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U t | IN LIGHTEi? VEIN. iCOXCOCTXD CHIEFLT BY -ATHA." Overheard "The Vrei.vh Dragon ;0-^ 5li, ni, in Swansea." I'11 e .,f "K Sh<- Inquirer (BrvjiioiHi r T> ie.v. tije hdueation exiem with the "chou; A Swansea polices on Monday dej^ed that he and an.-m-r uffi,er "heard foot.^eps walking all-an- Liynhyfrvc' people pride i]iemsf]vt> "n lilud. It ihe only of it. kind in ihe 'o,a!ny. For this many -hanks. There 1, now said to be eveiy prospect of _«i>tle-sirect continuing to and.-Antiquari- ans w.i, be ghid to hear this. one ui a oat of the 1845 period, and trousers like a patchwork quilt, wheezing about the "Ltck nf in Nwan -a. one thinks out klHl. T!.e phil^ophy of iif~u,kes i,« int-o varied I'-iins of tnougfit. That is M-IJT we gaze(j línil pent-up admiration on the viilor who took a pennyworth of filed fish inty the dre^ ciieie of a local place of amusenn'nt iVcentiy. Tlie burg'a-v who broke into a Svran»e-i unden aker's the other day. failed to find auv The propriL-tor had coffin j,]ate or 1 \H m t*io window, but th? burglai had IJH i-cn-e of humour. UK- Swansea- ( ny 1 a-thers comp;i-c mime debaters, hut in the heat of argument, "10 do,)t• occur. "I am foi the iliumin ation o; misery." can very possibly have naant "alleviation According to Mr. Abraham Thomas. J.P.. reason why two lamps are l-equired oil .-dll J2S in Glamorgan and, only one in Car- marthen is that a Carmarthenshire man can see more with one eye than a Glamorganshire man can with two. T'itick is a Biitish characteristic, and so is enttipri>e. but when a man enrci> a lgaÜJt the ci Bdl. ;mù eommences distributing pamphlets in favour of the mea- -,Te instinctively try and eco]Ject names of respectable undeitakers. r:lt: jac3.v sPeykers at a me,tang in Brynhy- |r:ya. the other evening were n<.t quite ner- A ou;. One of them said Jk had opinion, another lady which slie was- not afraid ro make public. There are women- -and women." she declaimed. and I am one of the 'and. ^Vhether she nit-ant old or new hand did not transpire. An unfortunate incident- is ;eported from the Sand £ irJd>. It is stated that Mr. Joseph Thomas—the popular labourer's assrst- ant of Great Gam Street entered the Puce Lion just after a gentleman had condu- standing the bar drinks round. Ir. Mac 1 homas, although faiff-rinc severely from shock, is doing nicely. 1 htie's the jove of a mother for child. The love of a tippler for beer: Thf craving for fame by an unknown name, And the love of M.P.'s for a cht'er. 7 iieie's the passion of most, City Fathers For honours, ambitions, and out; Bui there's nothing compares with Dame Cardiff's love Wlun Swansea for fun knoebs her out I —— A strange indefinable feeling of uneasiness lay in Lhe air. The assembly crept one by one from the gloomy chamber, casting fearful glances over shuddering shoulders. In bated breath the ominous happening of the evening- was debated, and people whispered what it IH rtended. There had been a meeting in a. .school house and not one speaker had men- tioned the Education Bill, "I don't think there is room for four thea- ties in Swansea," stud the man with the se- cond-hand pinc-nez: "and this place'll never pay. Do you know the manager? I do and between you and me he's not the man for the job. Now, would you be surprised if j Told you-" "H'm remarked the other man. as he coughed like an Ann-street zephvr "would you, be surprised to hear that I am the manager, and would you be surprised :f 1-" but the surprised one had fled. XO TIME 1 A went- up from the Fathers), YV ho d assembled ill Council array H e cannot afford the time to attend. lo the ibul for a single da}-. It o hard to expect us to ;idniiiustrate On matters like this. for we niaye things more important than, these to do, Were as busy as bufy can be." Theil they sate themselves down- and decided that They were far too busy, aaid so Ihey discussed the affair for a. (solid five hours. Orated, and swore by all the powers. Consistency just to show. XiBLO. What impresses me most about our post- effiees is the lesson of discipline taught to its boy employees. Taking Swansea for exam- ple, we find a very capable battalion of mes- senger cadets, who do their carbine- drill with a precision that many volunteer companies would open their eye,- at. The atmosphere oi discipline is carried into their daily duties, and when three telegraph boys are seen in the streets they invariably march in r-niai,t Indian ale. and inspire feelings of respectful awe m the minds of rotund French captains who- wonde" very much whether conscription would make them half so pleased with them- selves. A name-sake, the Cambrian, published in interests of the TVekh community in the States, has a diverting article on' religious camp meetings and their a,buse. It quotes a typical ad\enismeni.. vruich rUllS a follows "The greatest camp meeting ever held in- now in progns Jt Thousand." of people in attendance. Scores of conversions. Tab- ernacle seating 3,000 people. Cornet- Band. Jubilee Singer.^ Fire Works. Thursday r.giL., iirtworks and balloon ascensions. Sat- night, fire works and balloon ascen- siom. Sunday, the banner day. nothing like it ever seen in Southern——, All meetings conducted by the only The greatest Lvangelit-Jt in America. Hotels, refi-eshment6. uvery stabler, aoundinc^ of £Tood water, and your lunch baskets cliecked free on the cant]) grounds.— Fireworks (after death) are not promised!



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