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-------------SWANSEA JOTTINGS.f


SWANSEA JOTTINGS. f LIFEBOAT FUND. On Thursday the Mumbles Lifeboat Dis- ] asterFund stood at the splendid total of £4,137 5s. 7d. The collecting boxes outside the London Mansion House realised £20, and the Swansea police have contributed £10. SWANSEA DEATH-RATE. The Registrar General reports the annual rate of mortality last week in the 76 great towns of England and averaged IV per 1.000. The rate in London was 17 Bristol, 13; Newport, 18; Cardiff. 14; Rhondda, 18; Meithyr Tydfil, 24; Swansea, 19. PAINTER'S NASTY FALL. A painter named George Jones, 50, Cae- bricks, Cwnubwrla, in the employ of Messrs. Jones, Price and Rees, decorators, Swansea., whilst engaged in painting at No. 13, Calvert street, Swansea, at 2.30 p.m. on Mondav, feil off a ladder a distance of 32 feet- to the ground, sustaining serious injury to one of his hips. Jones was on the top of the ladder holding on to a shoot, which gave way in his hand. He wa.s taken home in a cart by his fellow work- men. HAFOD LAD'S CLOSE SHAVE. About 3.50 on Tuesday afternoon, a little boy about three years of age had a narrow escape of being run over by an electric car at the Hafod, near the spot where the fatal ac- cident occurred a few weeks ago. The child ran right across the line as the ca,r was ap- proaching, and but for the promptitude of the driver, who pailed up instantly, the chances are that a serious accident would have hap- pened. The wonder is that moie children are not run over, and parents are greatly to blame for allowing their offsprings to wander abcut in the vicinity of the tram tines. Y.M.C.A. RECITAL. In order to liquidate the of a new piano, the Swansea Y.M.C.A. held a recital on Tuesday evening, when a large number at- tended. Mr. Hugli Bellingham presided. The vocalists were Mrs. Frickcr, and Mr. JoJ.n Roberts. Miss Isabel Davies gave violin solos and Miss May B. Griffiths, L.L.C.M., A.L.C.M., R.A.M., a.nd R.C.M., played a couple of pianoforte puces. The bright par- ticulan' star of the evening was Mr. W. H. Jones, whosp. live recitations were so varied and well selected, (hat iliev led to encores. Mr David Richards, A.R.C.O., accompanied in his u&ual clever way. It is anticipated the proceeds will be satisfactory. MISSING FROM SWANSEA. Mrs. Catherine Troy has lodged information at High-street Police-station, Swansea, that her husband, Patrick Troy, aged a.bout 55, height 5ft. 9in., a.nd of light complexion, with grey hair and moustache, has been missing since the 14th insit. The missing man has been in American (Arizona) for the past fifteen years, and only returned to Swansea s-even months ago. His wife fears that some harm has befallen him, as his trunk-a. large one— remains unopened at Oak-Terrace, and he had no object in leaving the town. Mr. Troy had recently completed a patent process of copper and steelplate welding which might have—and may still be—productive of important results. DEATH OF MRS. C. PENROSE. The death took place on Monday at 96, Walters-road, Swansea, of Mrs. Catherine Penrose, wife of Mr. William Penrose. It was only the previous Monday that Mr. and Mrs. Penrose celebrated their diamond wed- ding. Mr". Penrose was the youngest daugh- ter "of the late Mr. Richard Richards, archi- tect and builder, of Swansea. Her brothers, now dead, were Mr. Richard Richards, West Cross; Mr. Edwin Mathew Richards, M.P. for Cardiganshire, and Mr. W. Richards, architect. Mrs. Penrose, who was in her 88th year, was the grandmother of Hacknev. Sir Henry Irving's leading ladv, and the aunt of Mr. W. F. Richards, J.P., Mr. L. M. Richards (barrister), Mr. Lawrence Richards (solicitor), and Mr. A. J. Richards. LONDON CONSTABLE'S BRAVE ACT. The London press this week record a plackv act on the part of P.C. Ivor Nash, attached to the Shepherdess Walk station, N. He was on duty near the Angel, Islington, when ho noticed a pair of runaway horses attached to a 'bus rushing wildly down the High-street. Eight in their path was a woman pushing a perambulator which contained two children. Without a moment's hesitation he threw him- self at the horses' Leads, and managed to grasp the reins and check the horse. but the pole of the 'bU.5 caught him on the eliest, and down he went under the horses feet. He was taken to St. Bartholomew's hospital suffering from internal injuries. The mother with her children did not know of her du.n^er until lt had been averted by the constable's plucky act. Otficer Nash is a Swansea boy, his par- ents residing at Benthall Terrace. St.'Thomas. He has only been two years in th,3 Metropoli- tan foroe. SALVATION ARMY SELF-DENIAL. The total results of the self denial week in the Swansea Division are now to hand. Of the two Swansea Corps No. 1. realised JE72 10s.— £7 10s. more than the "target" aimed at— and Swansea II. £ 28 10s Id. The life assur- ance staff in the division collected J328 7s. 6d. The total for the division was j3672, as against J3615 last year. Sums collected by the various corps in tlie division were as follows :—Aber- aman, £21.1s.; Aberavon, £24 10s.; Aber- clare, £43 j Aberkenfig, £8 lis. Aberyst- wyth, £49; Blaengarw. JB50 10s. Bridgend, JB25 8s. 5d. Carmarthen, £21; Clydach. £7 18s. Gilfach, £24; Glanaman, i;15 5s. Haverfordwest. £ 19 Llanellv, £26 Is. 5d. Maesteg, £ 37 14«. Mitford. JB12; Morriston, JC16 4s. Nantymoel. £ 14 lis. Neath, £23; Pembroke..315 5s. Pembroke Dock, J344 4s PontycyrriTllèl" £29; Skewen, £35; Swansea 1.. J372 10s. Swansea II.. £28 10s. Id. Plas- mari, £3; Tenby, JD25 15s. 4d. SWANSEA SHIP-REPAIRING SUIT. In the King's Bench on Tuesday Mr. Justice \Valton gave judgment in the action of the Victoria Dry Docks Company v. Le Boulanger and Pansy Steamship Company, Swansea. Plaintiffs claimed J3299 for work done on the boiler furnace of the steamer Swansea. De- fendants admitted the greater part of the claim, but counter-claimed damages on the ground of the alleged negligence of the plain- tiffs in doing the work. Plaintiffs denied negligence. — His Lordship found that the plaintiffs had not caused a crack in the fur- nace, but gave judgment for the defendants on the issue that a new furnace was rendered necessary by the plaintiffs' defective work- manship. The figures were left to be adjusted between the parties. Judgment was entered for the plaintiffs on the claim for £244, with costs, and for the defendants on the second issue, with costs, but not costs as regarded the alleged fracture of the furnace. Defendants were ordered to pay the costs of the issue as to the fracture.

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