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j Petitions Against the Bill.

j Agreements Arrived At.


Witnesses for Promoters.

Fierce Opposition from Margam.

Negotiations with Messrs.…


Negotiations with Messrs. Harvey. During the progress of the Bill in the Com- mons we proceeded to negotiate with Messrs. Wright, Butler and Co. (whose opposition had been reserved in the previous House by con- sent) for the purchase of their gas and water works at Cwmavon. They held these works under a Provisional Order, and it was con- sequently necessary to buy out their rights so as to enable you to supply water within the area included in their Order. The Michael- stone Lower Parochial Committee had some years ago agreed to purchase these rights for £ 5.250 but we succeeded ultimately in arrang- ing a purchase for £ 1,500. We anticipated no further opposition except that of Messrs. Curtis and Harvey, but to our astonishment a joint memorial was presented against the Bill on the ground that technically the promoters had not complied with the Sta- | tutory Orders of the House. This joint mem- orial was presented by the Margam Urban District Council; the Michaelstone Lower Parish Council; and The Copper Miners Co. Your representatives appeared before the exaniincrs. and the whole of the objections were disallowed, and the Bill was reported to the House to be heard on its merits. We i were then informed that the Margam Urban District Council (whose right to oppose the Bill themselves had disappeared as no part of their district would be entered upon) had guaranteed the cost of the memorial against standing orders a.nd that their clerk had ar- ranged to attend a meeting of the Michael- stcne Parish Councils with the view of get- ting a turther petition presented against the Bill. \e instructed Mr. Powell and Mr. Di il. Davies to attend the parish meeting, am after their explanation it was decided not to oppose the Bill any further. Messrs. Curtis and Harvey, being dissatis- fied with the clause given them m ie nrst, House petitioned again in the House o Com- mons, and briefs were on the P"'n 0 being delivered to counsel, when, fortunately. clause was agreed to with the company g, ing them a lixed 1 u'der during agreed periods, in addition to the amount pio- vided bv the Bill and a so a penalty clause in default of deli verv ot the e\|ra quantity of water. The Bill thus became unopposed. The only remaining difficulty was to satisfy Parliament that the period fixed for repay- t,lie ],in for tile cost of the constt, li"o (60 years) was not excessive. This difficulty. With the assistance of th" «i gineers, was surmounted, and the Bilf W'IS passed and received the Roval assent thus i> coming an Acton the 8th 'August, 1902 ie Act is of a very comprehensive ch.i.<i"- chuseslf,tS Va,ue is not deteri°rated Vv ah-L a rePressive or onerous nature. i't your Council the power to con-strict 'so reservoir, pipe track, and other ne~e sary v ,)rks- to take lands eompulsorily or bv atn-ea- ment. to sell surplus lands, to borrow monev fOI the purposes of the Act. to make uwtcr rates, and it generally confers upon v Council all the powers necessary for the J TI- struction and carrying on of a large v a ter works undertaking. The amount autuorised to be borr.i ved ts- --(a)-For the purchase of lands ..]I I the. ton- stiuction of the works authorised by til". Art. £ 162,300; (b)-lol, the purchase of C'wiii- avon gas and water undertaking and •.v>en;-« s. J1.700 ;total, £ 164,000. The periods of repayment sanctioned are for purpose (a) 60 years, for purpose (b) 40 years, and me years are given for payment of the costs and expenses of the Act. Baglan Lower and the telvn Ward of Llantwit Lower will continue to be supplied by the Briton Ferry Urban District Council and the Neath Cor- poration respectively and will not bear any part of the expenses of the Act. The profits ausing from or the deficit caused by the P^11" chase and working of the Cwmavon Gas Works will be applied to or bm-ne by the A arish of Michaelstone Lower. r As regards the amount of the nde which *°r some veers will be necessary under the Act to meet the difference between income ani» expenditure, the following are the figures which your experts have prepared and worked out. Before the works come into operation ;L'f" !<C"¥"">iIII,.p,<><yA and before any revenue is obtained (say dur- ing the first 5 years) tiie rate will be about » Iv in th? £ For the first live years after the works are completed the rate will be 6.50d. (say 1906 to 1911) for the next quinquennial period 6.ii9ci., for the 3rd period 4.5bd., for the- 4th 3.2-3rl., for the 5th 2.ôd.. and for the 6th period ending 1S56 or 30 years after the works are completed, 1.32d. After that per- iod the water works will be carried on at a. yearly increasing profit as the industries of the district, develop and the population in- creases. I)' conclusion we have to congratulate von upon having secured a most excel lent water shed (which cannot be surpassed), a certainty of an ample and pure supply of water, a com- paratively inexpensive scheme, and a. good workable Act o fPariiament. We have the honour to remain, gentleman, A. T. Williams, W m. Howell. A. N. Gardner, W. H. David, your Parliamentary Committee.


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j Agreements Arrived At.