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G.W.R's Line: Brynamman Meeting-.




BURRY PORT NEWS. i On Sunday evening Mr.. Dan Adams, a. student at Carmarthen Presbyterian College. preached at Zion. Next Sunday, the quar- terly meeting of the Sunday School will be held. Last Sunday the Rev. Hugh Jones, Bethel, Llanelly, preached at Tabernacle morning and evening. After the evening service a Ie- hearsal was heul. Mr. W. Harris, Pwll. con- ducted. The half-yearly meetings of the English Church will be held next Sunday., when the Rev. Jenkin James. Micklle Hill, Haverford- west, and the Rev. J. Evans. Bryn, Llanelly. are expected to preach. The quarterly meetings ot the English Con- gregational Sunday School were held on Sun- day last, the superintendent. Mr. H. Hawkins presiding. In the afternoon Messrs. Thomas Davies. W. T. Williams, and H. Hawkins gave short addresses, and Miss fctelina Orum sang two solos. Miss Maud Evans recited a Psalm. In the evening the following programme was given —Solo, Miss Maggie Williams recita- tion. Miss Julia Hawkins solos, Mis^ Nellie Rowe and Miss Selina Orum; short sermon by Mr. Hawkins solos and choruses. Miss G. Murphy and Miss Seiina Orum: and Mr. Hurry Walters sang a solo of his own com- position. entitled "Y Nefol WIad." Miss Lizzie Mexsom made an efficient accompanist. The quarterly meeting of Jerusalem Sunday School was held on Tuesday. The attendance was excellent. In the afternoon the pastor presided. The service commenced by Mrs. Hannah Griffiths reading, and after a hymn Mr. John Thomas led in prayer. The pro- gramme included recitations in Welsh by Elsie Rees, Annie Williams, Eleanor Davies, Benjamin Morse, Phillip Williams, Oswald Price, D. Morgan Rees, D. J. Davies. Frank Evans duet. C. S. Davies and Maggie Mor- gan recitations. Maggie Davies. Marv Sonliia f Evans. Elizabeth Rees, Joseph Morse. W. J. Gravell, Sarah Jane Morse. Bridget Gravell, David Wilkins and address, Mr. Robert Wil- liams, Pencoed-road. The service terminated by the pastor leading in prayer. At the evening service the pastor again presided. The service commenced bv Mr. Joseph Gravell reciting, and after Mr. David Hugh had led in prayer, recitations were given by Gwennie Rees. Elizabeth Williams, Mary Ann Wil- hams. Maggie Roberts ;solo, "Free as a Bird." Maggie Morgan; recitations. Gwennie Jen- kins, Gwennie Evans, Willie J. Grimths solo. "God's Messenger." D. C. Morse recita- tioli. W. Morse. David Gravell; trio, "Duw bydd Drugarog," David Wilkins and friends recitation, W. J. Griffiths; solo. 'Rwvn mynd i r Naf, Mary A. Phillips; address, Thomas Davies; and solo. "Y Fesch Jack a'r Beibl." C. S. Davies. The choir, under the leadership of Mr. Frank King, sang several anthems, and Mr. W. T. Roberts ably pre- sided at the organ. Mr. James Dunn, the superintendent, and the secretary are to be congratulated OIl the excellent programme provided. PEMBREY PARISH COUNCIL. The monthlv meetin" of the above was held at the Free Library on Saturday evening. Mr. D. Williams presided, and there were also present Mes^r* W Howell. Thomas Williams, Philip Jones, Joseph Griffiths (Burry Port), W. Roo-f-rs and Daniel Rees (Pwll). Robert Lewis (Villaoe), John David (Trimsaran). and the Clerk, Mr. Frank Davies. Mr. Mansel Lewis. Stradey Castle, wrote that he was not prepared to pav the expenses of the Quarter Sessions Te the exchange of footpaths, and it was decided that, as Mr. Lewis refused to pay. the old pathway be re-opened.—A re- port was read from the' ladies who formed the committee for the cookery classes that. after paving all expenses, there was a surplus of 10> and they suggested that the monev be expended in buying new books for the library. It was decided unanimously that. subject to the auditor's approval, this be done. —As this was the final meeting of the Burry Port members. Mr. W. Rogers, pwll, moved a votc of thanks to the chairman for the excellent manner he had conducted the business of the Parish Council during the rents lie had been chairman.—Mr. Daniel Kt-es seconded, and Mr. Robert Lewis (Vil- lage) and -Mr. John David supported, and the motion was heartily carried.—Mr. D. Williams returned thanks, and said that he was grate- ful to them for the assistance he had received from them.


Trotting- Match at Swansea.