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CHURCH ARMY HOMES APPEAL Funds for a Swansea Institution Wanted. A Chance for Practical Philan- throphy. The appeal for funds in connection with the new Church .Army Labour and Lodging Home for Swansea, is appended :—It is, per- haps, not generally known that during the past six years there has been going on quietly and unostentatiously—too quietly possibly-- in unsuitable premises, a truly beneficent and philanthropic work of helping men to help themselves. We refer to the Church Army Labour and Lodging Home at 25, Fisher St., Swansea. The first question which will na- turally arise in the minds of some on reading the above paragraph is: What is a Church Anny Labour Home ? It is a place for a man without a home, without work, without char- acter. and without hope and yet one in which lie may enter on a new life, notwithstanding his past and his adverse circumstances, and thereby have a chance of regaining, in some measure, what lie has lost. The rules of the home are based on four working principles— those of cleanliness, work. total abstinence, and religious and moial training. Upon en- trance and during his stay each man is re- quired to take a bath, and to have his clothes fumigated and cleansed; lie is required to execute work to the amount of 6s. weekly, which pays for his board and lodging, so that from the first moment he is no longer a loafer, but a worker. The rest of the money which he earns is banked for him, while a few pence are allowed for pocket-money. The term in the home is limited, and while three or four months is the maximum period, a much shot- ter term sometimes suffices, and the man is required, and is also helped during his stay in the home, to seek a permanent situation. Ill the lodging home, established in conjunc- tion with the Labour Home, a man has a private cubicle, and shares the kitchen wheia he may cook, or get his meals cooked, for the sum of 3s. weekly, or 6d. per night. He has also the fr$f use of two small lockers, one designed for his clothes and the other for his food. The connection of the lodging home with the labour home is a real help towards making both self-supporting. During the year 1901, 97 men were admitted into the Swansea Labour Borne, and the number of beds let in the Lodging Home were no less than 4,652. Of the 97 men referred to, the following results were recorded: 55 obtained situations, 1 joined the Army, 2 were restored to friends, 1 was sent to the infirmary, 15 left to seek work, 5 were dismissed, ana 18 re- mained in the home at the end of the year. The wages paid to men in the year amounted to H505 lis. 3d. The firewood chopped bv the men and sold realised £ 301 6s. 7d., and window-cleaning, gardening, and pobbing work brought in j370 8s. 9d. The Church Army Labour Home lias proved itself to be a I splendid auxiliary to the Discharged Pris- oners' Aid Society, and no prisoner on his release from prison, who is really anxious to make a fresh start, and is willing and able to work, is refused the advantages offered by the home. The work is growing week bv week. and the existing premises are totalh inadequate to the demands made upon then und as it has been found impossible to secure premises suitable for a home, the committee have determined to erect a new building. They have been fortunate in securing land situated in Rutland-street. Swansea, on a lease of 99 years, on which they propose to build premises suitable in all respects for both I a labour and lodging home. P is estimated that the building will cost £ 2,000. This sum will provide accommodation for 60 men. It is proposed to raise half this amount on mort- gage. The Church Army headquarters have consented to take the lease in their name and to be responsible for the loan ;the amount, therefore required to be raised locally is £ 1.000. The increased accommodation which will be afforded by the new buildings will enable the work hitherto done to be extended, and carried on more efficiently than at pre- sent. The Swansea Home is the only one in Wales, and is open to receive cases from any part of the Principality. The committee feel compelled to boldly enter upon this scheme, and they earnestly appeal to all who sympa- thise with their efforts on behalf of those who desire to lead a new and better life, to help by liberal contributions, so that the pressing demands for increased and adequate accommodation may be provided. Donations may Je sent to the honorary treasurer of the building fund, John Dillon, Esq., Governor's House, H.M. Prison; or paid into Lloyd's Bank, Ltd., Swansea. A full report 01 ihe proceedings at the Albert Hall meeting appear: on Page 2.

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