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-----------BRITON FERRY.


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! Text of the Parliametary…

j Petitions Against the Bill.

j Agreements Arrived At.


Agreements Arrived At. The Bill in the first instance came before the House of Lords. We briefed as counsel:— Mr. Balfour Browne, K.C.. Mr. B. Francis WiHiams. K.C.. and Mr. Ivor Bowen, and we were engaged for a number of days before the Lords Committee sat in endeavouring to ar- ru nge terms with the petitioners against the Bill, and were successful in coming to satis- factory arrangements with the majority of the opponents of the Bill, and we append the main heads of agreement arrived at Neath (,orpor;i' ion. We agreed to *VlLJP'y them with 20 million gallons of water m every year in equal daily quantities during 200 consecutive days from the 31st day of March in each year at 6d .per thousand gal 'ons, at a certain or dead rent of £ 500 per annum, (b)—Such additional quantity not exceeding ten million gilllons in any year as the Corporation shall on or before the 1st January in each alternate year agree to take for the next two years at the same rate of 6d. per 1,000 gallons.—(c)—A further quan- tity per annum (at the same rate) wli^n your Council shall have duplicated or increased £ he size of the pipes subject to the conditions as to notice in paragraph (b). Briton Ferry Urban District Cou.irit —The same as Neath, substituting 5 nniuoi^ for 20 millions and £ 125 for L500 in oaragnph (a) and 15 millions instead of 10 millions m para- graph (b). There is no provision tor an addi- tional supply as in paragraph (c) Xe ith The Allotment Owners.—The n ?g;itiatioris with the committee of this body of a most exhaustive and anxious ch We ultimately arranged terms wlii'Mi we Con- sidered most satisfactory, viz T he pur chase money and any compensation money payable under the Act to be fix at £ 5,600 for such a quantity of land for the rt^er/oir, etc.. not exceeding 85 acres as your Council should specify by notice within 21 m > \rhs from the passing of the Act. The original free agreed to was £ 6,000, but the Allutnwnt owners consented to an abatement "f £ 400, upon negotiations for a settlement with 10Hl Tredegar.. Miss Claudia Griffiths and Messrs. Wiiliains and Co.. Ltd.-—W e agreed 'v these petitioners that if your Counci means other than authorised by t ie terfered with the llow of water to 1 v' thev should be compensated. 1 Kreco,,shire ^ent to the County Olc'ii"" .J" tional number of Police «r t e 'lue preserva- tion of order at the wat^ o ks uring their construction, (b) M tf' ^m CaS(' of the bursting n ) tf' make good or pay for any ('<'mage done t » buildings culverts and approaches bv the living of the JThe Url w». « your Counci an action pending against you < stance of this company, which. 1 ■ > would deprive you of one of the bes. means of supply to" your We Sfettled thc opposition f'e rl-iMSAif freeing to the usual pro- tective clauses as to railways and works of the company, they, on tllH ol|ier han(l. agree- ing to abandon their action (each party W iig its own cfists) the company to be allowed to utilise any W;iter from the Darran reser- \oi. now running waste by affixing a pipe Lie overhow pipe from the reservoir'and con- v evirig the water to the new colliery at Cwrtv- clafdv, all this to be done at the expense of the colliery company. Tho Great. Western Railway Co.—We


Witnesses for Promoters.

Fierce Opposition from Margam.

Negotiations with Messrs.…


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j Agreements Arrived At.