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I Ifile Cambrian,

--..., CHRISTMAS 1903.


CHRISTMAS 1903. W-then a few hours, the Christmas of 1903 will be with us. By the time many of Our readers see these Mnes, the day sacred to the great feast of Christianity will have reached our br" thren in the Far East, who to" t-ilry outposts of the Empire amid strange people of strange faiths, in strange and re- more |and$;. The thoughts of these will travel with the sun back to the old home, just as ours will go out to kith and kin rin the world whidb; lies across the seas to tlhe west- ward. or Christmas has its social as well as (its religiions fnnct:on, it furnishes the elec- tric current of sympathy that for a time con- nects widely separated hearts. In the far Orient the Church bells will be summoning the fajtLful to prayer, hours before we (have exhausted Christmas Eve, but the full chorus of the chr.mes will not be struck until to- morrow, and their echoes borne on the wings of time will be carried across the ocean :0 swell out again in the eitces of the great Re- public to die away and suffer another revival as A uf-iera.lia is reached sweltertinsj in the heat of a Midsummer's sun. Of all days in the year, this of Christmas realises best the racial charm of "hands across the sea." But if there is much to hearten and inspire iin the thought of what Christmas has come to mean as the binder together of a wridely scattered master race, there is not less, but more, to depress and humiliate tin the truth borne upon the mind that the Christian world, after nineteen hundred years of progress, has yet' failed to realise the promise of "peace on earth, goodwill to men," contained in the div'ne message to the slhepherds on tine hills of Galilee. The Christian world, at the pre- sent moment, lies rectombent. like an armed man in a hostile country, weighed down by his armour, and afraid to take the rest he needs. Europe is quivering with suppressed passion. It ia an armed camp where, day by day, and ndght by night, the art of killing i ieverishly being taught, and meanwhile the inventiive gen'us and the trained intellect, of thousandts are engaged dn making the wea- pons of destruction more destructive. All the world knows of magazine rifles, which send bullets capable of perforating human bones at a range of two miles; of Maxim and Nordenfeldt guns which deliver a con- tenuous and overpawe»ing shower of missies which no body of men can withstand of Krupp and Armstrong monsters, able to deal death nine or .ten miles away. All the world knows of the ternible destructive power f tlhe modern ironclad, with its qtaick-firing guns and torpedoes, which will make the I next great naval fight a holocaust incon- ceivably horrible. And thisi is what "peace on earth, goodwill to men" means nearly 2,000 years after the birth of Chr st. Does it not seem as df mankind had made up its mind to repioduce that external process of destruc- tion acting upon the lower forms of life, as if on the higher plane every step forward must be raid for in blood, as if progress ne- cessarily (involves tlie dealing of death right and left, and human perfection could only grow cf human m'eery? Here in a land wh* re wealth abounds, where charity is not neglected, and where on bill and plain, in aitv. town and village churches and chapels attest to the reality of Christian faitlh, Christ- mas with its tradition of good cheer, will find hundreds of homes bereft of almost tee baie necessities of life. Every i-ucit home will be a reproach to our Christaanity, and to our common h'unianrity.


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