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ThUCE SHIPWRECKED. Thrilling Experiences of an Old Swansea Salt. Nine Hours Clinging to a Spar The lite story of John Henry Reeves, who Dad quietly away from amongst his rela- tives aud friends at his residence In. Fisher- street. Swansea, a few days ago- at the age "f 56. makes extremely interesting rending. The initial portion of it. at any mte. abounded) in wonderful escapes from eminent peril and ex-iting adventures—in short, inci- dents as sensational a*, any to be found in most modern romances. Thrice shipwrecked, and at least once or twice brought up from the water of the Swansea Docks in the Last stage of drowning, this is remarkable record for any Ulan; but what makes these episodes the more notable is the extraordinary circum- wtac-ees surrounding them. John Henry Retves was it Swanseaite born and bred, and when quite a youth took to the sea. The first occasion on which the real dangers of the sea- faring life was brought home to him was tü- wards the end of the year 1865. when a Swan- sea sailing vessel, earned the Duke of North- umberland. on which he was then engaged, went aground in a. heavy sea- an2. we believe, went to pieces outside the Swansea, Pier, everv soul being saved, thanks to the heroic efforts of the Mumble; lifeboatmen. His next escape from a watery grave happened wiien a, lar^e Liverpool liner, called the Southern Empire, came to grief in mid-ocean. But Reeve .s teiriblie experience of ship- wreck befel him in April. 1863. He was then third mate of the Queen of the South, a Liver- pool boat of 2.000 tons register. and of which his brother was the master. The Queen ot the South had been on a voyage to Australia-, and was at anchor off Lshant when. in a. tftorm. one of her anchor chains broke. calls tne; her to roll over on her side. AH took to the boats, but before they could clear off they were swamped. For 9 hours Reeves chmg to a spar in the Bay of Biscay. hen he left the ship his brother had glven him his vonngest bov (the apt am s whole famIl; were on board). crving- -For God s sake. Jack, save the child." Reeves held to the young- ster whilst oe the spar for several hours, and then had the horror of seeing him washed awav. Eventually, when. he was just giving up all hope. the subject of this sketch was oicked up by a French fishing boat, he and another seaman being the sole survivors. "The Cambrian." in reporting the disaster. .stated at the time that "out of a. crew num- bering betwee:: 30 and 40 hands, only three are said to have been saved. Captain Reeves was a native of this town- and he had on board with him his wife (also a native), and four young children, a, brother, cousin, and two lads, nephews to the captain's wife. and sons of Mr. Philip Dews bury, pilot. Out of this number the captain's brother alone is saved, the remainder, nine in number, having perished." It not surprising to find that Reeves oulv went one more voyage after this. Returning to his native town from Australia about the year 1870. he entered the service of Messrs. Vivian and Sons, at. their Calamine Works. North Dock. where he was employed up to a month or so of his death. A brave, dauiit'iiesf-spirited man was the late John Henry Reeves, and during his life ashore he was the chief figure in several life-saving at the Swansea Docks. A magnificent swimmer and diver, if at his first plunge he failed to bring a person up from the water, he would never relax his efforts, and thus it frequently came about that he had to be fre- quently fetched up him.-elf in an exhausted condition. The funeral took place at Danygraig Ceme- tery. and wa-s attended by the following mourners:—Mm Reeves (widow). Mrs. Richie (daughter). Miss Richie (niece). Mrs. Edmonds (sister), Mr. Edmonds (nephew). Miss Rohne (cousin). Mrs*. Gabriel (niecei. Mr. and Mrs. W. Trick (Wellington). Mrs. G. Da vies (Wellington). Mrs. 0. Neil, Mr. Ree.-c-. Mr. W. Hunter. Mrs. Davies, Mrs-. Pierce. Mrs. Murray. The Rev. Casr:odyn fU-es. York-place. conducted the service, while the funeral arrangements were uurriecl out by Webster Bros., Culvert-street.





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