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-Jõ.. LLANSAMLET NOTES. Death of Mrs. J. 1. Richards.—On Tuesday morning. Mrs. Richards, the young wife of Mr. John Isaac Richards, brick manufac- turer, of Llansamlet, died after an illness of some months. Mrs. Richards, who was a prominent. member of Peniel Green English Congregational Church, was held deservedly in high esteem by all who were her friends. The deceased lady leaves behind her a, sor- rowing husband and five young children to mourn her loss. The late Mrs. Richards' fa- ther is Mr. Edward Phillips, night foreman at the c pper Forest steel smelting depart- ment. Sncccssfn! Annual Autumn Fair.—The an- jvoal autumn fair was held on Thursday last for the second time on the recreation ground ii?ar the Aber Tinplate Works, and \vas'a great success, especially when taking into consideration the unfavourable state (,f the weather. The flannel dealers did a roarinc trade. they wisely did not take advan- I tage of the record ,i [tendance to advance) their prices. For Is. to Is. 2d. per yard some of the best qualities on the stalls could be bought, and it 8 not exaggerating to say I that Lfansaniiet fair has already become the chief mart for Welsh flannel and dress ma- ) terial manufactured in the adjoining coun- ties of Carmarthen and Cardigan. W ith re- gard to the "to! this is paid into the par- ish exchequer, the land whereon the fair 's held having been given by the Earl of Jer- sey to the parishioners of Llansamlet Higher in perpeuity. The collectors for the time being are the members of the Parish Coun- ci' assisted by Alderman Jordan, their tierk. The revenue \11 go to augment tne rates paid throughout the whole of the higher por- tion of the district of Llansamlet. Llansamlet Sculptor's Remarkable Work. —Mr. John Howells (mason) of Twynyrodyn, Llansamlet has nearly completed a striking monument in stone. The idea set forth in this work of art is entirely a patriotic one and the sculptor has done it ail for the love, a- it were. of showing what sentiments pos- sess him with regard to his country. The monument is not a very high one. the base being of Portland stone beautifully carved to represent the Bible as the chief book of ail laws; on this a little smaller, is a book emblematic of the constitutional law of Great Britain. Then follows on these the English Lion and Welsh dragon, joined in unison. t On the left side a little higher two leeks, |re>presenting the Prince a.nd Prince^ ot Wales are cut. and on the right two full blown roses and one bud have been beauti- fulb- done, these being emblematic ot our King Queen, and the Princess ot Wales. Right in front is a likeness of Lord Cawdors grandfather in charge of the hve guns in Fishguard fort at the time ot the r tench m. vasion of the place. Surmounting tne whole is t representation of the artIst s grand- mother with her red scari. and tail hat which she wore to frighten the invaders. Verily a most interesting work of art.

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