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NEATH. Many of the families whose bread winners were employed at the Eaglebus'h Colliery, Neath, which has been stopped for several v, eeks. are getting into sore straits. There is every likelihood that shortly the underground pumps and rails will be brought to the sur- face. The Rev J. L. Jones, Glyncatrwg, who died OIL Friday night, was for more than twenty years Baptist minister at Bethel. The funeral ill take place on Wednesday, the cortege having Glyncorrwg in the morning, en route for Glyn-Nesth, via CVrnmer and Port Talbot. John Murphy and William Marfield. Aber- avon, labouiers, were summoned at Neath on Friday, at the iisttilce of John Javtes, game- keeper in the employ of Dr. Pegge, Briton Ferry, for trespassing in pursuit of game. jIr. Trevor Hunter prosecuted.—Defendants were each fined £1 and costs Neath vestry met on Friday, Mr. Hopkin Morgan presiding.—Mr. James Glass moved tnat the meeting be adjourned until Tuesday evening, to enable working men to attend.— ..VIr. David Davids seconded.-—Rev. Edward Morgan moved an amendment that a represen- tation be made to the overseers that the meet- ings be held at a convenient time in the even- inir.—Mr. A. F. Lowry said this appeared to him to be the (,nly course open to the vestry. -Six supported the amendment, and seven the motion, which was declared carried. During Sunday night the Angel Hotel, Pont Neath Vaugha 11. was broken into, an entry being effected through the parlour window", and the following articles were I missing this (Monday) morning:—Is. 6d. in bronze, 1 table centre (white drawn work with yellow silk lining). 1 table napkin, 1 bottle of whiskey, 1 bottle of peppermint, 2 small bottles of Sketch's ginger ale, a roast fowl, and a piece of roast pork. The police are on the trail of a suspicious-looking individual who called at the hotel on Sunday evening, but was refused a drink At Neath County Court 0-1 Thursday an action was brought by Wm Ambrose, a far- mer. of Brynhenlltvys. agani-t James Jenkins and John Lewis, of Ysta<!vteua, to recover damages for loss of sheep alleged! to have been worried by dogs belonging to the defendants. Evidence was called to show that ten of the plaintiff's sheep were worried to death in January last, and a witness swore that the dogs belonged to the defendants. The de- fendants and othtr witnesses stated that the two dogs were in the houses of their respective "wners at the time. A verdict was given for the defendants. The last of the series of lectures organized by the Neath 'Constitutional Club took place on Thursday evening, when Mr. G. H. Wat- son (head-master, Alderman Davies' Schools, Neath) read a paper on "Thackeray." Mr. Watson was evidently in love with his sub- ject, for he dealt tenderly with the character- istics of the great early Victorian writer. The essay was in every respect excellent, and was received with close attention and great ap- plause. Mr. J. Herbert Moore presided over a large attendance of ladies and gentlemen. During the evening. Mr. J. A. McLaren, of Swansea, gave one of his popular musical At Neath Countv Court, on Thursday, Jos. Teague, of the Cimla. sued Wm. Smith, of Cymmer, scavenger, for JE4, the alleged price on the sale of a. grey mare by plaintiff to de- fendant, who said ne was not liable, that the animal would not work. and that he wrote to the defendant telling him to fetch her back or he would be charged for her keep but he did not do so, a,nd the mare diied. Plaintiff, in reply to his Honour, said he had swopped the mare for a cow, and defendant said he had purchased the mare in the pound. His Honour: For £ 4?—Defendant: No. for 5s. His Honour: That was the pound-keeper's fee.—Eventually the case was adjourned so that the defendant might call a witness from Swansea who was present when the bargain WaB made. In the Glamorgan Assize cause list appeared the case of Willey v. Jones. This was an ac- U' tion brought by Frederick William Willey (trading as the Excelsior Piano Company at Manninghamrf-lanie, Bradford) against John Jones, of the Market Vaults, Neath, for the sum of JB60, alleged to be due for the price of an automatic piano sold by the plaintiff to the defendant. The defendant denied that he had ordered the piano, and. that his signa- ture to an "order form" was obtained by the plaintiff's representative by misrepresentation. At the eve of the Assizes, after the whole of the pleadings had been delivered, and counsel retained, and the action set down for trial, the plaintiff, through his solicitors (Messrs. Trewavas and Massey, Bradford), served on the defendant's solicitor (Mr. A. Jestyn Jeffreys, Neath) notice that he discontinued the proceedings, and judgment was given on the defendant's behalf with costs.

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