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! Text of the Parliametary…

j Petitions Against the Bill.

j Agreements Arrived At.


Witnesses for Promoters.

Fierce Opposition from Margam.


Fierce Opposition from Margam. Tlt; opposition upon the retirement of Lord Iredegar's counsel was confined to the Mar- > gam I rban District Council and Messrs. Cur- tis and Harvey, and this was of the most de- termined character. The Margam Council was most anxious to secure a clause which would prevent your Council from supplying A bera von, without their consent, and strenu- .)siy urged the Lords Committee to grant them such a provision. Messrs. Curtis and Harvey by their petition and their evidence endeavoured to secure tiie discharge of a huge quantity of water from the reservoir into the river, and they also wanted a provision for payment to them of monetary compensation. I h; y called evidence of a highly intricate and technical character as to the flow of the river and the capacity of the aqueducts and ma- chinevy at their works, etc. The opponents also jointly attacked the Hill upon two points, (1) That the storage capacity was too large for the requirements of the district. (2) That the scheme was of too costly a character to be carried out by you as a" Rural District Council. In the result, however, the oppo- sition of the Margam Council was absolutely ignored by the Lords Committee, and the Biil was passed subject to a clause to be agreed to between your Council and Messrs. Curtis and Harvey lor a supply of water in addition D' to the compensation water provided by the Bil1 (but no money compensation), and that clause was ordered to bp brought up for ap- oil tlte (lity. We accordingly prepared a clause and car- ried same into committee, but Messrs. Curtis 1 and Harvey's advisers declined to appear be- fore the committee in order that they might proceed with their opposition in the House or Commons. The Lords Committee there- upon approved of and adopted the clause as drawn up by us. and the Bill was ordered to proceed.

Negotiations with Messrs.…


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j Agreements Arrived At.