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Coronation Festivities. DECORATIONS. Ben. Evans & Co., Ltd. Q) MILLIONS of FLAGS, BANNERS, &c., &c., in Stock, ready for Sale. Prices, Id. to A5 each. BUNTING AND MUSLINS IN ALL COLORS. Estimates for Public and Private Decorations Free. MOTTOES of Every Description made to ORDER on the Premises. = Please see No- 4 Window, Temple Street. Ben. Evans & Co., Ltd., Swansea. BENNETT BROS., NORTON LIME WORKS AND QUARRIES, WESTCROSS, iR.S.O Head Office:-HEATHFIELD YARD, SWANSEA. Telephone No. 181. QUOTATIONS GIVEN FOB MACHINE BROKEN LIMESTONE ROAD METAL. Do. do. COARSE GRAVEL } for Gardens, Paths and Carriage Do. do. FINE „ ) Drives, WHITE LIME. GROUND MORTAR. At the Works, or Delivered by Road or Rail. CORONATION. GREAT CLEARANCE SALE. T. RAN DLES, BESPOKE BOOT MAKER. 39, St. Helen's-road, Swansea, IS NOW OFFERING First-class Ladies', Gents.' & Children's Boots & Shoes, AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES FOR CASH. Note Address 39, ST. HELEN'S ROAD. DAN MORGAN (LTD.) Have pleasure in announcing that they are again showing the BEST ASSORTED STOCK of 1902 Cycles in the Principality. ROYALJ ENFIELDS.| PREMIERS. CENTAURS. RALEIGH S. SUNBEAMS. AUSTINS. DRUIDS, &c. Froml £ lO IOS I Od., with Free Wheel, Dunlop: Tyres, &c. I -.1, I vl- I Mr. DAN MORGAN will give you his personal attention and guarantee satisfaction. REPAIRS by first-class Workmen. LISTS FREE. DAN MORGAN, LTD., 57, OXFORD ST., SWANSEA. ODAMS' MANURES, OD.A.MS' SHEEP DIPS, OBAIIJTE DISINFECTANTS, MANUFACTURED BY ODAMSJ MANURE AND CHEMICAL COMPANY, LIMITED. BY SFECIAL"APPOINTMENT TO His MAJESTY THE KING. DIRECTORS: Chairman-GARRETT TAYLOR, Norwich, Deputy-Cbairman-THOMAS KING, Great Chesterford, Essex. C. H. DORM AN, Sydenham, Kent. C. J. LACY, Basingbourne, Fleet, Hants. ROBERT B. LEEDS, Castleacre, Norfolk. C. T. MACADAM, Bournemouth, Hants. MARTIN SLATER, Weston Colville, Cambs. I JONAS WEBB, Melton Ross, Lincolnshire. CHIEF OFFICES: MANUFACTORY: 116, FENCHXJRCH STREET, LONDON. ODAMS' WHARF, VICTORIA DOCKS, E. Manager andfSecretary—HENRY CLAYDEN. Assistant Secretary-C. L. B. MACADAM. Factory Manager-B. E. MACADAM, F.C.S. Branch Factory—'TOPSHAM, EXETER. Branch OScea—QUBZN STREET, EXETER. Branch Manager—J. P. RIPPON. VEZEY & CO.. COACH BUILDERS By Appointment to the late Queen Victoria, Long Acre & 19, Milsom St., BATH. Have now OPENED a LARGE SHOW-ROOM for the Exhibition of HIGH-CLASS CARRIAGES AT U, WIND STREET, SWANSEA. A. VISIT IE RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. LLANDOVERY. WHIT MONDAY, MAY 19TH, 1902. TROTTING AND GALLOPING RACES, BRASS BAND CONTEST, AND TIMBERING COMPETITION Will be held at LLANDOVERY an the above date. Entries for the Band and Timbering Contests eloM Monday, May 12th. Entries for the Races received up to 11 a.m. Whit-Monday morning. Full printed particulars and conditions an to all the events may be obtained frota aDd all entries-made to the Hon. Sec., WM. REES, Forest House, Llandovery. N.B.-Chea.p Excnrsion fares will bp issued 'from stations on the L. & N.W., and G.W. Rail. ways. JQ^LANGADOCK SCHOOL BOARD. TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. Ar<Li^ted for BALDING an Additional CLASSROOM, &c to the TXAW GADOCK BOARD SCHOOL. Plans and Specifications may be seen on application to Mr. J. F. Morgan, C.M., High Gate, LIangadock. Tenders should be delivered to me on or before May 10th, 1902, sealed and endorsed New Classroom." Th f, T'je Board do not bind themselves to accent th« lowest or any tender. P By Order, THOMAS THOMAS, x> Clerk to the Board. Banc-y-noa. Llanwrda, R.S.O., April 15th, 1902. CORK INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION u-u! THURSDAY, MAY 1, by j the Honourable the Earl of Brandon, K.P., Lieutenant County and City of Cork, President, and the ]Right ]Ror-Oumble Edward Fitzgerald, Lord Mayor 0 Cork, elisirramm. Alier the formal declaration of opening  GRAND CZS. oLSsr* "THE BUILDING OF THE SHIP the solo parts beincr taken my;— MADAME ELLA RUSSELL MISS. LUCIE JOHNSTONE MR. JOSEPH O'MARA, and' MR. DENIS O'SULLIVAN. I supported by a powerful Chorus of 500 vocalists and foil Orchestra with the magnificent Organ' under the eondnotorship of Herr Theo Omar' Musical Director. In the second part the BAND OF THE FIRST LIFE GUARDS, will play the Exhibition prize selection of Irish Airs, and in the evening the Concert will be re- peated, and the seeond part will be made up of 4 miscellaneous items. r Admission to Exhibition Grounds. 2/6 from 7 P.m., If-; Admission to Concerts, Reserved Seats 5/ Of the Amusements, which will be running all day in the grounds, might be enumerated—the Water Chote; Switchback Railway; Skating Ring; Shootinff Jungle; Shooting Gallery Cave of the Winds; Topsy Turvey House; Band Promenades Cinematograph Oriental Amuse- ment" Athletic and Cycling Sports; Lawn Tennis and Cricket Tournaments, &e.. Ac R. A. ATKINS, J.P., Hon. Sec. ENTERTAINMENTS. TREMENDOUS SUCCESS. GRAND THEATRE, SWANSEA. Lessee and Manager—Mr. Fredk Mouillot. THE SWANSEA AMATEUR OPERATIC SOCIETY, Patroness—The Baroness Patti-Cedorstrom, Will give Performances of Gilbert and Sullivan's Charming Opera, PATIENCE (by kind permission of Mrs. Helen D'Oyly Carte), TO-NIGHT (FRIDAY) and TO-MORROW (SATURDAY), in aid of Local Charities. Well known Principals, including:- MADAME HANNAH JONES as Lady Jane." Miss BERTHA SEATON as "Patience." MR. B. PERCY REES as Bunthorne." MR. JOHN ROBERTS as Grosvenor." Messrs. W. Arthur Davies, S. J. Curnow, Arthur James Misses C. Donnet, M. Trickey and G. Howell. Augmented Band and Full Chorus under the direction of Mr. Donald W. Lott. Dances arranged by Miss Kate Gaydon. Usual Prices to all parts. Plan at Mr. Gwynne H. Brader's, 17, Heath- field-street. Telephone 291. GRAND THEATRE, SWANSEA. Lessee and Manager-Mr. Fredk. Mouillot. MONDAY, April 28th, and 4 following Nights, and MATINEE on THURSDAY at 2.30 p.m., THE MESSENGER BOY. No Performance on SATURDAY, May 3rd. To commence at 7.30. Box plan at Gwynne H. Brader's, 17, Heathfield-street. Telephone 291. Under the Patronage of the Mayor and Corpora- tion of Swansea. ALBERT HALL, SWANS EA MONDAY, MAY 5th, 1902, GRAND CORONATION FESTIVAL CONCERT, By the FESTIVAL CHORUS, composed of the Philadelphia (Morriston) and other Swansea and District Choirs. Amonsrst other items the OVERTURE TO TANNHAUSER and THE GOLDEN LEGEND With Specially Engaged PROFESSIONAL ORCHESTRA of 50, including the STRASBURG CATHEDRAL BELLS Used at Leeds, Gloucester, Bristol, &c. Conductor: Mr. W. F. HULLEY. Leader of Orchestra: Mr. E. G. WOODWARD. Choir Master Mr. DAVID JONES, A.C. Organist: Mr. DAVID RICHARDS, A.R.C.O. Artistes-Miss MAGGIE DAVIES, Madame HANNAH JONES, Mr. LLOYD CHANDOS, Mr. CHARLES TREE. Plan of the Hall at Messrs. Thompson and Shackell, Castle-street. Reserved Seats, 7/6, 5/ 4/ 3/ Unreserved, 2/- and 1/- Special Train after the Concert to Ystalyfera by Midland Railway; Special Late Tram to the Mumbles It N EATH CORPORATION GAS WORKS. TENDERS FOR GAS COAL, ETC. The Gas Committee invite TENDERS for the large screened through. and-through GAS COAL required at the above Works (not exceeding in any case 9,000 tons) during the twelve calendar months commencing 1st June next. The Coal to be delivered into the Gas Works, situate at the Midlands, Neath, in such weekly or monthly quantities as may from time to time be appointed by the Manaarer. Payments to be made monthly, subject to 21 per cent. discount. COKE AND HAULAGE &c. OF GAS COAL. The Committee also invite TENDERS for:- 1. The purchase of all the Surplus COKE manufactured at the Works for the year com- mencing 1st June, 1902, and ended on the 31st May, 1903. The Coke to be carted away from the Works in purchaser's own carta, and at his own expense in all things. 2. The Haulage, Discharge, and Stacking of Gas Coal from the Great Western Siding during the like period. Fuller particulars on application direct to the Gas Manager (R. A. Browning, Esq.), Gas Works. Neath. No forms of Tender are issued. Separate Tenders, endorsed respectively Gas Coal Tender," Tender for Coke," and "Tender for Haulage of Gas Coal," and, in the case of Gas Coal Tenders, specifying the description of Coal offered and the pits and veins from which raised, be in my hands not later than 10 o'clock on TUESDAY MORNING, 6th May, 1902. No Tender necessarily accepted, but the Committee to be at liberty to accept any portion of a Tender. The Companies or Persons whose Tenders are accepted must enter into the Contracts usually required by the Neath Corporation in such cases. EDWIN C. CURTIS, Town Clerk. Neath, 15th April, 1902. -I CALL AND TASTE. DAINTY CUPS OF DELICIOUS MAZAWATTEE COCOA Will be prepared free of charge for all callers each day from Monday, April 21, to Saturday, April 26, at Taylor&Co.sLd. 99, OXFORD STREET, SWANSEA. IMPORTANT. ADVERTISEMENTS RECEIVED AT THE OFFICES. NO. 58. WIND-STREET,SWAN SEA.ilUP TO 11 O'CLOCK ON THURSDAY I NIGHT. THOSE POSTED ON THURSDAY NIGHT WILL NOT BE IN TIME FOR PUBLICATION ON FRIDAY MORNING. TELEPHONE — NUMBER 36. TELEGRAMS Cambrian Newspaper, Swansea TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. Delivered in Town Is. 3d. per quarter Post Free (United Kingdom) Is. 9<1. „ (Foreign). 2s. 6d. „ Payable in advance.





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FRIDAY, APRIL 25, 1902.