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OUR COOKERY CORNER, RELIABLE RECIPES AND MENUS FOR COOKS. Russian Kolduny.—Here is a recipe for "koiduny," which in Russian houses is ser- ved the soup and eaten with it,. Take lloz. of flour, two eggs, one teaspoonful of salt, one gill of cold water, and make a. stiff dough, wnictt roll into a thin sheet. Cut it into circular pieces the size of a muffin, and place in the middle of each piece of dough a heaped teaspoonful of forcemeat, made tnus: Chop equal quantities of raw beef and beef sut; chop very fine, add salt, pepper, a little grated onion, a pinch of powdered marjoram, and moisten with beef broth. Or take raw veal, salt herring, freed from bones, liard boled 'eggs, chop all very fine, add a. flavour- ing of minced onion, gruted nutmeg, pepper, and' mix and simmer in some hot melted but- ter for five minutes over a slow fire. The forcemeat, being put in place, fold one-half of the dough over the other half, press down, and be sure that the edges are firm. Have in readiness a saucepan with boiling water, salted. Drop into it your "kolduny, allow them to boil for ten minutes, ftien remove them with a skimmer and serve. Baked Apples and Nut Filling.-The ap- plets are first pared, and the cores removed the- are then filled with sugar and walnut meat, sprinkled with cinnamon and baked. Served in dainty sauce dishes, with cream, they make a very agreeable change from the ordinary buked apple. The apples should be sweet ones. They are delicious served with whipped cream. Dates are also nice for a filling; in this case not quite so much sugar is required. Sour apples do not lend themselves so readily to this treatment, ow- ing to their propensity to fall to pieces dur- ing the baking process. To Roast Partridge.—Expose the breasts to a stiff fire to stiffen them so as to lard more easily. Use an ounce of salt dried bacon cut in small, narrow strips for each bird, and roast in a quick oven for twenty- five minuteis. Disli on dry toast and pass currant jelly. An epicure requires no sauce for his partridge, but many ordinary diners will prefer either a brown sauce made by thickening the drippings in the pan, or the ordinary Dread sauce. To make the latter, mince a white onion and cook in a pint of boiling milk Lll tender, thicken with fine, ,tale white crumbs; season with salt, red pepper, and two ounces of butter. At the same time fry a pint of larger white crumbs to a delicate brown in butter drain amd help each guest to a spoonful of the brown crumbs, one of the white sauce, and a smaller help- inQ" of t currant jelly, making a combina- tion as pleasing to the eye as to the. palate. MEMS FOR COOKS. I A good sour apple, with a little salt pork, chopped fine, is splendid seasoning for the dressing of wild duck; use plenty of pepper. Vegetables are improved in flavour by add- in- fl little sugar when boiling, especially groan peas, beans, and turnips. All fruit puddings aie best steamed. This preserves the flavour of the fruit and season- ing. Boil macaroni in strong beef stock until tender and you will find' it well seasoned all through. This dish is much liked. A erood mixing seasoning to have on hand for almost everything is four tablespoonfuls of salt, one tablefspoonful of mustard, one- quarter teaspoon black pepper, ar:d a pinch of cayenne. I Soup stock is better seasoned by stickirg I whole cloves and other spices into the meat while boiling, instead of using powdered spices. Sliced onion fried in butter, or in butter and flour, and rubbed through a sieve and put into soups just before serving, gives a. fine flavour and good colour. Add a few sticks of cinnamon and a little lemon juice when making jelly, taking out the cinnamon before setting the liquid to jell- The flavour is good. To give an appetising flavour to a broiled beefsteak cut an onion in half, rub it over the hot platter with melted butter. To improve sweetbreads and give a fine flavour soak them in mild lemon juice water one hour, then boil in beef stock twenty minutes. Sha.rpen all kinds or fish sauce with lemon juice. Grape g:ves a delicious flavouring to mincepies. Pour melted currant jelly over boiled venison steak just before serving. Cayenne pepper, with a mit? of mace, is aji indispensable seasoning for toasted cheese.



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