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ELECTIC LIGHTING COMMITTEE. I Question of Chairmanship Post- poned. Hecord Amount of Power Supplied A, a meeting of the Swansea Electric Light- mg Committee, held on Y\ ednesdaj- afternoon. Mr. A. Sinclair presided. The report of the subcommittee who met the chairman (Mr. TegitMeier; and the local maiiag-i (Mi. Davjd Jamos) of the Swansea T¡,Ll"<i: Company was presented. This > bowed that- no system cf surface contact for tne proposed tramways extensions would be Ile to the company. Mr. David Davies said that. according to Mr. Tcgiimeirr. a face contact system was impractical, financially, technically, and other- wise. He (Mr. Davies) was rather sorry M. Garcke did not come himself, because this was his opinion when, on May 20th, 1931. he wrote to the Mayor of Leicester: "I do not consider the Defter can be regarded as an experimental matter, as the length of the track at Paris, which lias- been in constant use since last August, has enabled is to tlioiouglily satisfy our.-elves that the svstem is simple, leliable, safe, and inexpensive. I do not know the extent of the proposed tram- way .system at Leicester, but I may point out that one ureal advantage of the Dolter system is the case with which it can be com- bined with the trolley system, the latter being med far the outskirts and the former for those sections of the town where for any reasons it is considered desirable to avoid the use of oveihead wires. 1 may add that 1 have been so .satisfied of the merits of the Dolter sy.'tem that the British Electric- Trac- t-on Company, of which I am managing direc- tor, is quite preiiaivd to put it in for its own purposes wherever suitable opportunities pre- sent ihemseives." (U-mghter). Mr. Davies would like to have read tlmt in M < Jarcke's pi'c.-ence at the conference.—Mr. Tutton Thai's why In- didn't come. (Laugh- terb—Mr. Davies: That's just it. (More laughter). In connection with this matter. I would like to have asked v, hen M. Garcke ceased to be a director of the Dolter Com- pany. 1 would like to have a^ked further. "k, wnen in ctas>ed to be a- membei j u' the Swansea Tramways DirectoraU. — The Deputy Town Clerk read a teleguim from the Dolter people, in which they said "Dolter studs stand heavy weights as we'd as Lorraine in Woiveiliampton. Diadto. and others in PaiL?. Dolter Company will under- take up k-ep tiitir line ior same price as trolley-, and guarantee expenditure on curient not greater than trolley."—The Towit Clerk wa.s a.-k,-d to further report on the Glaus.- in the Lie lit Railways Order (governing the makine of the tramways extensions, and the irtising of the same to the company) "The Corporation shall construct and electrically equip to the reasonable satisfaction of the company." etc.. and particularly as to the expense involved in calling in the aid of anar- bitrator appointed by the Board of Trade as provided by the same order in the event <;f a- disagreement.—Replying to Mr. David Davies. wiio said thrre was u bigger point at issue, ;,11(1 that wa-s as to whether the Corporation Jiad ab.-olute control of the loads through which the tramway system runs the Town Clerk said it was always a difficult matter to decide what the costs of an award would be. 1: depended entirely upon the nature of the evidence brought forward. Mr. Davies put it that- the committee desiied to know their position under the Order if it could be ebown that the Tramways Company would not lo pecuniarily suffer by the adoption of a sur- face contact What would be the ox- pense of an arbitration upon the construction cf ihe Clause "reasonable satisfaction of the company" iu that event?—The Town Clerk: Uh.\hat wonU not co>t— Mr DivH Davies fui tin- asked In tit- face' M. Gavcke's letter to the Mayor of L heat.r, would it be j'Oi-ible for this company to main- tain the position that the Dolt-, r system wa-s an unre, sellable system'—The Town Clerk: i to"k 5acli a letter would terriblv pivji»dioc such a contention.—Finally it was'decided to h ;v. a special report on the subject. STOPPING PLACES. Mr. H. Colebourne (secretary of the Tram- way. Company) wrote making application for permission to adopt fixed stopping places on the St. Hvltifs-road, Alexandra-road, and Mount-street sections of the tramways, and suggt-ting that the positions of such stopping places b<: agreed upon between The committee or the surveyor and the general manager of flu- company. — The Chairman observed that. the committee desired absolute authority a to the fixing of the stopping places, but were prepared to accept suggestions from the com- pany.—A resolution inviting suggested sfop- ping placas v.s» passed. I


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