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-----------BRITON FERRY.


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! Text of the Parliametary…

j Petitions Against the Bill.

j Agreements Arrived At.


Witnesses for Promoters.

Fierce Opposition from Margam.

Negotiations with Messrs.…


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j Agreements Arrived At.


agreed to the usual clause for the protection oi the company's works and traffic during the 01 the company's works and traffic during the cnnstrucuion of the works, and for the pay- ment of compensation in ease of damage and f.;r casements lor crossing under the lines. The hearing of the Bill was commenced on luefcday. March llth, 1902, when, the Earl of Elgin and Kincardine, K.G.. G.G.S.I.. oc- cupied the chair. The opponents of ths'liiil then remaining were Lord Tredegar, the Mar- gam Urban District Council and Messrs. Cur- tis and Harvey. The whole of the parties were represented by Counsel. During the first day's evidence we were sue- cessful in arranging terms with Lord Tre- degar by which your Council were empowered within twelve months from the passing of the Act to acquire the whole of his lordship's rights for the sum of £1.100. (tillS really means a payment of £ 750. as the allotment owners agreed upon the settlement with Lord '1 redegar to an abatement of £ 400 upon the purchase money which we had already agreed upon with theni). The main questions upon which your com- mittee were concerned and which gave rise to much anxiety were that of presenting to the committee sufficient evidence :—1.—As to the necessity for a supply of water to your dis- trict. 2.-That the scheme, thoiich rovf!v. wa' under the circumstances the only satis- factory one, and could not be reduced without spoliing it from an engineering point of view, and that it was therefore the oolv possible one.