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REV. J. ALBAN DAVIES. Pile of Presents from Cwmbwrla Admirers. Lots of presents were given by the people of Cwmbwrla to Rev. Alban Davies, B.A., late curate of St. Luke's, now vicar of Talley, Carmarthenshire, and to Mrs. Davies, in a meeting specially convened in the. Friendly Societies' Hall, for that purpose. They in- cluded a roll-to-p desk, presented on behalf of the church, by Mr. Howells, sidesman Has- tings' Dictionary of the Bible, on behalf of the Sunday School, presented by Mr. Charles Cole, sidesman a purse of gold, J350, pre- sented, on behalf of the church, by Mrs. Dr. Hubert Thomas; a lovely illuminated ad- dress, with pictures of St. Luke's Church, Swansea Castle, and Mumbles Pier, presented on behalf of the church by Rev. A. Evans, Waunarlvvvdd, "to remind you of the glorious davs when we struggled towards goodness to- gether hand in hand" a handsomely framed fJroup of portraits of the Church Council (32), presented on beltalf of the Council, by Mr. John Thomas, sidesman; another framed group of photos of the Young Men's Guild, presented on behalf of the Guild by Mr. W. J. Harris a solid silver salver, presented on behalf of the church to Mrs. Davies, by Miss Williams; a gold pencil case. presented by Mrs. Ann Evans; an umbrella, the gift cf Mr. Thomas, the road surveyor, presented by one of the smartest parishioners, Mrs. Jane Lewis, who has just completed her 95th year. The total amount collected was J384 2s. 5d., from 403 subscribers. Tea had been provided for visitors, and when Rev. Dd. Roderick, vicar of Cockett, took the chair, the hall was crowded. On the platform were Rev. C. Chaloner Lind- sav (St. John's, Swansea), Rev. J. Michael (Cockett). Rev. A. Evans (Waunarlwydd), Rev. W. Evans (the new curate at St. Luke's), Dr. Gomer Lewis, Messrs. W. P. Davies (choirmaster), and G. Lewis. Letters of apology for non-attendance, and expressive of good wishes, were read from Rev. D. Watcyn Morgan (Llangyfelach), Rev. W. Watkins Jones (Christ Church). Rev. J. Seldon Morgan (Holy Trinity), Rev. Dd. Wil- liams (, Rev. J. G. Mathias (Killay), Rev. D. "Morgan Jones, Councillor T. Dry- den, Messrs. Joseph Hall. J.P., J. W. John- ston. J.P., J. Jordan, J.P.. P. Richard, and F. H. Glynn Price. Addresses appreciative of the late curate's work were delivered by the Chairman, Rev. C. Chaloner Lindsay, Rev. J. Michael, Rev. A. Evans, Rev. Dd. Jones (for 33 years pastoi of Cwmbwrla Congregational Church, Dr. Gomer Lewis, Rev. H. Thomas (Baptist minis- ter, Swansea), Mr. D. R. Thomas late choir- master at St. Luke's), Mr. H. C. Jeffreys, Rev. J. Phillips (Congregational minister, Carmarthen-road), and Coun. Dd. Griffiths. "You have always found me truthful," said Rev. Alban Davies, in reply. Do you really expect me to say I am sorry to come here and receive so many beautiful presents? You won't expect me to say I'm sorry, will you? (Loud laughter.) He would never <orget Cwmbwrla: he was taking with him three living testimonials, three little children— born° in Cwmbwrla. (Applause.) "It has been said that on the Guardians T have always been kind to the poor; I couldn't really be otherwise." (Applause.) Nonconformists and Church people could, as they had at Cwmbwrla. work well together in many things, without sacrificing their principles. (Loud applause.) He thanked them for all their kindness and encouragement. Clergy- men required a great deal of encouragement. He had done his best, but no man could work too hard for the Lord Jesus Christ. The presents showed their affection for him. "You love me I know you do I defy you not to love me; but this I say, that your love for me is simply a reflex of my love for you. I have loved everyone in Cwmbwrla." A musical programme was contributed to bv Miss Banfield, Miss Levshon. Messrs. J. p" Davies, and J. I/ewis. Mr. W. H. Hall provided gramaphone selections. The accom- panist was Mr. Dd. Lewis. R.A.M. -I

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