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-------------BURRY PORT.


BURRY PORT. Grand Concert at the Parish HalL-On Tuesday evening the Parish Hall was crammed with one of the best audiences ever seen together in the place. the occasion being the first concert of the Burry Port La- dies Choir. The following well-known sing- er. also assisted; Soprano, Miss Blodwen Hopkins, Llangennech; contralto. Miss M. A .ifenM UmeHy. tenor Mr j ]}razel< Llanelly; baritone, Mr. J. Brython Williams. Burry > violinist, Miss Annie Stephens, Burry 1 ort; cornet, Mr. David John, Burrv Pnt; elocutionists, Messrs. Tom Griffiths and iarry Ihomas, Llanellv; pianist, Atr rhillip Eynon. Burry Port; and conductor. Mr n. Biuiy Walters. A.L.C.M.. Burrv l'ort. -Ii. J. Wilkins presided in the ab- sence ot his SOil, Coun. Tom Wilkins. The chairman made a brief speech, in which he expressed lus deepest sympathy with the h.dies c ion, and trusted that the choir would be ;| 'l,ess- A lengthy programme was then rendered. The proceedings terminated by a .laughable farce entitled: "The Hard-up Kivals. oy Messrs. Tom Griffiths, C. W. Chapman, and PaITv Thomas. The concert was a grand success. musically and finan- cially. and tlte talented young conductor, n. Buiry "alters. is to be heartily conrratu- iated on t ie beautiful singing of his weil- ba la need c loir, j wou]d liii9 tl •: coodve- tor would get the ether oarts lequi ,iii torin a choir to compete at. no National teddtod itt Llill,ll,Ilext year. Wh.n sty you. -All" "alters? You can relv on having plenty of aSsIstance. Amuversary Services at Zion.— (in Sunday and the half-yearly services of Zion Church were held, when big congregat.ons iissemblerl at each of the ser- vices to ISfin the excellent sermons de- livery ie Hev. D. (iorJJvvvn Williams, St. Cleat s. and the Rev. Thomas Hughes. Briton teiiy. 5,^ church has nlways been noted for Its anniversary services, but these services were the best ever held. The two re\. gl 11 neri preached with great earnest- ness a'1( V"111'- and the spirit of the prea- chers pa"sed to the congregation, with the result that the greatest "Hwyi" was mani- fest,ed t 1 °uglu»ut the services. 1 tie two preacheis "gnly praised the singing of the rillf. choJr. which, under the able conductor- of iiichard Davies, New Lodge. sang spee <1 iyn)I!Si autl.,ems. and chants in an adnuraole manner. Mrs. Lloyd presided a- the organ throughout the services Itlyiibei, of the leading residents of Burry j-1,1 ^ere present during the meet- ing. anion,, mho,n u.ere (.|)UI1 j Qwen an(l his wite |"un. R. t. Hammond. Mr. E. r.var> ('0"5:'|airman of Pembrev School Board). Rogers, Rev .J. Owen (Pem- bicy). <lIU -*1'- Charles {chemist). Burry 1 "it Liter.irv Ss(,cietv.— A meeting oi the .<Uo\e s(,ciety" was helel at the Free Library 011 thursday last. The chair t by Howell, New Lodge. It v/as tlCJlc*r' to have the first debate on I uesday- ember 4th. and the subject chosen Are our pleasures* carried to excess.' • -Hervyn Howell was chosen to take the ^fii'Uiative, and Mr. J. Eager tlie negatne- ie Cambrian" representative was askef .j. I *le attention of the public of Burry 1 ort., through the columns of that oo-)u]ar new. paper) :1n-l to invite aN to the meeting- oiu.'net" ,'tJr<: 11 I'arade.—Last Sundav rnorning v'- Parade ot M Company df the 1st >,• Ve'sli Regiment took place at St. Mary ja Rurrv Port. The men assembled/' the armom-V at 10.30 to the number or a \Jut 70. Tiley then marched under the command of r^ieut.-C'«»). Koderick end Capt-. to St. Mary's for the 11.15 a.m. sei"•)>'•- ie band jireeeded the men, and played e (|f |ivmns_ The men ¡o(.kcd esceedmgly s'nart. niarched with pre- cision. and s that they had been trained thorough' '^r c''lttrch v,ms thruiiged with members o tUry's. together vritli a large number "s "}'s from different chapels. The sen-ice \vt eiioi.ii and was intoned by the PeN-. -J- 1 le^ (curate-in-cbarge). while the sermon "Ny preached by the Rev. D. Jones.. "f Jc'ar) who took his text from the J- \i 1,1: "Biessod b vthe Ldrd my strength- teac]ieth mv hands to war, and my nJ\ tight" Tiw hvmns were: Onward, Cllr;-aian soldiers." "All ha it the P(,Nvel. of ilifille," "Fight the good ti^ 1 lc Ihe Church's one foun- dation. Flkington, J.P., read the lessons, Mr. J. j;. Bevan pre- sided at tl'e Jj' n- After tiie blessing, the National heartify sung by all. Funeral of tl<loi]!:it; Williams, Berllan. at .„. Ut The funeral of Miss Wiliiams. be f,ighter of the late Mr. David ''I.1. ''V,' belonged to one of the ojdest lanio'e' e,'ibrey. took place on 1 hursday la' T,"rf leaving the house, the Hev. J. J'et|)nny. Burrv Port. read scripture and in pr;lver Rev. Peter Williams (^|C'ITj of Iroedvrhiw) introduced the service. J.'Rogers addressed the assembly ^'e graveside the Kev. J. Rogers spok<?- "'e Rev. I). T. liichards closed with r [\l!i/er- The chief nnmrners were Messrs. J" James Williams. Miss M. William^. uie hev. and Hiohards ( I onyoiindy)- an^. Ile Misses Ethel and Dor- othy Richards- r* :'Hd Mrs. E. H. Wilson, (Maesvrhaf) t'je /W. an(j Williams ('JWedyi'liud). \i\eJ'T^ugh Williams (New- piu t). Mr and j 'J,)Hes (Capel Ifan, Ponty- berem). Mr. J,1lC 5rs- Davies (Cowell House, Llaneiiv). M'- Aji's. Williams (Aehddu Vilh,). Mr. J- ''hers, ^r. and Mrs. Wil- liams (Pelitoy 11). Adll,i, Vtns (Corsias). Miss Davies (Llwy^, Miss ^Villiams (1. church). Mrs. ll'c]larc|s and Miss Wil- liarns (Tipslea)^—,


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