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Text of the Parliametary Committee's Report. Excellent Scheme and Workable Act. Determined Opposition from I Margam. [SPECIAL TO "THE CAMBRIAN."] 'The following is the full text of the report oil the Ystradfellte Water Bill of the Parlia- mentary Committee to the Neath Rural Dis- trict Council (Messrs. A. T. Williams, Wm. Hewell, A. S. Gardner, and W. H. David). After introduction, it begins :—"We a.ppointed Mr A. T. Williams as our chairman; Messrs. Cuthbertson and Powell as solicitors; Messrs. St.arpe, Parker and Co., as Parliamentary agents; Mr. William Fox, consulting en- gineer; Mr. D. M. Davies, resident engineer; Air. (1. H. Hill as consultant- to support the scheme and statistics. At the outset we endeavoured to secure the co-operation of the Neath Corporation, the Aberavon Corporation, and the Briton Ferry Uiban District Council, with the object of foiming a Joint Water Board. It has already been reported toy you that Mi. Mansergh, who was first ed, recom- mended a supply from the "Llia." which would have cost £ 400,000. This scheme, on account of its expense, was impracticable, and Mr. Fox, who was subsequently called in, reccuuncnded a supply from the "Tringarth," which scheme was adopted. This scheme, as YOU will see later on, is estimated to cost £ 160.000. The storage capacity of the reservoir will be 600.000,000 gallons. It will be formed by a" embankment across the Tringarth Valley, which is about 2),- miles above Ystradfellte illage. and will be on the old red sandstone. The water has been analysed and found to be pure. Based upon the estimates of the popula- tion. 50 years hence, and taking the demand at 20 gallons per head per day, the amount re- quired to be supplied would be 1.900,000 gal- I lons. whereas with the storage provided, and allowing for a drought of 150 day, we shall be able to supply 4,000.000 gallons per day. The Neath Corporation and the Briton Ferrv Urban District Council, after several meetings, retired from participation 1Il the scheme, so that the statutory notices had to he given and the Bill framed as a joint one by your Council and the Aberavon Corporation. In consequence, however, of certain informali- ties in procedure by the Aberavon Corpora- i tion, they also retired as promoters before the committee stage was reached, and the Bill was presented to Parliament as a scheme pro- moted by your Council alone.

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j Agreements Arrived At.