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IRISH PROBLEM. Government's Great Land Bill Introduced. Grant of Twelve Millions to be Made. Mr. Wyndham introduced the Irish Land Bill in the Commons on Wednesday, and the measure was read a first time. The Bill pro- poses to enlarge the credit of the Congested Districts Board and add to its capital. In future advances will be made in cash, and not in stock. A new capital stock is to be created, to 00 called "Guaranteed Two-and-'i'hree- quarter per Cent. Stock," which will not be redeemable for thirty yeans. The stock will be guaranteed by the Consolidated Fund, but that fund will be protected by a fund consist- ing of annual payments from the Exchequer for Irish local purposes, which can be stopped in case of default. These payments amount to £2,548,460 per year, which will secure ad- vances of £152,907,600. The loan is not to be floated before the winter, and not more than five millions a year is to be raised during the first three years, after which the pace is to be increased so as to finish the operations in fifteen years. Losses resulting from issu- ing the stock below par are to be met by charges on a. grant equivalent to £ 185,OUU a yean- which is due to Ireland owing to last year s vote of £1,400,000 for a purelv Eng- lish purpose, viz., education. Cash aid to the txtent of £12.000,000 is to be given, but the maximum annual charge is to be £39.),000. Against this reductions in the Irish Estimates amountirg to £250,000 are to be completed in five yeais. It will take thirty years to reach the maximum bonus of £ o90*,000, so that the ultimate result will be a gain to the Imperial Exchequer. The interest on the advances for the purchase of holdings is fixed at 3A per cent.. one-eighth per cent, to be retained perpetually bv the Government, to prevent the holdings falling into the hand.; of money-lenders. The following have con- sented to serve as Commissioners:-—Sir Fre- derick Wrench, P.C. for Ireland and a Land Commissioner; Mr. Michael Fimicane. C.S.I.E., Commissioner of the Presidency oi Bengal; and Mr. W. F. Bailev. an Assistant Ccniu>-vsif>-ier und^r the Land Commission. Mr. John Redmond, amid Nationalist cheers, remarked that the tone of the Chief Secretary s speech was the tore of a man who realised the gravity of the situation in Ire- land, and who was anxious to mate a sincere attempt to grapple with it. No one could question that the proposals now before the; House was an enormous advance upon those put forward at t.his time last vear. The fact that the Government had proposed this bonus of 12 millions was a clear proof that they were in earnest ill t1wÚ' desire to settle this question, and that they had made up their minds to deal with it in a courageous spirit. The British taxpayer would suffer no loss, but would. make a good bargain. Everyone inter- ested in Ireland must feel intensely gratified in the way in which the suggestion of this bonus had been received bv all parties m Great Britain. But he was not satisfied that the bonus should be distributed in the inverse ratio to the amount of th3 purchase money. Mr. Wynrtham said his object was to give the greater relief to the men who needed it most, out it did not follow that because aai estate was small therefore it was the poorest kmd of estate. Then t;> the large landlords such a very small bonus would be given that it would be no inducement to sell at all. He hoped Mr. Wyndham would consent to recon- I sider that part of the Bill. Mr. Timothy Healy observed that onlv ons British member out of 670 had risen to object to the very moderate proposals made by the Chief Secretary. A ration could not play the hypocrite. (Loud Nationalist cheers.) A new light had been borne in on the minds and the hearts of the people of Ireland. Mr. WVadham, who was loudly cheered, then brougat in the- Bill, and it was read a first time. The second reading was lixed for April 22nd.

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