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PENLLERGAER MEMORAL WINDOW. To the Memory of Lady Llewelyn's i Children. j Unveiling Ceremony New Org-an J Opened. On Sunday morning a very beautiful and costly past window to St. David's Church, Penllergaer, that Sir John and Lady Llew elyn have had erected in memory of their children, William, John Michael, and Mary I Caroline, wais unveiled in the presence of a congregation that filled the sacred edifice. In the afternoon a vory fine two-manual p:pe organ was formally opened by means of an organ recital. The baronet -if Penliergaer, v ho read the lessens during the morning, and Lady Llewelyn, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vtnablcis Llewelyn ;u.u children, and Miss l illwyn, were preceve at the unveiling cere- mony, which took place immediately after the Litany had been said. Rev. Montag ie I Earle Welbv, M.A., unveiled the window (erected by Powell, of London). In the most expuisite colouring, the three figures depict- ed are Christ as the King of Glory, St Jolui, II symbolical of inspiration, and fcst. David, the patron saint of Wales. The window bears the following inscription: "T > the glory of God and the loving memory of William, born 186H, died 1593; John Michael, bom 1856, died 1878; Mary Caroline, born 1864, died 1873, dear children of John Talbot and Caro- line Julh Dillwyn Llewolyn." The coat of arms of the Llewelyn family is also upon the window. Rev. H. Morgan, B.A., curate- in charge, dedicated the window, and the choir and congregation folia;ved with Car dinal Newman's immortal hymn, "Le:id, Kindly Light," Mr. T. D. Jones (Morris:on) presiding at the new orgtn. Rev. Mr. Welby, who is an 1 nele of Sir John, preached from the passages: "So this is our God" and "In vhat day shall the song be sung in the land" (Isaiah xxv. Lnd XXVI.). Isaiah as the statesman and the pro- phet the preacher first, of all dwelt upon, say- ing, in the words of one of our prt seat-day statesmen, "Nothing more degrades, and noitiing is more dishonourable, nothing more deteriorates a. man tpf. Ii. p Jiiios wit'iout God." The threo mighty achievements on which Isaiah the prophet fhced his eye were that Christ woall show them God, that He would uplift man to His own mighty des- tiny, and that He would dest:oy death, These three great -edemptive acts were each dwelt upon, and the preacher differed from the view of our modern thinkers who caid that repentance and conversion were pictur- esque ide.i6. while he gave it as his opinion that there was no Church in Christvriloni with such a splendid worship as they Lad in the Common Prayer Book. The new organ that was to be opened that. day would, he hoped, beautify and exalt the ser/ice; c-nd, enlarging upon the third of the redemptive acts, the preicher urged that there were three way., of blessing the dead. One was lmving high thoughts of the dead, another taking the dea.d ir to our prayer, and the third memorialising. One sonnet in Tenny- son's beautiful "In Memoriam" betjan: — "How pure the life, how true the heart, Should that man be who fain would hold One hour's communion with the dead." Only the true and pure me a ought to have communion with the dead. There were yar- ious ways of memorialising the dead. The placing of flowers on the grave, though it showed a warm, tei.der feeling, had however nothing Christian alx ut it, for it was quite a Pagan custom In the morning the flowers wereobeautiful, but the next day tliey were aal sad-looking. Flowers, then, only touched the perishable and not the eternal side. Again the placing of tablets, though more enduring, only linked us to the past. The beautiful window that had been unveiled that morning Was, ho thought, the highest form of memorialising, for while it recalled the dear departed, it also linked us to the future life. The central figure was symboli- cal of eternal life. St John was the beloved Apostle; and of St. David, Giraldus told them that before that great Laint, whose life waiS marked by prayer and worship, surren- dered his last breath up to his Maker, he made use of the beautiful words, "Oh, Lord, lift me up unto Thyself." That beautiful mem- orial window rcse above the altar, and on thlt altar they went to the presence of the Resurrection. In conclusion, the rev. gentle- man quoted the lints so dear to 'he late Archbishop and Mrs. Tait: — "I have a son, a dear, true son, His age I oe.nrot tell, For they reckon not ly years and days Whsre lie has gone to dwell. 1 What thoughts ire his, what form he wears, Ara numbered with the things that God doth not declare But I know, for God has told me this, That His redeemed ones are there, Where the sting cf sin and the touch of death are gone for evermore." The choir and congregation sang "On the Resurrection Mcrning," end an impressive service closed with a fine organ rendering of Gounod's "Nazareth." Mr. D. T. Jones (or ganist and choir-master, St. David's, Mm- riston) gave the following excellent organ re cital in the afternoon:—"Barcarolle" (Le- mare) "Andante and Allegro" (Hayen), "Priei'e et Berceuse" (Guilmant), Variations on Missionary Hymn Tune (James), (a) "Aile- oretto (b) "The Answer" (Wolstenholme), Anthem "I was glad" (Llvey), "Scherzo" (Hovte)' "Toccata (D'Lvry), "Communion (Son). "March Trimnphale" (Wely). Mr. T, Mainwarins siang the solo parts in the an- them. The new orgm has been built by Mr. Peter Conacher, H u dd c r s fi el d. Tne ease is of pitchpine, decorated with alunnnrn.i pipes, and there are four stops with a spare slide to great organ, six steps with a spare slide to the swell organ, three couf"ers, and four composition pedals. The action of the redal organ is tubular pneumatic, and the instrument is of particularly sweet tone. Rev. J. M. Griffiths vicar of LIansamter, preached in the evening.

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