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LLANDOVERY NEWS. The demise of Mrs. Griffiths, the wife of Mr. Wm. Griffiths, of Cefnryddan Farm, near this town, occurred in a most painfully sudden manner early on Monday morning. Deceased was highly respected in the locality, and the greatest sympathy is felt for the sorrowing husband and children in their sad affliction. On Saturday next. the Town eleven play Carmarthen away, and as the latter team have only been defeated once on thei rown ground a close and exciting game is anticipated. It is to be hoped that a strong team will be mustered, otherwise the precious record held by the Llandoverians stands in peril of being smudged. As will be gleaned' from our advertisement columns, the committee are determined that the programme for Whit-Monday shall be as attractive as possible. The "bill of fare" will include, brass band contest (test piece and march past), timbering competitions (in two classes), male voice competitions (also in two classes), and a carnival. The latter proved very successful last year, and the committee have, we think, made a. wise move in includ- ing the item in this year's programme. We also congratulate the committee on the choice of test pieces. They are of the right sort, and taking into consideration the excellent prizes offer, must draw a large number of wed known male voice parties and bands together. Surely such admirable "catering" richly de- serves the staunchest support of the public in general. EISTEDDFOD AT CWMDW'R. A most successful eisteddfod was held at Cwmdwr on Thursday evening last, the event being presided over ably by Mr. T. Roberts, mayor of the borough. The other officials were:—Adjudicators—Music, Mr. J. Morgan, Trecastle; prose, literature, and re- citations, Rev. J. Harries, Cynghordy; prize bags, Mrs. Robeits (Mayoress), and Mrs. Roberts, Pentretygwyn. The duties of con- ductor were well carried out by the Rev. E. Maelor Roberts, Pentertygwvn. Ap- pended are the prize winners:—Alto solo, children under 13, "Clorach," 7 competed children under 13, "Clorach," 7 competed 1, Miss Agnes John, Glangwydderig Factory 2, divided between Miss Mary Gwen Price and Miss Hannah Jones, Cwrndwr. Recita- tion for children, "Emyn 914, 3 competed First prize divided between Miss M. L. Pry- therch, Garvady, and Miss L. A. Williams, Cwmdvvr. Soprano solo, "Deryn Pur," 5 ] competed: Miss Nellie Williams. Vergwm, Cwmdwr. Tenor solo, "Llythyr fy Mam," 8 competed: 1st prize divided between Mr. D. Jones, Cwmdwr, and Mr. Sid Davies, Moth- vey; 3rd, Mr. W. R. Lewis, Cynghordy. Best laclle Mr. E. Davies. Goyallt. Cwmdwr. Best four verses to "Bedd gwag yr Iesu," divided between Mr. M. Saunders Slorgan, Llandov- ery; and Mr. Richard Davies, Cilvcwm. Re- citation for adults. "Y Bont ar Dan" Divided between Miss M. J. Rees, Mothvey, and Mas- ter M. R. Morgan. Tircyd. 'Open solo, 'Aberystwyth." 31 competed Mr. D. Davids, Mothvey. Essay on the Apostle Paul: 1st I divided between Mr. Ben Jones, postman, Halfway, and Mr. T. W7.Morgan, Llwyn. worwood; 2nd, Mr. J. James, Gellyrhydd. Duett. tenor and bass, "Yddau Forwr," Messrs. Tom George and Tom Davies, Cwm- wysg. Rendering by mixed choir, "Bydd canu yn ynefoedd," 2 choirs competed, name by Pentretvgwyn, and Cwmdwr. After a, keen competition, the prize was awarded to Pentretvgwyn. Male voice competition, "Myfanwy." two parties entered, Minstrels and Mothvey. Prize awarded to the latter partjy. Unpunctuated reading: Mr. W. Rees Prytherch, Garvady. Best prize bag Divided between Miss Hazelby, Lland'overy, and Miss Hannah Ann Williams. Vergwm. The customary vote of thanks concluded a most enjoyable evening. COMPETITIVE AWARDS CRITICISED. "Musician" writes:—As a person who has had a great deal to do with the eisteddfodau, I should like just a short space in your valu- able paper to draw the attention of your numerous readers to the unfair adjudication delivered at Salem competitive meeting on the champion solo. I followed the competi- tion keenly, and my remarks—were I an ad- judicator—would be as follows:— No. 1 (Miss Stephens).—Good voice, capital singing all through, correct time. tune, and wording, but light and shade characters did not have special attention. No. 2 (Miss Thomas).—Good voice, good rendering all through, sang with good ex- pression and style, music, wording and ex. pression having good attention throughout. No. 3 (Mr. J. Jenkins).—Good voice, fair singing throughout, expression not having careful attention; also lost in time in two places. No. 4 (Mr. D. J. Davies).—Good voice, but top notes rather thick, and shading out of tune. Sang^very fair all through, with good training would make a splendid soloist. No. 5 (Mr. J. B. Williams).—Good voice, but light, lost in steadiness, and was not careful in the wording, such as "Cross." Lacked also in expression. No. 6 (Mr. D. Jones).—Voice not good. Ca- dences broken all through, not keeping time with piano. Expression bad. No. 7 (Mr. D. Nicholas).—Good voice, but very light, fairly correct singing; expression fair. No. 8 (Mr. W. Jones).—Best voice in the whole competition. Sang all through in good style, and was very careful in music and wording. Expression excellent, singing in capital tune all through." The prize was divided between Nos. 2 and 5 by the adjudicator, but in my opinion. which is shared by scores of others present at the meeting, the prize should have been awarded between Nos. 2 and 8, with No. 1 making a good third. If the committees wish to encourage musical competitions, they should see that adjudicators are not only com- petent but none residents of the town. other- wise competitive meetings must suffer. PRESENTATION TO MR. A. HOARE. A meeting was held at the King's Head Hotel on Friday evening last for the purpose of making a presentation to Mr. A. Hoare. Inland Revenue officer, and a member of the town hockey and tennis club, on the occasion of his leaving the town for Monmouth. and in recognition of his valuable services to the club. There was a large and representative attendance. The presentation consisted of a field glass and silver cigarette case, the ex- pense being defrayed from subscriptions by members of the club. These gifts were sup- plied by Mr. S. H. Price, jeweller, Trafalgar House. On the proposition of Mr. H. V. Watkins. Mr. D. Edgar Williams, the genial captain of the hockey team. was voted to the cliair. The Chairman remarked that Mr. Hoare, during his stay of 3 years in the town, had taken a keen interest in matters apper- taining to athleticism, and especially in lawn tennis and hockey. He had proved himself a very efficient player in both games. He had acted as secretary for the tennis and vice- captain in hockey. 'He (the speaker) valued his services very much. He had been of great assistance to him, and now on his de- parture. he considered Mr. Hoare was well entitled to some recognition. (Hear. hear.) The presentation was then gracefully per- formed by Miss Mabel Watkins, Tycerrig. Miss Watkins, in doing so, said the club all felt grateful to Mr. Hoare for his services. She felt sorry that Mr. Hoare was leaving the town and trusted that he would be very happy in his new sphere. She felt sure that there' had been no one more ready to further the interest of the club, both In hockey and tennis than Mr. Hoare. (Cheers.) Mr. Hy. V. Watkins said that he could only endorse what had been said by the chairman. Mr. Hoare had performed a big amount of work as secretary for the tennis, and as vice-cap- tain of the hockey. A great deal of the suc- cess in hockey this year was due to Mr. Hoare. He (the speaker)must say that Mr. Hoare had done more for the club than a.ny previous vice-captain. (Hear, hear.) He had heard there was a hockey club at Mon- mouth. and if that was the case, then he felt assured that Mr. Hoare would soon be picked up as centre half. Llandovery had two more stiff matches to play, against the Swansea Celtic and Carmarthen, and he hoped Mr. Hoare would journey down from Monmouth to assist the old club. (Hear, hear.) They could not afford to lose a, single man from the team, and it was a difficult task to pick up new players of the right type. He per- sonally felt the loss -Mr. Rhys W. Price (solicitor) remarked that Air. Hoare s services deserved recognition. Ihey had not a wlnt been too much praised and he wished him God-speed.—Miss Willcox wished Mr. Hoare every happiness and prosperity in the future. Miss Lafferty remarked that she felt like everyone else, that Mr. Hoare's assistance would be sadly missed. She hoped that next year lie would be amongst the international team. (Cheers.) M:ss Prytherch endorsed these sentiments. Mr. J. Major said he was most pleased to support the movement. Llan- dovery seemed to be a kind of nurse to large towns, as several of the residents shone in teams representing the busy towns. What would' be their loss, would certainly be Mon- mouth s gain (Hear, hear.) Mr. Wyndham Price ("Scribbler") supported what had been expressed with reference to Mr. Hoare's prowess on the hockey field.—Ex-Sergt, G. Williams said that lie had known a great deal of Mr Hoare during the past three years. He had worked with him and always pulled well together. He had never known him to unduly press a cas.e (Hear, hear.) He found SIr. Hoare, in every respect, quite a gentleman, and that expression meant a good deal. (Cheers.)—Mr. S. H. Price re- marked that Mr. Hoare thoroughly under- stood the half-back game, and his play was therefore always brilliant. He was sorry to lose him before the end of the season. (Hear. hear.) Mr. E. Price Griffith could only join in the chorus of commendation for Mr. Hoare and the general regret expressed at his de- parture. He iioped Mr. Hoare wouJd be prosperous and happier, if po-sible, in his new place.-—Mr. A. Hoare, who received a warm reception, in acknowledging the gifts, said that he thanked them all for the presentation. It was embarrasing to find reporters present as he had not prepared a speech. (Laughter.) He thanked them all for kindnesses extended to him whilst at Llandovery. He had got on very well with the residents, and everyone seemed ready to help him in his duties. As to hockey. he felt they would soon find some one to take his place. ("Impossible.") It was hard for a poor Saxon to express himselt properly amongst such fluent Celts. (Laugh- ter)—and consequently he could not say more but again tender his sincere thanks and f hoped to see them all soon again. (Cheers.) I —A hearty vote of thanks to Mr. Williams for presiding and a similar vote to the ladies for attending brought the meeting to a con- clusion. The rest of the evening was whiied away most pleasantly in the rendering or songs by several members of the club. The singing of "Auld Lang Syne" was eartily sung, and the company then dispersed. Dur- ing the proceedings, congratultions were tendered to Dr. Rosser, Violet Cottage, one of the vice-presidents of the club, on the birth of a son and heir. HOCKEY: LLANDOVERY TOWN V. LLANDOVERY COLLEGE. The return fixture between these elevens was played on the town ground on Thursday afternoon last before a fair crowd of spec- tators. On the first occasion, the Collegians were severely defeated to the tune of 11 goals to 2. Since then the Collegians had a great deal of practice, and improved consid- erably in their play. It \Os anticipated therefore that the present t-essle would be more, evenly contested. Both sides were strongly represented. Mr. W. Rees, solici- tor, refereed in a capable manner. The elevens lined out as follows:— TOWN.—Goal, S H. Price; full backs, D. Edgar Williams (capt.), and Edgar Evans; hali-baeks. Dan Jenkins, A. Hoare, and J. James; forwards. Da.n Jonas, E. Carne Wil- liams. Harry Watkins. A. Ingram, and Gil- bert Jones. COLLEGE.—Goal, Huhes; full backs, Morgan and J. B. Reid; halves, E. H. Evans, L. C. Powis, and Hugh Morris; forwards, W. Pugli, G. P. Owen. D. J. Lidbury (capt.), Morgan and' C. Mostyn Davies. From the "bully off." the town with a rush got inside the College circle, but Hughes relieved the pressure with a kick into touch. The town, however, soon returned, and a warm onslaught resulted in Harrv Watkins scoring the first goal. On the restart, Dan Jones was conspicuous with a line dribble, taking the ball inside the circle. Pretty in- terpassing between him and Harry Watkins terminated in Dan Jones notching the second goal. The Collegians, on the restart, as- sumed the aggressive, and capital play by Powis and Mostyn Davies resulted in Lid- bury securing in a favourable position and scoring. The town again invaded' the school territory, and for an infringement by the College custodian were awarded a penalty corner. Harry Watkins secured, and with a terrific shot sent the leather between the uprights. Again the Town pressed, capital passing amongst the quartette of forwards taking play inside the College circle. Here Harry Watkins over-ran the ball, but Dan Jones, following up smartly, secured, and shot an easy goal. An amusing incident then occurred. On the restart, the College for- wards dribbled finely, and just as they got near the circle, a dog fight took place on the touch line. Several of the town players had not eyes for aught by this, and were fairly caught napping, Lidbury scoring a goal ap- parently without opposition. Half-time wa.s then called with the town leading by 4 goals ttc 2. On the resumption, the wind and gra- dient were in favour of the town, and a huge score was expected. The Collegians, through fine play by Powis, got to their opponents' 25, but Edgar Williams, with a terrific hit, re- pelled the invaders, and the game once more was waged in neutral territory. Harry Wat- kins at tirs juncture fed his wings in tine style; Gilbert Jones, securing, dr.bbled along for some yards, ultimately centreing to Jlarry Watkins, who, transferring smartly to Carne Williams, enabled the latter to shoot the fifth goal. On the restart, the Town were again attacking. Harry Watkins. with a hard shot passed to Dan Jones, who dribbled in irresistible style beating all opponents, and scored the sixth goal. From this to the concluding stages ol the tussle the Collegians were kept strictly on the defensive. They offered a sound defence, which could not be penetrated, the town thus winning by four goals. Final score: Llandovery Town 6 goals. Llandovery College. 2 goals. COMMENTS ON THE GAME. The game was of a fast and interesting nature. The Collegians showed a- decided improvement in their form, and made the town go all the way to secure a victory. Bet- ter combination, however, told at the end. The play during the initial half was more even than the score indicates, but in the final half they were fairly outclassed. Ap- parently hockey is getting the popular ^ame at Llandovery. Turning to the players fcr the town, S. H. Price was always reliable in goal. He cleared neatly on several occasions. D. Edgar Williams and Edgar Evans gave a finished display as full backs. Williams was the better, and at present plays in "tip-top form." Evans was handicapped through an injury he received ten minutes from the start through colliding with Mostyn Davies. He pluckily played until the end, and showed superb defence. The halves were not quite up to their best form. On the whole, how- ever, they kept the forwards well fed. Jen- kins was possibly the better, followed closely by Hoare. James went through a lot of de- fensive work creditably, and proves in each match of late that he is a valuable acquisi- tion to the team. The forwards gave one of their best exhibitions. Harry Watkins in the centre played a tine game and fed his wings unselfishly. The right wings, how- ever, were not so effective as usual. Gilbert Jones was a bit slow in centreing and did not shine to such advantage as in the former game. Ingram again was noticed on a few occasions to be out of position. This apt- ness to roam should be at once remedied. The left wing was by far the stronger. Dan Jones' characteristic dribbles were features of his display. Carne Williams, as usual, showed very consistent form, his play being throughout absolutely faultless and brilliant. The Collegians have a very weak custodian in Hughes, who seems to lack steadiness. The full backs (Morgan and Reed') went through a lot of defensive work in creditable style, but have no hitting powers. The halves played a good game, Powis being pro- bably the best half on the field. Of the for- wards, Lidbury, and Mostyn Davies were the pick. Pugh also gave a. fair display, his weakness for "sticks" having now disap- peared. The Town have now won 12 matches drawn 2. lost none, and scored 61 goals as against 13 by their various opponents, an excellent record, of which the Llandoverians are justly proud. "SCRIBBLER."

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