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SWANSEA DISTRICT. j A board. 10ft. long. was picked up on the marsh at Ferryside by Mr. George Thomas, fisherman. It bore the names "Aueusta: Paimpol." and appears to have been freshly painted. At Friday'* inquest at Waunarlwydd upon tht. body of a man named John Bevan. who wa> found dead in bed at his home. Xant- 11ydd tanii. aunarhvyeld, on the 26th inst., the jury brought in a verdict of "Death from syncope." At a meeting of Manchester l nitv of Odd- fellows. held at the Railway Inn, Killay. on Saturday, a i>re>entation of an -miblem was made to Rio. W. Tucker. Xilliy. by Bro. James I.ak' Swansea, on behalf of the lodge. It' plying to vote of thanks at Saturday's meeting (it.i'einon. Mr John Hodge said hi d;d not think it wise to discuss the matter of Mr. J. Williams and the Gower Division. There e i iddbe no question that Mr. Williams took tlx- respect of the workers over the last t.'I.-■•tioii, and he thought he could safely leave th- matter to Mr. Williams' own ^.ui.sek nee. At Saturday's meeting of the Sketty Gospel Temperance Association, Mr. W. S. Stephens presided. Items were contributed by Misses blorrie and L. Thomas. E. Wiberg. Beatrice Harris. Master Willie Crrtis. Mr. A. Feather- stone and Mr Ben Davies, and action songs bv vour.T ladies of St. Phillips. In an ad- dress by Mr A. Featherstone, reference was made to the increased drunkenness among WOtUen. <'»r; Friday a presentation was made by the Clydach Girl* teachers and scholars to*Miss Lucy Clung (Swansea) who has been a teacher t,L,r', for over three years, alud i« about to be mar-iied. Miss Cuing was highly respected and liked. Among the numerous gifts of in- dividual scholars was a salver dinner cruet. Mi-s Thomas. in the presence of til- tssenibled scholars. made the presentation. and the re- cipient feelingly responded. The funeral of the late Mis^ M. Williams, Post Office. Louglior, took placs on Sunday afternoon. The deceased was 56 years of age. and had been postmistress for upwards of 30 years, and also a faithful chorister of St. Michael's Parish Church. The mourners were Mr. a.nd Mrs. David Williams, Por'. lalbot; Mr. and M;s\ John Evans. A laP" number (.f friend* attended. TIIP choir as- sembled at the residence of deceased and sung the hymn "Mac Ii. Yyfeillion Adren Myned," to the tune ''Lausanne." The service was conducted by Rev. D. T. Jone-. rr-tor. Panteg Choral Society. Ystalye. nt. gave a performance of Dr. Stainet's oratorio, "St. Mary Magclal tii-e," on Thursday. Ihe sing- ing vva.s of an exceptionally h'h standard. The following assisted:—Soprano. Miss M. A. Jonathan. Yst dyfera .-outrallo, M.iss Eunice Thomas, Glais; tenia-. Mr. Kichard Thomas, Llanelly: bass, Mr. Lh-welyn H. Bowcn. Swansea. The chapel onhe-stra. led by Ylr. C. A. Morgan, accompanied in a sym- pathetic and intelligent manner. Mt\ W. D. Clee presided at the piano. Credit is due to Mr. R. T. Gregory, the conductor, for the fine performance. Edward Vaughan, tinker, Ystalvfera. who wore a South African medal, was summoned for drunkenness. P.C.'s Jones and Hill saw him staggering about the highway. They* were about to speak to him. when he went home. Vaughan questioned the officers again as to whether they spoke to him, and got the information that they did not, and that the summons was not issued for three weeks.—Mr. Herbert Lloyd, after consultation with the other magistrates, said the policemen ought to have spoken to the man at the time. The summons not having been issued for three week> after placed defendant ill a difficult position as to the procuration of witnesses. Turning to defendant, he remarked that there was a bad record against him. He would be dismissed now. but he hoped in future that, having served his country, he would pull hiuisf- Logether. hold up his head, and set a ^■d example to youngsters.—With a military salute the veteran withdrew. At Pontardawe on Friday W illiaiu Rees. collier, Glais. was summoned for being drunk a.nd refusing to quit the Lucas Arms, Glais. Gammon found him there. and ordered him out. He refused, and wa^ oje< red.Mr. Lloyd I should like an explanation. YOqI were cot called upon by the landlord to eje.ct this man. P.f'. Gammon I coidd givo you tfle reason. But the landlord was on hand, and Ir. Lloyd called him.—"Now, I want to know how tins wan was drunk in Your houw. said he. Landlord.: I had pal "him out iJiree times, sir. and he returned. i i didnt know lie was in the house when i» (J Gammon came. He had no dnnk suppliea him JIl our house at all.—P.c. Gammon'said that .as the same statement that th- landlord had made to iam.—There wero three convic- tions against Rees within the last r^ar Mr Uov.1 sternly remarked to defendant "Look here! You've been three times drunk this year and in addition to that you\-0 done your best to bring this landlord into trouble. You'll liave to pay 10. and cots, or "eVP.ll day. An Eisteddfod was held S.u.tirday at Moriah Chapel. Ynistawe. ( Ivda'-h. Mr. P. George (irebanos) coriciuetcd. Mr. D Phillips presided. a.nd the ad- judicators were Messrs. 1 Powell, William Thomas, Miss M. Me>n; Mr. Llew- elyn Davies, and Mr. George Hanncy. M' D. Jones, R.A.M., accompanied. Tin- win- j.eTSi of the Aarious items Ave-re :—Alto solo. 1, J. i nomas, Cae Mawr: 2, Jennet Kin v. Mor- riste.n. Best map, 1, D. L. Jones •* 2. M. Jos -ph Recitation (children). ML--se-< H.ett'r Thollw." and Jane Lewis; prize |>a r L Lew Tenor solo Mr. W. Willkn* H'ar- dre: translating, Mr. D. Harding, Chelnch; life tKunel marching contest, St. John'* CSiurcK Baad ciiampion solo (open to all voices), Mr Wiiiie ItKes, Morriston: bat»s solo, Mr. I:. Joi-es. Llanelly; veirses iu nM<m«ry of Mr I). Jenkins, divided between '\Perllanog." .-m, "Alfa-b" recitation. Mr. F. l.van.s and Mrs. Davies; drum and fife selections, 1 Gra'gcelfn- paic. 2 St. John's Churcii chk f choral com- petition. Clydach Choir (conductor, Mr. J. L. Rce. shorthand, Mr. Idn's Danes (Cly. tiacL). The quarterly m-Mting of 'he LUngita.-ke •School Board was held at Ystali-ftra on Th n t si Lav. The members pr.ent were 'Mr. James \VïIliam5 (chairman/. Mr." Evans ,c-rll<1iT!n:u:),. R'v. E. Thomas, Messrs W Morgan. Daniel Jones, W. T. d- iiams. D. E. Parry. T. Wad^ Evans, and J. R. Jones. It was decicied 'o advance the sal- aries of the IPale and female assistant* under Article 50, to JE60 and JE50 respectively to purchase a site for a mixed school at u-odrer. graig, Ystalyfera, for JE553 (the owner of the land is Mr. F. Gough, Ystr 0L7 nlais). and to communicate further with :\f r, J. Beynon, Ystalyfera, with a view to purchasiag a site far a mixed school at Tairgwaith, Gwaun-ca- Gurwxn. Mr. J. D. Rees, builder, ere.. w«»>s appointed to superintend the. erection of the mixed .school at Rhiwfawr, and the infant sclu/c! at Ynysmydw, Pontirdawe». Mr. r. Powel). schoolmaster. Glaia. Clydach. war, ap- pointed examiner of the quarterly examina- tion.- t e;oal:daUs and pupil teachers for the fonlieoiiiing quarter. The Board cautioned the imv i'is who attended in refer- ence to tii^r children's irregular at- tendance, wlii'e those who did not appear arc to be ><umiiKnied at Pont.anlawf>. At the 1in- anae inceting it was resolved to issue a pr* < j>t :,i £ 1.800 011 the overs'ei s of Llangn'. ke for ;!••> '!vret,t half-year's -xp n^

Incident at Clydach Fair

!Pontardawe Police Court.


Neath Police Court.