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FOOTBALL. LLANELLY IN GOOD FORM. Bristol came another terrible cropper at Llanelly on Saturday. The visiting team was much different to that so badly beat'en at Neath a week ago, five or six new for- wards coming into the team, while Foster was again at full-back. The new forwards played a. really splendid game, their smartness in heeling being very apparent; in loose play they were not so good, but in the scrum they were pretty well equal to their opponents. With heaps of opportunities Foster and Needs opened out the game continually, but the quartette was poor, Peters being the only man to distinguish himself. The three-quar- ter line was Llanelly's strongest point, and though Samuel, at half, let his side down often by tardy passing, the line on the move was always dangerous. Arnold was again very prominent, as also was D. M. Davies, the former showing some remarkable dodg- ing. Freear assisted the winners. The dash- ing Irishman did not have many opportuni- ties in attack, though in defence he waa "all right)." He scored one of the tries. NEATH FINISH WELL. Neath did very well to go up to Treherbert and beat the League champions by a goal and a try to a penalty goal. Early in the season the verdict had gone against the Neath men, but now the team seems a differ- ent one, and (says the "Athletic News") to the followers it is a matter of regret that such form was not shown before. Taken all round they were superior to their opponents. The forwards, though not so lively in the loose, controlled the scrummages better, which gave the backs a great advantage. The latter surprised themselves by making the most of opportunities,, Lewis at centre, and Fred. Harris on the wing doing particularly well. SOUTH WALES CUP. The policy of t;he Welsh Union in putting up the old Challenge Cup for competition among the junior clubs has been very suc- cessful, though it is thought that birth certificates would reveal some curiosities among the players. Still (says the "Athletic News"), the quality of the play has been consistently good. and several individual players are likely to be seen in better com- pany another season. Saturday saw the de- cision of the semi-finals, and, as a result, Cynon Stars and Neath Excelsiors will figure in the final tie. Both teams contain players who have figured in the best of company, and amongst the Neath Excelsior team that proved successful over Tenby United was Charlie Powell, once the idol of Neath en- thusiasts. CARDIFF VICTORIOUS. Cardiff managed to defeat Gloucester on Saturday at Kingsholme, by a try to nil. Their victory was, it appears, well merited, and a good wind up to a fairly successful season. MEETING OF THE WELSH UNION. A meeting of the general committee of the Welsh Union was held at the Queen's Hotel, Cardiff, on Thursday evening in last week, Mr. H. S. Lyne, Newport, presiding. Llwyn- ypia reported Neath for the non-fulfilment of a fixture at Llwynypia. It will be remem- bered that Neath visited Llwynypia,. but refused to play the match, as they considered the home ground to be unfit for play. It was decided to ask the representatives of both clubs to attend the next meeting of the committee.-Penygraig applied for per- mission to make a presentation of an oil painting to Harry Jones, the captain of the club, and it was decided that the club's request be granted, provided no money was subscribed towards the proposed presentation out of the club's funds.—The committiee con- sidered the form the presentations to the Welsh international team in commemoration of their international victories this season should take, and it was unanimously resolved to present each of the Welsh players with a gold- medal (to cost E2) and a photograph of the Welsh team. A general meeting of the Welsh Football Union will be held on Wedneisday at the Queen's Hotel, Cardiff, when the principal business will be the consideration of bye- laws and laws of the game. The only sug- gested alteration in the rules of the game is the one which the committee has endorsed and which the International Board has al- ready passed, viz., that which makes feet up before the ball gets into the scrummage illegal, as it was until about three years ago. Mr. Livingstone (Swansea) has given notice that he will move for the annual election of a chairman of the General Committee. The proposition is understood to mean that one of the four vice-presidents should be chosen to preside over the meetings each year, and that the same officer should not serve as chairman for two successive years. Mr. D. H. Bowen has given notice to revive the question of helping necessitous clubs by making loans on security. This is on the lines of the motion introduced by Maesteg Club representatives two seasons ago. It was then defeated, but since the Maesteg Club itself has provided a powerful object- lesson in self-help. It is unlikely that the proposition will receive greater favour now than on the last occasion, when the difficulty was to agree on a definition of what consti- tuted a necessitous club. A new terror is added to football by a case in the Middlesbrough County Court, where a footballer the other day successfully sued another for J320 damages for injuries received during a match. After this no football player will be fully equipped unless pro- foundly versed in the law of assault and bat- terv, breach of the peace murder and man- slaughter, and the justifiable homicide of referees. If sport is to be conducted on strict legal (principles, an umpire will have to say "without prejudice" before calling a no- ball or giving a man out leg-before, or he may be sued for libel by the bowler or batej man. For a captain to ask a bowler to stand down may be actionable as coming under the head of wrongful dismissal. To introduce law and order and irritating refinements of that sort into the Irish games of shinty or Gaedio football would be spoilt sport. Let us have our sports free from any interference from the judicature.

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