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SWANSEA SHIP-OWNER SUED. Seamen's Action for Wages. Protest against a Counsel's "Personal Animus." At Swansea, on Tuesday, Mr. Morgan Tut- ton, owner of the barque Ffynoiie, was sum- moned for wages alleged to be due to four sea- men, as follows :—Frank Goutdi, £ 3 0s. 0d and 4s. per day for each day payment- had been deferred; George Booth, £ 9 10s. OJ., and 6s. per day delayed Ed. John Llovd. J317 17s. 3d., raid 31'>. 8d. per day delave.) Thomas Rowlands, 89 6s. 10d., and 3s. 4d. per day delayed. The case had been ad- journed—Mr. R. T. Leyson represented the men. and Mr. Lleiifer Thomas ( law)' instructed by Mr. Strick. was for Mr. Tutton.— Fia.nk Cough said they were, dis- charged at Rotterdam. The captain made out a statement of account showing what wages wore due. Thev were sent home on March. 1. but got no pay. On March 9 h0 in- structed his solicitor to write to Mr. iutton, the owner of the ship, for the money. Mr. Tutton replied that the wages of the crew had been paid to tiu- British Consul at Rot- terdam. He (Goargh) went- to the Consul, but received no money. He now claimed 4s. a day from Maich 1 to March- 9, as well as the money which Mr. Tutton said had been paid to the British Consul at Rotterdam.—Cross- examined Witness admitted he had- sign-'d an agreement under which the voyage was to end m the United Kingdom.—-Gearge Leege, one of the discharged seamen, was called.— While this witness was giving evidence- Mir. Leyson was saying that tiv men had a diffi- culty in finding Mr. Tutton in his omce when Mr. Tuttan rose and warmly protested against Mr. Leyson's remarks.—Mr. Leyson 1 say this—that you've acted unfairly to these men, and you know it.—Mr. Lleufer Thomas pro- tested. against the personal animus, which had been introduced into the ease by Mr. Leyson. It was absolutely unnecessary. He lir..d gone out of his way, end out of the way of the best traditions of the profession, by all sorts of in- nuevidos to blacken the defendant's character in th:s case. I £ <; (Mr. Thom-is) felt it his duty to protest mast strongly against the way Mr. Leyson had a.-ptsd i:i" this' matter. Mr. Thomas, for the defence, si id the m-n had sif/icd an agreement to end the voyacre in the United Kingdom, and had no justification for leafing the- ship at Rotterdam. There was no suggestion of any unfairness on the part of defendant. 1 He had acted throughout- only j.s a reasonable man would.—At the close of the aodress Mr. Leyson d^uela,lifted anv per- onal fe-Jing against Mr. Tutton. He had only stated the fact that the men landed and were here nearly eleven days tl, r<>. tping in their pockets, and had no friends. —The Chairman said the magistrates were of opinion that Gotigh was discharged at Rotter- dam. and the service terminated there, that Section 134 of the Merchants' Shipping Act did not apph-to seamen so discharged, but assuming that Act t(ujy fouru! there was no delay en the part of the owner in paving the wages, and dismissed the luvn- inorisr—Mr. Levson applied for an adjourn- ment in tVie other three cases, but Mr. j hoy- s objected, pointing out that the reason v,1¡J cases of this sort were heard in police courts rather than in county courts, was that 111 the interest of the men a prompt decision might be arrived at.—The other three cases were ad- journed for three months.

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