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—- — -M- ^— FOOTBALL NOTES. BY "OLD ATHLETE." # Neath have Hard Luck at Cardiff. Swansea Win Comfortably over Devonport Albions. Llanelly Rout a Bristol Fifteen. And Maesteg- Crumple Up Aber- avon. There were a couple of surprises in connec- tion with thie Welsh matches on Saturday and the two Eastern clubs, Carddff and New- port. although wanning their games aga net Neath and Leicester, had the better of the scoring, but the worst of tihe play. In the first half against Neath, the Blue and Blacks scored a. goal and a try somewhat lucki! and at the interval they led by eight pointo. The second moiety was all in favour of Neath, who got a try. and left the field beaten by eight points to three after havang the better of the ganif and the worst of the refereeing. Newport found Leicester in form. and it was not until five min'utes to tihe end that Charli Lews opened the scoidng by a dropped goal; and Jenkins added a try almost rin" the 'asi moment of the game. The "Tigers'' mar? than held'their own in front, and it is evident tblat the Newport forwards are not go ng too we!1; jrst at present. Behind the scrums the Usksiiders combined better, and to th s only can tLey be thankful for oulldng through successfully. There was a pleasant surprise at Llanelly. and the Scarlets, wtho wanted a victory very badly, simply romped round a veiv weak Bristol team by 2 goals 3 tries to nothing. The winners' forms was by far the best they have shown on tbtir own enclosure this se.i- Sin. and notwithstanding their in and out form their ground record is still intact. Ab- eravon are going from bad to worse. iif this be possiblte. and went under by three tnies to rvothdivj at Maesteg. Some new blood :s badly needed at Aberavon otherwise they will lose many more matches before the pre- sent seasonexpires. The visit of the famous Devonport Albion team to St. He'en s only attracted a moderatf attendance of spectators, and there were not more tha.n five thousand people present. Pra- bablv LIe dull weather had something to do 1 it. and the signs of raiin no doabt kept many persons from attending wibto would otherwise have been present. Both teams had only previously lost one match, the Al- bions having gone under to Cardiff, and Swansea to Newport. Vivvan was absent from the Albcons. playing for the Rest- of England against Duilham, and hris place was taken by Irvin and Fred Serine from the Swansea side, Hunt of the Seconds filling the vacancy in the Swansea pack. The game opened in the dullest fashion, and for a time all the play was con&ned to the forwards. Several penalties were gdven against Jago, who was so anxious to slop Owen that he insisted upon bein^ on the wrong side of the scrummages, and these en- abled the Whites to keep the game well in- side the Albion quarters. For quite ten min- utes tthere wasn't a round of passing, and it was not until the Devonians reached the Swansea twenty-five that the game was opened up. Then a clever Nil and long s'rew punt by Arnold brightened up mat- ters a bit. and Swansea soon got to work. The first try was got by Jowett. and the opening was made by Parker, who set his thdrd lane go ng, with the result that Dan Rtes cut out a cJear course for his partner, who only had to put on top speed to get over the line. The kick at goal ended in failure, nd 81bsequently Irvin made & great ran. He beat everybody except George Davies. and with Hosktngs in attendance a try seemed certain. Had Irvin given the ball to his wing man the latter could have romped over, but he tried to double the Swansea custo- dian and slipped at thte critical moment. This was the only chance the visitors had up to the interval, and all the play was on favour of the Whites. To Dick Jones belongs the credit of Swansea's second try. He dodge! through h s opponents near the lane, and, throwing out wide in the hope that someone woukl come along, the movement ended in is'tlJoess, Owen gettiing across with a try wihiich George Davies failed to majordse. Thus at the interval the homesters led by six points to love. The second half was brimful of interes and excitement. Playdng with tt:e wind, am.1 infusing any amount of cash and vigour int( their n.ethods, tihe Albions, for a time, com- pcllcd Swansea to act strictlv on the defen- sdve. Th re was. however, no sting in the r attack, and the combination left a lot to be desired. Irvin then secured from Skinner. twentv yards from the posts, and dropped a very fin<' goal, thus putting ids side within two paints of the homesters. This reverse j seemed to stimulate the Whites, and to their credit may it be said. that tfcey played a grand game afterwards. The forwards rose to the occasion, and securing the ball from three scrums out of four. Owen and Jones were kept as busy as possible. Round after round succeeded one another in qmuk suc- cession, and two lovely tries were scored by Pvees and Trew. Had the handling been a bit more accurate, the scoring would have bee.1 heavier, Jowett and Arnold both miss- ing transfers that might have led up to tines. Joseph, with a wonderfullv powerful kick from the touch-line, converted Trew's try, and in the end Swansea ran out easy winners by fourteen points to four, a result that was thoroughly deserved. With the exception of the first ten min- utes, the game was full of brilliant incident*, j Beaten though they were, the Albion at ont time gave the spectators a few anxious mo menti*, and at one period it lo;>ked anyth ng but a snip for the Whites. It was in front that the Devonshire champions showed to the best advantage, and their forwards, a power- ful lot, put any amount of dash and vigour into their methods. Their staying powers were. however, not of the best, and ten min- utes to the end, they were properly beaten. Jago was th3 better of the halves; shining in defence only, but as a pair they weie beaten, and showed too mucit ndividj- allv. to the detriment of the three-quarters. Irvin was the pick of the third lint?, and the mainstay of his side. His kicking was ex- cellent and in tackling he reminded n e his predecessor, Gamlin. Matter* suffered through »ick of o^poitun ti is. a remarrv which also applies to Fergasson and Hopkins. The best men in the Swansea front lank were Joseph, Dai Davies, and Dai 1 IiUllla. Hunt was ever in the thick of the light, and made a capable substitute for Scrir, •. Owen and Jones were quite up to their usual form, although at the outset they took a lot of an- j necessary risk, passing somewh it reckles-H j in a manner that seemed to indicate that thev underrated the opposit on. In the s:c-na half nothing could have been batter than tne display they gave, and I have yet to 5: their equaJs. Dan Reevs was the bec-t threequaue^ on the field, using excellent judgment In aL he attempted, and making some gr,Œd runs whenever he cou'xl' find an cpamrg. Arir.H was inclined to be erratic, and dropped his passias at times in the most irritating fish ion. Jowett -and Trew combined t-lieir c?n- tres, and made some capital individual ru;] Geo. Davies never failed to ward off an at- tack or get in his kick. His field.rg w.i- clean and his fault was a weakness in kicking occasionally. Swansea have two liaid matches over the holidays. On Christmas Day they meet the Watson ans, and on Boxing Day Edinburgh Universitv pity at St. Helen's. The-.? two games will take some winning, (speoial'y the first one. However. Swansea are a great team, and the Scotsmen will, as in former years, find them a bit too clever all r<md. It is haidly likely the ground reeord will g • before the old year is out. and I think we c-an safelv leave'the All Whites to polish off the Northeners. With these few tenia;ks 1 conclude my notes by wishing my readers a very happy Chr.stma«.


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