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Neath Gunners' Annual Dinner.




PRIZE DAY I Speeches and Distributions at the Grammar School. I Addresses by Messrs. Brynmor Jones and Leg-ard. The annual prize distribution and speech day at Swansea Grammar School took place; on Thursday afternoon, the Mayor pres:d ng over an audience which completely filled the I large hall. Supporting ihis Worship on the platform were Mrs. Kate Freeman. Miss Brock, Mass Benger. Mrs. Aeron Thomas.Mrs. Rd. Martin. Mrs: Wm. Walters. Mrs. Lleufer 1 ho mas. Miss Mock, Dr. Eben. Davies, Rev. Jas. Owen. Messrs. John Powell, J.P., m. Walters, J.P., Rd. Martin, D. Lleufer Thomas, Col. Morris, Robinson, and Prin- cipal Trevor Owen. The Mayor expressed his nleasure in being i present, and to find the work going on so Cfcocelflently. He wished the school every success. Letters of apology were read from the Vicar, Messrs. John Bevan, .erun Thomas, and others. The report for the school vear 1902-3. as read by Principal Trevor (h-en, stated that the. attendances for the Xmas term. 1902. were 212, for the Easter term 220. Summer term 217, an average of 216 for the year. The inspectaonal reports of the Central Welsh Board praised the general tone and discipline of the schools, and three boys obtained the honours certificate. 17 the senior, and 13 the junior. W. W. Morgan took h s B.A. at London. H. R. Clement his B.A. at the Welsh University. A. S. Roach, Inter. B.A.. Lon- don, 2nd division A. R. Macgs oNailed a Civil Service clerkship (51st out of 1.345). C L. Trick {.1st place), and R. M. Tuomas. Society of Art- examination in German. A boy may now remain tdl he is 19. Thanks were accorded to Mr. Wm. Walters and Col. Morgan for a new cricket pavilion and pitch. Principal Owen concluded his report by thanking the staff for their excellent work. Mrs. Freeman then distributed the prizes amidst constantly recurring applause. The dhief were the honour certificates of the Cen- tral Welsh Board, which went to D. T. Hughes, Dd. John Morris, and Rd. Morns Thomas. A loud burst of cheering was ac- corded R. A. Pritchard. who took the senior certificate with no less than eieht distinctions. Mr. D. Brynmor Jones. K.C., M.P.. said he had come specially from London to be pre- sent, and it was a deep pleasure to escape from the din and storm of the senate and forum, and seek in Swansea academic repose. (Applause.) He referred to the old Normal College, indelibly printed on tihe minds of Swansea people with the name of Evan Da- vies. It was there he was coached bv the late Wm. Williams, and there his two bro- thers. both of whom. alas. had paid man's debt to nature. Addressing more partmu- larly those boys who were about to leave school, he said he qnito agreed with Prin- c pal Owen in his remarks regarding the ten- dency of parents to take the boys away at too early an age. but, of course the reasons weighing with parents were not always ob- vious. What were the boys to do during the next five or six years, when they were acting, as it were. on probation? Mr. Jones rave them some good advice to regulate rules of conduct towards parents and towards them- fselves. He hoped their Ie sure would not be taken up whol'ly with athletics, over-indul- gence of which would not onlv dauiae■■ l is physical, but stunt his intellectual health. The Aristotleian dictum that "virtue lies in a mean" wns the best possible idea to Keep in one's mind. He advocated nadinc. not newspaper and magazines, but good books. Very few people read good books, and in say- in~ so he hoped they w()luld not think him undulv cynical. He pleaded with them to read the really great books. He concluded his speech wiith an exhortation to utilise every moment. He complimented the princ pal on his excellent report. He hoped the boys would not forget the teachers. The latter were not given as much credit as they de- served. especially in Wales. Mr. Jones also congratulated the governing body. He hoped the changes indicated by the Act. of 1902 would not diminish the sphere of tihe school's usefulness. Mr. A. G. Legard, M.A. (chief inspector of schools) followed with a ne-it speech. He congratulated Swansea on the progress being made there in education, and on the example set to other towns in the admriiable buildings erected, especially pointing out that they fulfilled the three great essential to health in the provision made for fresh air. pure wa'ter, and warmth. He went on to refer to the long history of the grammar school and speaking of intermediate education in the d:strict and the advance it was making said there seemed to be an edifice wanted to crown its work. and he would be glad to know that a nucleus was being provided in the establishment of a technical college. (Cheers.) Thanks were accorded the masters on the motion of Mr. Sldrrow, seconded by Mr. Robinson.

Prize Presentation atMissGarlick's



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