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I Ifile Cambrian,

--..., CHRISTMAS 1903.



THAT PRECIOUS MANDAMUS. Litigation to be Pushed on With Representatives of Swansea (Councillor Tufton and Morgan ajid the Town Clerky, Cardiff, Newport, nd Merthyr, met 'n con- feience at Cardiff on Tuesday to consider the proposal to apply for a mandamus com- pelling the Education Department to accept the respective education schemes of the bor- oughs named. The Department declines to approve of the present schemes, as they con- tain no provision for co-option except as to women, and th0 conference instructed ilie town clerk of Cardiff to prepare a cise, and each of the four authorities was desired to send to him particulars of their respective schemes and of the correspondence they have had with the Education Department there- on, in order that eornsel may advise «s to the scheme to be taken to tl,, Kin- Bench. There was one dissentient,—a. Ciraiff repre- sentative. The cost of the mandamus pro- ceedings in the law courts will be jB600, and it was decided that each of the four authori- ties concerned should contribute to this total in proportion to the rateable value of each town or district. Cuiditi's share will exce cl £ 300, or more than one half. There were occasional passages 'n the discussion which sufficed to disclose the position of Martliyr to be a peculiar one Merthyr as an author- ity is in favour of adopting the Bridgwater scheme, and thus avoiding any further com- i, it IY plications or hindrance to the progress of educational work in the town, but Merthyr's representatives are able to count upon their share of the manclunus costs being borne privately if necessary. Whether the people of Merthyr will consent ta this evasion of their desires in a matter which coenrerns thcrn and their children so closely is a ques- tion of the future. After the conference have reported to their authorities, they wili, probably, he commissioned to hold another meeting and appoint their legal advisers. It is understood that Mr. Haldane, K.C., M.P., with Mr. B.ilhache as junior, will re- ortsent the local authorities. i

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