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There are. indeed, few that do not feel the needs recruiting after the trying ^:l.r0" metrical changes of the past sea-son. some it is "only a fetqjnor of lassitude," °n fcPS' up to the mark, "'a .sort of a o\er sinking feeling." "too weak to do anv- iing a ryut th*? house," "these recurring he;ia" ac ie-, no appetite for mv food," etc. I h< "e ''•I1 ( ozen .°fhers, are common expres^i'"1" which all point to the urgent need of 5ü1l1e good tonic. 6 What a cnange of air can do for you in a months t-iiiK, i you no-worse than you a^e now. course o some good tonic mixture. 'a reliable medicine of established reputation and of proved virtue will do now. There are several tonic mixtures to be had, but none which have heen *o imifovrnly successful as Gwilym Evans Quinine Bittern it has never been known to fa; Above all. see that you get the right nrticV, "w ith the name "Gwhym hvans" on the lahe1. Btamp, and bottle, without which none i* penuine. Gwilym Quinine Bitters. The Vegetable Tonic, is sold everywhere in bcttle#1 2n. 9d. and 4s. 6d. each.