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PRINCIPAL SHOW OF Autumn and Winter Novelties. p 4 TO-MORROW (SATURDAY), AND FOLLOWING DAYS, j 1 Ben. Evans & Co. I Will make their Principal Show of Autumn & Winter Fashions I and NEW 600DS IN EVERY DEPARTMENT. I I SELECTION & VAT.UE UNEQUALLED. I ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE POST FREE OX APPLICATION. I Enormous Stocks of Blankets, Flannels, Sheets and Quilts at very Special Quotations. Ben. Evans and Co., Ltd. Swansea. I BILLPOSTING. BLOOR & CO., ADVERTISING CONTRACTORS AND BILL POSTERS. CHIEF AGENCY FOR WALES. All descriptions of Advertising Circular Distribution, &c., promptly attended to. Dffice20. CALVERT-STREET SWANSEA LLANDILO. wILLIAM WILLIA-INIS & SONS BILLPOSTERS & TOWN CRIERS, I 4, RHOSMAEN-STREET, LLANDILO. POSTING DONJII IN THE TOWN AND DISTRICT NEATH & DISTRICT BILL-POSTING COMPANY.—Late T. WALL. OFFICES :-ASSEMBLY ROOMS, NEATH. MANAGER J. W. ROBINSON. Lessees and Proprietors of the Best Posting Stations in Neath and District. THE Swansea & DISTEICT BILLPOSTING AND ADVERTISING COMPANY. OFFICES GOAT-STREET, SWANSEA. THE A BERAVON & PORT TALBOT BILLPOSTING COMPANY UNDERTAKE BILLPOSTING AND IADVERTISING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. MANAGER P. R. JAMES. THE UNIVERSAL BILL POSTING CO. tj RtfNT THE LARGEST POSTING STATIONS In Swansea, and surrounding District. ADDRESS—28, LOWER UNIONSTREET SWANSEA. 18 CARAT GOLD ENGAGEMENT RiNGS. g 22 CARAT GOLD WEDDING RINGS. IHpl 'rlf 18 CARAT GOLD KEEPERS. Latest Designs. LABGT VAEIETY. BIST QUALITY. LOWEST PBICE. Unequalled Value W. WILLIA MS, JEWBLLEE &Cl 29, CASTLE STREET, SWANSEA. FOBIIGN MONEY EXCHANGE. 0 Chappell Pianos. Collard Pianos. pp NEWEST 1902 DESIGNS AND MODELS. FOR CASH OR ON THE HIRE PURCHASE SYSTEM. Newest Music and Operas soon as Published. PIANOS AND ORGANS TUNED AND REPAIRED. OLD PIANOS TAKEN IN EXCHANGE. OLE AGENT FOR THE PIANOLA THE BEST OF ALL PIANO PLAYERS. WYNNE H. BK.ADER, Address:—17, Heathfield Street, Swansea. OLA is sold at no other Address in Swansea. Telegrams Gwynne Brader,Swansea. Telephone No. 291. W STAR THEATRE, WIND STREET, SWANSEA. NDAY, OCTOBER 27th 1902, ND BE OPENING, lage of His Worship The Mayor of Swansea (Griffith Thomas, Esq.), His Grace the Duke of -tufort, Sir Robert Morris, Bart., and other leading Gentlemen. 11 open on MONDAY AFTERNOON, at 3 o'clock prompt, by his Worship serial Glee Party, and the members of The Belle of Cairo Co. have \dmission Free (by Ticket only), at 2.30. Tickets can be obtained at the Theatre. TG, October 27th, and during the Week, BELLE OF CAIRO, 1 before their Majesties, THE KING and QUEEN (when Prince and Princess of Wales). A BLANCH, and full Company of Sixty Artistes. Ordinary Doors, 7 o'clock. Prices from 2/6 to 6d. Gwynne Brader's, Heathfield Street, Swansea. •ICT OF GOWER. 'oeXCIL for the a.ho H WJ-g« ryd ==- Balance brooglit foraaS^™' £ »• i g *• dj In respect of Highways-.— 00 Maintenance and Repair of District Roads 'TV ■••• 1227 7 4 Improvements ot District Roads 71 18 10 Salary of Surveyor g .•"Repayment of South Road Loan 37 0 0 Interest on South Koad Loan 22 16 11 -tablishment Charges 4 5 8 1425 18 9 Applies 2 16 4 ? 3 7 10 f House Refuse, etc. 0" 11 1 3 Infectious Di*ea,<^s 1 15 0 f Deaths 1 1 7 les 98 17 4 v. arges ••• 14 2 2 1559 0 3 161511 5 _8 184 18 5 £1800 9 10 H. J. IND, Clerk to the Council. rHOMPSON & SHACKELL, LD., THE GREAT MUSIC STORES. PIANOFORTES BY ALL MAKERS. Sole Agents for DECHSTEIN, BROADWOOD, NEUMEYER'S, 0 ESTEY ORGANS, HARMONIUMS. Harps Church Organs, and Musical Instruments Tuned and Repaired by Epcrtc. 3,Castle Street, Swansea. & ——.—.— ESTABLISHED OVER A CENTURY. YEZEY AND CO., COACH BUILDERS, By Appointment to the Late Queen Victoria, 64, WIND STREET, SWANSEA, and at BATH Respectfully invite an inspection of their highly finished & fashionable Carriages at the above address: LANDAUS, BROUGHAMS, n VICTORIAS, WAGONETTE'S DOG CARTS, CANTERBURY CARS, GOVERNESS CARS, &c. The lar,e-t assortment of Carriages in South Wales. Best Materials and Workmanship Guarantee 1. E-timate for Repairs Free. Rubber Tyres fitted at our Own Factory. CBEFORE') A ATER USING OUR SPECTACLES. USING OUR SPECTACLES. G. F. WALTERS, OPTICIAN to the SWANSEA EYE HOSPITAL. 15, UNION STREET, SWANSEA, FOR ALL KINDS OF SPECTACLES AND OPTICAL GOODS. NOTICE. | Winter Tickets for Swimming Bath, From NOVEMBEB 1st, 1902, to MARCH 31st, 1903 (Five Months.) FAMILY TICKET. 10/ SINGLE TICKET. 5/- I To be obtained at the Ticket Office, The Baths. S WANSEA BATHS & LAUNDRY COMPANY LD. j SEPTEMBER 18th, 1902. PUBLIC NOTICES. À LBEHT MINOR HALL, SWANSEA. 1 SIX i LUTURES On "THE BIBLE IN THE NINETEENTH CENTURY," BY PROF. J. ESTLIN CARPENTER, M.A., (Of OXFORD), On MONDAY EVENINGS, at Eight p.m. | As follows I.-October 27th,-Subjed: "Changed Views of the Law." Chairman, Principal Salmon. 2.—November 3rd.— Subject "Changed Views of Prophecy." Chairman, Howel Wat-kins, Esq., J 3.-X ovember 10th. Subject: "The Gos- pel and the Origin of Christianity." Chair- man, Principal J. Trevor Owen, M.A. 4.—November 17th.—Subject: "The Gos- pel Question: (1) the Synoptics." Chair- man: R. G. Cawker. Esq.. J P. 5.—November 24th. Subject: "The Gos- pel Question: (2) The Fourth Gospel." Chair- man. D. Lleufer Thomas, Esq., B.A. 6.—December lst.-Subject: "The Bible and the Church." Chairman. C. H. Per- kins, Esq. ADMISSION FREE. JgO ROUGH OF SWANSEA. TECHNICAL INSTRUCTION. A Course of TEN LECTURES on "The Geology of the South Wales Coal Field" will be delivered at the PUBLIC LIBRARY bv W. S. BOULTON. A.R.C.S., B.Sc. o. {Lecturer in Geology at University College, Cardiff), on WEDNESDAY EVENING, at 7.30 o'clock, commencing on the 29th OCTOBER, 1902. The Lecture will be illustrated by Lantern Slides, and will be found to be instructive and interesting to the Mining and Engineer- ing Professions and the Public Generally. Admission to Single Lecture, Is. 0 Tickets. 5s. each for the Full Course of Ten Lectures, can be obtained at the Public Li- brary, the Royal Instruction, or from the Secretary at the Municipal Technical College, Mount Pleasant. 7489 IT HE HIGHWAY ACT, 1835. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on the 6th day of January next, application will be made to His Majesty's Justices of the Peace, assembled at Quarter Sessions in and for the County of Glamorgan at Cardiff, in the said County, at 11 o'clock in the fore- noon, or as soon thereafter as the said ap- plication shall be reached, for an order for turning and diverting the highway known as the "Forgefach right of way," which -eads from the County main road, near the Bridge, Clydach, in the County of Glamorgan, to the River Clydach, there situate, to a new highway to :Je made and con- stiucted in place thereof commenc- ing at the said Bridge on the easter- most side thereof and continuing on the said eastermost side thereof alongside the said River until it joins the said old highway on tli3 north or upper end thereof, near a small ditch or gutter there situate, and for stop- ping or declaring unnecessary, after such new highway shall have been constructed, such portion of the old highway as lies be- tween the said main road, hereinbefore men- tioned. and the said ditch or gutter on the said northern and upper end of such old highway: and that the Certificate of two Justices, having viewed the same jointly to- gether, with the consent m writing under th? hands of the owners of the land through which such new highway is proposed to be made, with the plan of the old and proposed new highway, will be lodged with the Clerk oi the Peace for the said County on the first dav of November, next. Dated the 15th day of September, 1902. CHAS. BEVAN JENKINS, Clerk to the Pontardawe Rural District Council. I JOHN MORGAN, Surveyor of Highways in and for the Rural District of Pon- tardawe. N E A T H UNION. FOSTER MOTHER FOR COTTAGE HOMES. The Guardian# of the above Union invite Applications for the Post of Foster Mother, to take charge of the Cottage Homes, contain- ing about 14 Children, at their Cottage Homes, BiTnco':h, near Neath. Candidates must be able to instruct the Girls in Sewing and all Household Work, and must be between the age 25 and 40. Salary, £ 20. increasing £ 2 per annum to a maximum of E26 per annum, with board and lodging. Applications, stating age, qualifications, and past experience,together with copies of three recent testimonials, to be sent to the undersigned, on or before the 27th October next. By Order. HOWEL CUTHBERTSON, Clerk. V\ ater-street. Neath, 18th Oot., 1902. 7501 Q.L\X(JOHRWU SCHOOL BOARD. for tilc Abergwvnfi Schools, Distant MASTER, Art. 50 :^iso UNE ASSISTANT MASTER for the 4" )llei ^choois. Art. 50. >.a dry iji each case, £ 60, rising £ 5 per an- Hlu- V n™num of £ 70. P a recommendation. I -Vppilcationg, sutting age, qualifications and 1 1,PP f>erience- TOGET!IER with copies of ,,ndersilecej 1 te8tlnioinal:s- to be sent to the V'T Twn on or before November 13th. CCIHBER'L'SON & POWELL, Clerks. vv ater-strect, Neath. 14th (Jet., 1902. 7487. WHEELERS' Glo'ster Collection OF FLOWERING BULBS for 5/- This Collection will he found the most eeiaiornic inetliod of beautifying the Garden at a. small cost. W 0 f lhi^ELERS' 5/- COLLECTION is one °. ,• ,«■ leapest and most liberal assortments eve nered, '.insisting as it dees >f 6 Choice HYACINTHS. 50 Befit Mixed TULIPS. 50 Choice Mixed DAFFODILS. 100 CROCUS, in distinct colours, 50 Fine SNOWDROPS. All sound, picked Bulbs, of the Finest Quality. Uelneied, packing and post free, for 5/6. ,V HEELER SON, LTD., BCLB GROWERS AND IMPORTERS, GLOUCESTER. SUNDAY SERVICES. MOU XT PLEASANT CHAPEL, l.U SWANSEA. ^-XDAY„ OCTOBER 26. PREACHER: REV. JAMES OWEN, ll.o a.m, and 6.30 p.m. BEET HALL, SWANSEA. OSCAR T. SNELLING ^iU Preach (D.V.) On SUNDAY NEXT, at t:.c ALBERT HALL. At 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Seats Frkb> COLLECTIONS. CASTLE STREET CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH. SCSDAY, OCTOBER 26. PREACHER- REV. T. SBfCLilK EVANS. u ^1^0 a.m., and 6.30 p. n. ENTERTAINMENTS. G F,,AND THEATRE, SWANSEA Lessee and Manager—Mr. Fredk. Mouillot. MO>'l)A^ > OCTOBER 27th, and during the week. F L OPODOR A. To commenco at 7.30. Box plan at Gwynn H. Brader s, 17, HeathfielJ-st. Telephone 291 ::=:=: g w'ANsea FOOTBALL FIELD. SATU'Hd ^y, OCTOBER. 25th. SWANSEA V. CARDIFF. kick OFF AT 3.0 P.M. (;raiut Stand Is. extra, FIRST-CLASS HOTELS. •T ANGLAND BAY HOTEL, NEAR SWANSEA. Winter reSort by the sea, charmingly situated ju xts o pensive grounds. South atp^ct, and entirely eheltered from the north and east winds. Tennis ourts, billiard room, 75 bedrooms, ftnd p°l baths on each floor. of Wales rate teriff- The "MENTONE Omnibus earrieg vieitors free of charge from S ",an sea Station to Hotel ou a.dvising Manageress, National Telephone 502. Telegrams, DBLIGHT," Mumbles. MISS LOGAN, Manaarere38. ADVERTISEMENTS RECEIVED AT THE OFFICES. No. 211, HIGH-STREET, SWAN SEA, UP TO 11 O'CLOCK ON THURSDAY NIGHT. THOSE POSTED ON THURSDAY NIGHT WILL NOT BE IN TIME FOR PUBLICATION ON FRIDAY MORNING. TELEGRAMS Cambrian Newspaper, Swansea TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. Delivered in Town Is. 3d. per quarter Post Free (United Kingdom) Is. 9d. (Foreign). 2s. 6d. II Payable in advance.

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