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CHRISTMASTIDE. Swansea Railway Excursions. Gifts to Swansea Ag-ed Poor. « Tile aged po)r of Swansea town to the number of some 550 ieceived the ••ustoina-y gifts of seasonable goodts at the Temperance Hall on Wednesday afternoon, subscribed for j by generous donor*. This was the i>5th an- j niversa-ry to the recipients, whose ages ranged over 60; one elderly dame was 98. ( The Mayor (Mr. Griffith Tiomas) presided, and was suppoit jd by Sir J. T. D. Llewelyn, Mrs. Joseph, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Solomon, Mrs. W. Tarr, Mrs Peikins, Mrs. Williams, 1 Mrs. Jacob Jenkins, and Mr. Herbert Solo- mon (hon. sec.). His Worship said he was (,nly sorry not quite so much money lad j been received this yfar as would hive been liked by those* interested in 1 he arrange- ments. Had there been more money there would have been the usual gifts of clothing', i j but he hoped that that might yet take place ] liter. (Applause.) In conclusion he wish-ed them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Yfar.—Sir J. T. D. Llewelyn said it had been privilege to be present for many vecire to suopoit th good work which Mr. J. Solomon" had begun 35 years ago. (Ap- plause.) As regrrds the diminisned sub- scriptions. that he thought was due to the rumber of sim'lir institutions run on parallel lines; still he hoped the danger of ovc-lap- { ping would not prevent the work of di-tri- bution by that patent fund. (Applause.)— (Mr. Joseph Solomon also spoke md sang a hymn, the old people joining in .he refrain. t •—The Mayor proposed a. vote o.f thanks to ] the donorsi and Mr. H. Solomon, to whom their best thanks were due.—Mr. H. Solo- men in acknowledgment, .'aid distribution would take place at Old Siloh. Landore. and j Hafod School, on Thuisday, to persons liy- ing in the immediate districts.—A vote of t hanks was accorded the Mayor on the- pro- position of Mr. H, Solomon, seconded by Mr. J. Hcu-vev. The gifts were afterwards distributed, each person receiving I-5 lbs. of beef, 1b. tea. 1 Ih, lump sugar, one loaf cf bread, and a plum pudding. Lat.r in the afternoon distr:hut!<n,s to widows under 60 with large families- were made. SWANSEA RAILWAY ARRANGEMENTS. | In the railway world the present Christmas season is marked by an important :tnd desir- able change. Both the Great Western and London and North Western Railway Com- panies announce a number of cheap -excur- sion trains. In past years the holiday public have had to pay full fares. This year tickets are issued at reduced rates. The Great Wes- tern announce excursions to Killarncy, Cork Waterford. Liverpool, Chester. Man- chester Shrewsbury. North Wales. Black- pool. etc., Scotland. Cardiff (Barbarians v. Cardiff football match en Boxing Day). Leeds, Bradford. Scarborough, Sheffield, Newcastle, etc The excursions list from one day to 16 days and farts and times of departure can be sseertained from the company's handbills.— Bv the London and North Western line the travelling public this Yuletide can reach at ] specially reduced fires. Carlisle. Edinburgh, < Glasgow, and other stations in Scotland, Birmingham* and Wolverhampton, Llan- dovervfand intermediate stations. York and the North Eastern district, Liverpool. Man- chester. North Wales, etc. Full pirticulars from the company's handbills.—Tlie Midland Railway Company are running no excursion trains but between Swansea and Brynamman the ordinary service will on Thursday ;,nd Boxing Dav be duplicated, and market tickets will be issued. On the Rhondda and Sv an- sea line there will be a cheap excursion to Cardiff 011 Boxing Day, leaving at 8.30 a m. There will also be a morning excursion to Swansea. A cup of steaming hot tea and three slices of bread and butter r This was the Xmas fate provided by the Poor Children's Break- fast Fund, of which the Mayor is treasurer, and Mr. W. Nichols (Y.M.C.A.), the secre- tary, at the Ragged School, on Wednesday morning, but by the manner in which it was devoured no feast ever set before a king ccula be more enjoyable. Over 600 little mouths were fed, and the number was so great that the children, some without shoes or stockings, otlieis unwashed, though these were in the minority, and very many with no hat c-r cap to cover their dishevelled hair, Lead to be served in two batches. It was, indeed, pathetically amusing to watch the crowd ot voun esters on the top of the stone staiicase, as thev peeped with anxious eyes and pro- bably a gnawing sort of feeding in their little stomachs, into the bmquetting hall, where all was boisterous glee. Hie older of the street arahs shouted to their mates across the tables, and little Mary Jane had a word to sav to Hannah Mary over the "cup that ch-ers but does not inebriate," while tiny mites" held out their cups, like Oliver Twist, ard asked for more. At length the feast was over, and drinking off the last drops of tfa Swansea's lit-tle waifs and strays marched out feeling quite bloated out. tliough still stuf- I fing bread and butter into their mouths from feeling quite bloated out. tliough still stuf- I fing bread and butter into their mouths from j the" paper bags, is which it is handed round. The general public are none too generous in 1 helping forward this most deserving charity, though gifts are accepted in kind as well as in money, but it is most gratifying to know that 1 there" is at times no lack of helpers. Mits Owen (Miramor), Eva Chapman, Miss G. Owen. Miss S. Davies, Miss Jones, Miss Wvrill, Miss M. Jones, Miss E. Jones, Miss Thc-mas Mr. Dtiv Wills, and Mr. G. Tayior were those who turned up at the Ragged School at eight o'clock on Wednesday morn- ing.

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