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CHAMBER OF TRADE QUESTION. Representative Meeting in Swan- sea. Booming the Town Some Defects Pointed Out. "To consider the advisability of forming a Chamber of Trade," was the chief topic dis- cussed at a small but representative meeting ot Swansea tradesmen, held on Monday even- ing at the Unitarian Schoolroom. Councillor Chapman presided, and among thor-e present were Messrs. Daniel Jones. F. C. Eddershaw, S. Musgrave, David Davies (editor" Daily Post"), A. K. Drummond, —. Davies (Boro' Stores). P. G. lies, W. Roberts, L. M. Leonard (secretary) and others. The Secretary read apologies from Messrs. John White (Messrs. Ben. Evans and Co.). Charles Maggs, Harold Parsons, R. E. Jones, A. B. Davies, W. H. Derrick. and W. Ed- wards, who expressed sympathy with the movement. The Chairman alluded to the small-pox scare thlt resulted in the formation of a Tradesmen's Association for the purpose of refuting detrimental statements that had got abroad. The sympathy of the Press was ob- tained. Swansea was advertised as the healthiest town in lr ales, and within a week of the formation of the association there was an immediate mfius of trade. On the motion of the Chairman, seconded by Mr. Daniel Jones, the accounts in con- nection with this work were passed. The re- ceipts were JE69 2s. 2d.. and expenditure Lo-4 5s. 4-id.. leaving a balance of D14 5s. 4d. 11'. Daniel Jones then proposed that a Chamber of Trade be formed. The tradesmen. he said, had round that by combination they could not only promote their own interests. but the interests of the community. He did not think the chamber would injure the exist- ing Trade Associations, nor was it intended that it should be a sort of nursery ground for municipal candidates. Mr. P. G. lies seconded, and referred to the effective manner in which the tradesmen had risen up against the Corporation's objec- tion to remove trade refuse, and also to the way in which they had supported the re-build- mg of the Swansea Market. A matter which had. however, been neglected in the past was the advertising of Swansea and the beautiful bays of Gower. In that respect the associa- tion had already been rewarded for the ex- pense they had been pllt to, and he trusted that the Chamber of would be formed, and that the coming summer would see the town and trade prospering. Mr. Dav ies (Boro' Stores) thought that a strong body might be formed if every trade in the town was veil represented. The Secretary read the proposed rules, and these laid it down that "its objects shall lx- to increase the friendly relations which ought to exist amongst tradesmen in all branches of business, and to discuss matters affecting the interests of trades whether social. local, or Pailiamentary." Railway rates and reduced passenger fares to business men. the evils of the co-operative system of trading, the start- ing of a morning newspaper, and the best means of making Swansea a vopular health resort were subjects, he suggested, the Cham- ber might discuss with protit. Mr. David Davies urged that the work of the Chamber should be entirely dissociated from that appertaining to a Ratepayers' Asso- chition, otherwise the moment they began to criticise they would differ and dissolve. The sole aim of the Chamber should be to com- bine is business men to push forward the busi- ness ends of Swansea. The first essential want was money, and he suggested that this should be raised, not so much by means of the ordinary subscriptions of members as bv nl substantial donations from the licensed vic- tuallers. the British Electric Traction Com pany. and any others who would directly benefit irom an influx of visitors to the town. (Hear, hear.) As to how the money might be utilised, Mr. Davies drew a vivid picture of the present lax system that permitted of a frequent scene that might be witnessed in the west end of the town in the summer time of a family from the hills being nut down. with their boxes, from a tramcur on to the pave- ment without knowing where to go to look for suitable lodgings. The facilities Swansea was prepared to offer the collier, say of the Rhondda Valley, desiring a week's holiday, should, he suggested, be made known to liim. and this might be done through the agency c of an active secretary, who might interview the various workmen's committees throughout South Wales, and point out the advantages c £ <>( Swansea. One of the chief requirements j a register of available lodgings. He quite prepared to do all he could -{j for the organisation if it was to bo a business combination having a defjnift^- object. If it was. however, going to be mer^yyQ a Ratepayers' Association lie simply said tbat his experience showed him that the same few would only attend every meeting, and ij^would be mere waste of time. (Hear. heai-r>0 I The Chairman said the tradesmen h their face against the idea, of the pioposeen Oc Chamber being a Ratepayers' Association. Regarding the* finding of the money, ho thought the Corporation should as^stj^and suggested that a Committee ol the should be appointed to co-operate with 1*IT«^ f) tradesmen in the advertising of the town. The Secretary here read out the remainder of the proposed rules, wInch. l)f?r*iq_ed for the election of a president, committee, anJh-wclhcers. Mr. David Davies observed that the did not provide lor that kind of aetioir^hieT?\^ would justify the formation of the CmJkbu; of Trade. Eventually, the meeting, jfltfifiMurnsiy eided to form the Chambe^E^^Sfi^^i be a.sked to become its tirst piftideift5! ayicf *Uie f oil owing the nrst vice-presidents <| q. John V hite, W. Edwards. Jotiffs^iyk.r. nntoqr H. J. Israel. The Execj^tive^onSiiy^ a 1- c ready in existence in small-pox scare, were power to add to their nurlftsej^'jfald OTtepaniei Jones was appointed c^wnnalt ((^CfRiinnttts Mr. Alfred Davies trenstfi^. and M. L. 1 ^eonard, and P. G^fles.secr?taiicV. jg Other details, such as Si^'oposeff^flj'adii: fed scale of subscriptions^ftjL^ lef#eg->> • meeting to be iield?oii rhe^Sf&v^h^• ••.jvhen Mr. T. Donnelly.. I. iJUi cJ j j*1 d -ni of the National Chamber Sfcfctt «-i]I be accompanied by Mr. w™&r Jdlaike. of Halifax are to be iifvited to address TJIB trades- men at the Albeii Hall on The stibjeet of I chamber of trader A vote of t'nan/s on the motion of Mr. David James, seconded by Mr. A. K. Drum- mond. passed to the Executive Committer al- ready ref.-rred ro.. t!1\t¡. post services, and the meeting terminal d,