallada begin to feel very un- easy. He tried hard to d'stinguish the strange vessels, and at last saw the form of a torpedo destroyer with two pairs of chim- neys, .on' ir. front and one aft. This opened his eyes to the real nature of the ships, as the Russian torpedo-destroyers have four chimneys in one row in the middle of the ship. He at once gave the alarm, and orJ.ered the guns to be loaded. "In three minutes everybody was at his place as assigned to him in case of attack, and a broadside was fired at the fast-approa :h- ing vessels of the enemy. T;e fire of the Pallada was supported by the Retvisan and the Czarevitch, whioli were only a short dis- tance away, and conthoed until the enemy hastily retired for a time. Soon a fear'nl explosion was hear.d underneath the Pallada, and a column of water sprang up, completely covering the bridge. The firing, however, was continued, and the engineers attempted to stop the leak. Some time later two nnre torpedoes exploded, one damaging the Ret- visan and the other the Czarevitch. Then the attack ceased, and the enemy steamed off." CZAR'S SPEECH TO THE RUSSIAN EDITORS. (Press Association War Special.) St. Petersburg, Friday.—The "Unicial Mess- enger to-day ljiakes the following announce- ment — Th: Czar on receiving on Wednesday last the representatives of the daily press (the publisher of the "Novoye Vremya," and the editor of the "Pelersburgskya Visdo.r.osti") ) replied to their addresses expressing devo- tion to Hi.s Majesty in these terrnH "I \:a\"() be:n following the IWs with at- t-entEChi lateriy, and have become convinced that it ,interprets events rightly. "The National .spirit which animates the Prc&s las given me profound satisfaction. "I hope the Press will cc-ntnue to show ir> 6elf worthy of its task to express the feelings and thoughts of the country, and to use sts great infi'iience on public opinion, in order to impart to it the truth and nothing but the truth." ° JAPANESE WARSHIPS DAMAGED AT PORT ARTHUR. (Press Associaion War Swcrial.) Foreigners who have arrived here from Nagasaki sate thatt all the Japanese docks 1 are engaged in the repair of vessels damaged at Port Arthur. WIJL-SEOUL RAILWAY CONCESSION SIGNED. (Press Association War Special.) Tokco, Friday.—The Wiju-Seoul Railway Concession was duly signed yesterday by the Japanese and Korean authorities. RUSSIAN INTENTIONS ON THE YALU. (Press AssociationiWar Special.) Tokio, Friday.—All the Russians at Chang- Ju have withdrawn to Wiju. where they are building an embankment which will form part of the general scheme of defence in con- nection with the fortifications already raised bv the Russians on the left bank of the Yalu, against a Japanese attack. On the other hand, a trustworthy Chinaman, who arrived at Chifu yesterday, reports that at the mouth of the Yalu there are fifteen thou- sand tons of coal, on which, kerosene oil) has been poured, in order that the whole stock may be burned in the event of a. Japanese landing. He declares the Russians have made every preparation for evacuation. JAPAN'S NEW ISSUE A BIG SUCCESS (Central News War Soecial.) Tokio, Friday (11 a.m.)—The first Japan- ese financial issue has met with a huge suc- cess. The new exchequer bonds, it IÍs announced to-day, have been subscribed four times ever. The Marquis Ito .will leave here Sunday next on his way to Seoul. He wall embark on a warship at Kobe and proceed direct to Chemulpo. JAPAN'S EARLY ADVANTAGE ON LAND. The military correspondent of the "Daily Telegraph," writing on tho Japanese advance on land, says :—Tlie I)road effect of the cam- paign so far is manifestly that the whole ef the seaboard from Newchwang right round the whole coast of the Liao-tung Peninsula, with the exception ot Poit Arthur, the Liao- tung Gulf. the Korean Bay. Korea round to and beyond Broughton Bay is in the hands of the Japanese, as completely as the sea was at the first stroke of the navy. It is a strange, a marvellous collapse of Russian power on land, and offers facilities for future opera- tions on land such as the greatest admirers of Ja.pan could not have imagined would lie by this time in their hands. CURIOUS REPORT FROM VLADIVOS- TOCK. St. Petersburg, Friday.—The loilowiing telegram of yesterday's date has been re- ceived here from Vladivostock. "The Korean inhabitants of Vladivostock, in order to give tangible proof of their sym- pathy with Russia, have gratuitously placed their services at the disposal 01 the com- mander of the fortress for carryino out the necessary defence works. PLACED IN CUSTODY OF A CHINESE CRUISER. Shanghai, Thursday.—It has been decided to place- the armament of the Russian gun- boat Mandjur in the custody a Chinese cauiser. The crew wiii be aliowed to regain ou board.—"T'mes." CRUISER TAKACHIHO NOT LOST. The "Times" understands, on making li1. quiries of the Japanese Govern ncnt, the Ja- panese Legation in London has received an entire and unqualified denial of the truth of the report, which has obtained currency in intelligence derived from Russia*1 sources, that the Japanese ci uiser Takachiho lias been lost. PORTION OF VLADIVOSTOCK ON FIRE. ("Timee" Telegram, per Press Association. Tokio, Thursday.—Tlie bombardment of Vladivostock was evidently quite a secondary operation incidental to the patrolling of the Japan Sea in search for the. Russian squad- ron. (Press Association Special Wa.r Telegram.) Tokio, Thursday.—According to news from a private source at Yuensan, Jap- anese squadron has bombarded Vladivostock on three occasions since the 6th l1Wt. On Sunday the Japanese squadron approached within about 5,000 yards of the port, but i neither the Russian forts nor shIpS returned their fire. It is said that the Jap3,nefce shells tlet a portion of the town on fire.