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-----------BRITON FERRY.


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GOWER. 119 Service at I..I;I nacnnit h.-The safe of the harvest was marked bv special at the Parish Church on lit llie sacred edifice was prettily decorated a good supply of flowers, fruit, vegetables. etc Benson. Fairy Hill, sending a hasket of choice flowers. Mrs. j I.eliue. llilleTKl, as ju formeV years, under- took the jm'lHt; Miss Crawlcv the font and reading-desk » fr. Roberts, 0 the windows; Miss Jane J aylor, the choir stalls: and Mrs. Morgan '*lJ|ossilli) also assisted. J he oat fringe- always a special feature in the de- eolations, was made by Miss Richards. Ilill-j Oiui. AV bile tlie ud(,rnment of the chancel win- d o \v bv >lr- ™sfc Helme calls for special pi aiso." A .orcl ot Praise must also be spoken of a mag,11.1.cen[ floral cross made by Mr. Skilling. '(Illlcnd., A large congregation as- sembled fo1'j-emoon service. The iear (the HeY. Lewis Hughes) conduded the ser- i vice, and :i telling discourse from St. John. At -oe evening service there was again a lai' £ e c')ri8regation, Mr. Lrt'est 11 el me with his accustomed ability, presiding at the ''Pacini psalms and harvest hvmns were sung Wlth gmit heartiness. The anthem. ta:,en froiil hymn 388, was finely sung P. lrv the choIr. lite Bê\ ¡.). ,Jenkins (Hector of Oxwich) ga,ve a striking sermon from Psalm 103-3. ^reat pr;iise (]ue tt) Mr Ernest Tfelme for tHe indefatigable manner in which he worked. to make the services a success. The collet turns, Avllicl, amounted to JB6 8s., was for church expenses. Mrs. Helme dis- tributed t,,e ^u't to the children attending the Sunday School,


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