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-----------BRITON FERRY.


BRITON FERRY. iliy FERRYITE.) That the Giants Grave Councillors seems rather hurt about the indifference of the Briton Ferry District Council in reference to the condition of the road leading to Giants' Grave, which is hie from being in a satisfac- tory condition. Roliennan's Wife Dies Suddenly.—Earlv on Tuesda morning, Mrs. Hannah Williams, wife of Edward \Villiams. tinplate roller, at Baglan Bay Works, Briton Ferry, and living at Ynysmaerdy, complained of feeling ill. I The doctor was sent for. but before he had arrived she had expired. The deceased was a native of the town and highly respected, she leaves a husband and a large family to mourn their loss. That it is evident that the estate is respon- sible for putting this road in order, and while the road remains a private road to the estate the Councii have no authority or right to in- terfere. Let our aggrieved member press the Council to demand that the estate put the said road in proper order, according to their bye- laws. and afterwards take the same under their control, which would be a boon to the inhabitants and those frequenting Giants' Grave. That the members of the Burial Board need an earthquake to arouse them to their duties. Rarely, very rarely, are there sufficient mem- bers present to form a quorum, in the past, the cemetery was the only undertaking under the control of the Briton Ferry District Coun- cil. though this does not speak very favour- ably for the sanitary condition of the town. Yet it should not be neglected, and the mem- bers should pay closer attention to the sources from whence they receive their revenue. That the lighting of our town is anything but satisfactory, especially so in our bye- stieets. The parts in and around the resi- dences of our Councillors and the officials are ai l right, but when you get down to the lower part of the town on a dark night you have to feel your way about. Taking what is known as "The Square." you have one lamp at the entrance; then you enter into darkness with- out even a single glimmer of light from even the few candle power gas lamps which lights up this part of the town. These people are called upon to pay rates like others who live in Yilliers-street and Neath-road, and should receive the same privileges. That though the Council has appointed an inspector of nuisnTlce8 under the Factory Acts, whose duty it is to see that the factories in the town provide proper sanitary arrange- ments. we have noticed no change, notwith- standing that the sanitary arrangements pro- vided at certain factories are disgraceful. The lavatories are unfit to be used by the em- ployees, with the result that they have to re- sort to other quarters, and this must sooner or later tell a tale upon the health of the in- habitants. The inspector, having the au- thority in his hands, should compel the owners of those factories to provide proper accommo- dation for their workmen with well-equipped sanitary arrangements, and thus protect the health of the town at large. That the inhabitants oF Briton Ferry have certainly a grievance against the Parliamen- tary representative, Mr. S. T. Evans. Some three months ago a committee was appointed t > arrange for a public meeting to protest against the Education Bill. The secretary wrote asking Mr. Evans toweled a. date con- venient for him to attend, but received no reply. He wrote again and a.gain, but with the same result. By accident he met him; he then oromised to come in the au- tumn. The secretary recently wrote to him reminding him of his promise, but up to a few days ago had received no reply. A fur- ther meeting of the committee has been con- vened. The sitting member will evidently have to go through some of the experience that the present Education Bill is going, and unless he- comes down shortly he may not be quite so successful.


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