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Improvemsnt of Gower Ponies.

Snub for Winston Churchill,…


Japan's Finances Healthy.


Not Just Yet!

Swansea Assessments; Litigation…

Morriston Quoiters* Annual…



SWANSEA EMBEZZLEMENT CHARGE. Swansea Chair Frame Maker Committed. At Swansea, in Wednesday, Alfred Batchelor, chair frame maker, 99, St. Helen's Aven/ue, was summoned, at the instigation of Alfred Edward Sweet, for embezzling sums of 17s., 10s., and £2, the property of tie Swansea Electric Chiir Works Co., Ffynone lane. Mr. Picton Evans was for the prosecu- tion, and Mr. Vaughan Edwards defended. Mr. Evans said defendant was till recently in the employ of the Company as foreman, and part of his duties was to sell goods manu- facture on premises, and collect money from customers. Wm. Rosser said he carried on business as the Swansea Electric Cbtir Works Co. De- fendant's duty was to enter into a day book all sales made. His suspicions were aroused that the accounts were not accurate, and he caused inquiries to be made. As a conse- quence of these inquiries, he taxed defendant. He warned him to think before he spoke, and to consider well that the truth would Vie best. After a little hesitation defendant made a statement^ and the summons was issued. Mr. Vaughan Edwards: At one time de- fendant held a very high place in your esti- mation?—Yes, I placed every confidence in him. In fact, he held an irreproachable charac- ter?—As far as I was aware of. Cross-examination continued, witness said he had works also in Gower-street, and these were totilly distinct from the Ffynone works. A diary was kept. in which everything was supposed to be entered. He was not sup- plied with a cash or receipt book. Defen dant employed his own staff, and was en- titled to sell goods in any quantity, pnd also to purchase what was required in small qran- tities. He would have to pay out of his own pocket for odds and ends. It was true the Ffynone-street premises were let to defen- dant, who carried on business there entirely on his own. He denied any arrangement with defendant as to si taring profits, al- though adn itting a conversation in which toe offered defendant a fresh start. Daniel Jones, the Cambrian Furniture Company, St. Helen's avenue, produced re- ceipts dated July 11, 17s August 1. JB4; October 17. JB3; and on October 24, £3. signed by defendant. Cross-examined He had always found de- fendant straight. Thomas Batchelor 17, a son of defendant, said the initials on receipts produced were his. He received the money, and handed it over to his father. Alfred Edgar Sweet, cashier, had exam ined the books kept by defendant, and had ascertained that on July 11th there was no entry there of goods sold 9s. On August 1st he received only £3 10s., instead of £4 as shown. On October 26th defendant paiel £4 instead of the £6 received from the Cam- brian. Cross-examined He knew defendant used to make payments out of his own pocket now md then Defendant pleaded not guilty. Mr. Edwards said the case was one most i lifficult, to prove. Defendant's conduct, pre- nious to and after the charge was that of an loneet man. He came from Manchester to ae served with the summons. The account vas a matter of debit and credit, and Batdiie- or was a partner in the firm under peculiar circumstances. Defendant was committed for trial at the text Borough Quarter Sessions, and was al- owed bail in a personal recognisance of £25.

English Ex-M.P.'s Queer Death.

End of "John of Cowers

Swansea Salisbury Money Club.

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Executed at Nineteen. !

Garrison Tragedy at Sheerness.

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-----:::: I NEATH NOTES. *

Cwmbwrla Character's Tragic…


Dumping on a Big Scale.

|Sudden Death in the Market.

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