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Neath Guardians : A Big Error.

Neath Pigeon Theft.


Heard Under the Town Clock.


Heard Under the Town Clock. The Briton Ferry Conned either intended to ignore the instructions of the Local Govern- ment Board in reference to the d-i,te of elec- tion, or they undei stood their business when they decidied to have the election on Satur- day, April 4th, instead of Monday, April 6t,l', as per rnstructions. It does rather reflect ad- versely upon men who are supposed to know and understand that in matters of this kind they are but a subordinate body. subject to the guidance of the superior body, and that the powers they hold in reference to the dates I ■of elections, etc., are far from plenary. This blunder has co--t the ratepayers some- ) thing. In the first place posters were issued that the election would take place on the 4th of April. It afterwards came to the know- ledge of those in authority that the election could not take place on that date: Then we find another po-ster giving amended notice .f the date. Had the Council understood tie. ir business tins second notice would have been unnecessary. But fiLS expense is very little -it only mean> a. few shillings, say those who are responsible. I will at once agree that this is so; b-tt if blunders can be committed upon so definite a proposal as the instructions of the Local 00- vernment B; aid. which are known to even the man in the; street that they cannot be changed, and are like- the laws of the Medes and Per- sians. are not trose same men liable to com- mit far greater blunders upon questions that are not so apparent, that are not so clearly s a stated, which may cost the ratepayers a few hundreds, or possibly a fewthousan ds of pounds'/ Up to the present there is but little interest shown in the forthcoming election. Xhe last day for withdrawal-1* has now passed, and six candadates will new go^ to the poll for seats. The election wilt evidently be a most interesting one. There are four workingmen in the field, two under the auspices of the Trades and Labour ^Council, and two "pad- dling their own canoes. Such a state of affairs will evidently weaken Ore Labour vote materially. However, it will test thiy strength and utility ot' the Trades and Labour Couno-il. and will further teach them a lessor that they cannot expect to be successful unless they treat men in an honourable and just manner. And as such it Sitate of affairs has now been created. I trust it will not cause [t, rupture in the Laibour ranks, but that it -will be the means of raising their standard in the future when selecting candidates. It is too early in the day yet to giye a fore. CEist of the result of the poll. It is not un. possible that the four old members wilJ be Ht;u"ced, notwithstanding that instead of Mr. Hewlett, who 12 months ago, was one of the selected candidates of the Trades Lab- our Council, this year they have selected Air. J. Branch. He will have the solid vote of the Council, yot the manner in which he has been treated by the Council, has creat.,d much sympathy in the town on his behalf, and I have not* t he. slightest doubt tliait that syu.patiiy will go it far way in securin" his return. "Should tl'.i* prove to be the cas. I have 110 hesitation in predicting that one of the selected, candidates of the Council will be out iiti' the cold." Mr. W. Phillips, the otlur new candidate, has been a, member for many years of the Council, during which time he wais chairman of the Burial Board. He was not one of the most consistent, members, and on some occa- sions lie seemed rather nefok upou cert.(ill questions. He will not have, I hardly think, so much support from the working mei'ii. His actions on the Council did not. me2,t with tll"ir approval. However, we may have some ex- citement now that he is in the field. Havin/> had an opportunity knowing and undei^ .standing the inner work olf the Council, he may put his finger upon the spot and makj that which is now dark to the mani in the street, appear clear. It must be obvious to the most thoughtful( fatepayeir that much of the doings of the Council .WK} f|lfrl ^avs jn w hich they act are enshrouded J'n mystery "-ERRYITE"

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