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Rough on Mr. Winston Churchii-.|



I IN LIGHTER VEIN. The very latest, song. "Ei in on the Rhin-o "When the lights arc low' (in price;, that's when the Gletnhill cat gets a <rood feed Cardiff beat Swansea, at football last Satur- day. Even the fish-market wa-forgotten. f "Yes: what've you?" "Same." "Let's dawdle."—And they dawled conscientiously. Xo. friend". it i> not a du-t destructor we want. We want one that will annihilate JIeD. The coal crisis I- over f<n- the man in the street when lie has puid for that last load he had in. "Cochfaif" paternally observes that Swan- sea is recuperating. Yes. "Coehfarf." you evidently notice its growing muscle. Tj. lne tir.-t use by our leading daily ot Mar- conigrapli as a means of transmitting news may be fairly regarded as a sign of the "Times" Bryiimelin Ward held a meeting the other nigo to prove that there is nothing like stone. A rude man said some of the .speakers were N ei-v Suggested headings for the Danygraig School ass«iu:t case T\ hale tin. ie s a Will there'}: a Way or Mayrie Force. All riglits lid wrong*1 reserved. *■ Some of thf Ystradgynlais polieemen are very ancient. One of them- a sergeant— bears the mark in well-pre«ei'ved 1-etters on his coat collar 28 B.C. "call irn a ma>i. said Quav Parade P-Ur. scathuigiy "<s no man. W'y. I -or "ini bin m of a bun t other day. Buv:r.° r. bun! vdien < could ha' had beer! A eitv lather the other day to convey him to the g-as works. Jehu depo.-ited bim at the t ouncil Cliamber. 'Nuff sed. A r-"w star lias just been discovered. It is in Gemini. We are authoritatively in- formed that Mr. Per lis has nothing to do witTi the affair. Extract from a Llanellv sellou] composi- tion: "Quiet men. generally talk very elo- quent. and their spark-* of vivacity do flow like but .er." Scene Swansea shipping office: Enter broker's eleik "1 want to speak to Captain Tom Jones." Voice from the far corner: "Dot's me vat you vant ?" Thus a Cardiff daily "Man Found Missing at Newport." Another Taffsjde mvsterv': Really, what with one thing and another, Cardiff is going from bad to worse. Scene ont-ide "Cambiian" office.—Sportive, party: "Where can I get the result- of this b:;at iace..<.on?"—Son "O go to Putney." A stern chase proves a long one. Another reduction has been made in t-he price of gas at Swansea. Which reminds us that there are quite a iew places where we can get it for nothing. The drawback Ls hat we don't want it. < < r ntil we saw the new picture poster to "advertise Swan-sea," we never knew we lived in such a truly rural, thousand-oi-m Ie -irom- anywhere sort of place. The disillu-nc-oimeiiv conies, however, when one find." a ."1.1 creditor on every street corner. Scene (local railway).—Portly dann- (indig- nant. as carriage oscillate- -»n leaving a tunnel, from side to side): "Ihe ;»s /ulation on this line is sometliin' disgn. Pal." (Im- mediate and conscious ciinisoning of guilty .oupJe in opposite corner.) At tne rear oi these offices is a, melanchevfy monument to mistaken confidence, and over- weening enterprise. Our heam grow sadder each time we gaze on it. It is the loft wheieiu pigeon-messengers were wont to be housed. As messengers, those birds broke all existing records f'or talking gossip on the way home. "W hat yer got?—football final?" lie wa> a large man of solemn aspect, and he went into a. Glamorgan post-office and asked the clerk if he kept stamps. The clerk with a tolerant smile admitted the lJlI- peachment. but was a little taken aback by the next question "What sort-, do you keep *I- "All the values, sir, that are issued, from a. halfpenny to a pound." he leplied. whereupon his would-be customer shyly intimated that he "would like to look nt some penny ones." The clerk with something of an air produced one of the huge sheets which hold. 1 think, some twenty shillings worth o: stamps and spread it on the counter. "There you are. sir,' he said, "if you willit penny stamps there arc #ome." The customer appeared dazzled with the display and he looked and looked, and at last alter a careful examination he pointed to a stamp in the middle and murmured, "I think 1 11 have that one. please." I re- gret that I am quite Tffia1">Te~To say whether he got it. but I have already stated that, he was a his- man and was of a veiy determined nature.

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