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SWANSEA COUNTY COUNCIL. REPORT OF THE PARLIAMENTARY COMMITTEE. THE HAFOD BRIDGE QUESTION. The monthly meeting of the Swansea County Council was held on Wednesday. The Mayor (Mr Griffith Thomas) presided, and there were also present: Aldermen William Watkins (ex-Mayor), Howel Watkins, Roger Thomas, John Griffiths, W. H. Spring, and Dr. O'Sullivan, Councillors Morgan Tutton, John Harvey, Morgan Hopkin, H. W. Mor- ris, Howel Lewis, Geo. Payne, Thos. Merrells. W. Davies, H. G. Solomon ,W. H. Mill, Dd. Griffiths, Gwilym Morgan. Dd. Davies, W. Tarr, Dd. Mathews, Wm. Williams (Wern), J. Moy Evans, J. H. Lee. Benj. Thomas, Thomas Freeman. Griffith Davies, the Town Clerk (Mr. John Thomas), and other officials. PARLIAMENTARY COMMITTEE. Prior to the Council meeting there was a meeting of the Property and General Pur- poses Committee to receive the following re- port. of the Parliamentary Committee:- A deputation from the Swansea and Dis- trict Cattle Dealers' Association attended before the Committee with regard to clauses 98, 99, 100 and 101 of the Bill. and stated that their association was agreeable to clauses 98 and 100, and were prepared to petition Par- liament in favour of the same. They were desirous, however: (1) That section 98 should be altered so as to enable the Corporation to provide more than one clearing house. (2) That clause 99 should only refer to blowing by the mouth, and not to blowing by mechani- cal means, and (3) That clause 100 should be altered by the substitution of the words "four weeks" for "one month" in sub-section (a), and that sub-section (b) of such should be altered so as to provide that mutton should not at any time be dressed or sold as lamb., and that no lamb should be dressed and sold as such after the 1st of November in any year.—The Committee agreed to the proposed alteration of clauses 98 and 100.-The Town Clerk reported that he had received a letter from Messrs. Kincaid, Waller and Manville, to the effect that their .fees for giving evi- dence in favour of the Bill would be ten guineas each per day, and out-of-pocket expenses; and it was resolved tihat their services be retained upon the terms stated.— Resolved that the suggestion of the Attorney- General with reference to the Freemen's an- nuities contained in the following section of his report, viz.: "By the 144th section of the Bill it is proposed to put an end to all rights in respect of the said annual payments. If this clause be sanctioned the effect would be to relieve the ratepayers to the extent of JB120 per annum. I think it probable that this would really do at least as much good as is done by the payments to the twelve senior burgesses. But if the payments be treated as charitable, I submit to your lord- ships that it might be right! not to put an end to the annual payments altogether, but to allow the Charity Commissioners to make a new scheme for their application for the benefit of needy burgesses for the higher education of their children, or some similar purpose" be adopted, and that the freemen be notified accordingly.—The report of the Board of Agriculture as regards the provi- sions of the Bill was read, and it was resolved that the Town Clerk be instructed to reply to the Board with regard to the acquisition of the common lands known as Graig Tre- wyddfa.—Resolved thai Mr. Thos. Freeman, K.C and Mr. Honoratus Lloyd be retained as counsel for the Bill, and that the choice of a third counsel be left in the hands of the Parliamentary agents.—The Hon. Odo R. Vivian and Mr. Ernest H. Leeder attended with regard to the construction of the Hafod Bridge, and it was resolved that such parts of the Bill as related to the said bridge be withdrawn. Mr. Tutton observed with regard to the dropping of the proposed Hafod Bridge Clause, that there had been some disappoint- ment expressed on this account, and that it had been said that there bad been a breach of faith on the part of the ( £ >rporattion so far as the taking of the poll was concerned. It was believed, however, by the Committee that a far better arrangement could be made a little later on, because there was bound to be in this case such opposition -to the clause as would render it practically impos- sibly to carry it through. There were not only the limits of deviation, but the question of the amount to be borrowed involved. The Committee also felt that not merely a foot- bridge, but a bridge for vehicular traffic was necessary. It was only a matter of waiting a year or two. Mr. H. W. Mac £ i« said the Hafod people supported the Bill largely under the belief that the question of the Hafod Bridge was carried with it. Those in the Ward con- sidered the Council had wilfully mislead them, and it had been decided to ask coun- sel's opinion as tu the Corporation's action in omitting the clause. He asked why the clause had been dropped, and at whose insti- gation ? Mr. Moy Evans asked whether it was pro- posed to proceed with the clause with refer- ence to the freemen's annuities in accordance with the Attorney-General's suggestions, without any application to the Charity Commissioners ? The Town Clerk: Yes. Mr. Moy Evans thought the Corporation could not do that. Replying to Mr. Morris, Mr. Tutton urged that the Committee had to drop tfhe clause from sheer necessity, in view of the added opposition. Mr. Morris did not think the explanation satisfactory, because Messrs. Vivian, had given the St. John's Ratepayers' Association to understand that they were not in opposi- tion to the bridge, and yet before the Corpora- tion they did oppose it. The public were misled. Mr. Tutton said Messrs Vivian were perfectly straight in saying that they were not opposed to a bridge af that spot, but they could all understand that it was simply a question of how the thing was to be car- ried out. Messrs. Vivian, however, were only the leaseholders. The freeholders' interests he consulted, and opposition had been nut in frow the Earl of Jersey. Further, it was felt that if the Corporafion could in the future get the necessary land given them on both sides of the river it would be a great SdM^ntMorris said he was satisfied with the ChairmWs explanation, but he must say the VWa™ ierc So Mend, of the people who had done so much for them. Mr. Griffith Davies moved that the clause be not dropped. j. Mr. Morris seconded, and protested against the community being allowed to suffer by the action of people whom the district had made infinitely rich. ,A The amendment was lost bj 10 votes to 7. < In answer to Mr Morgan HopklIl, ,\Jd WIl1. Watkins said he understood the butchers' deputation agreed with the clearing house proposals. The report was adopted. When the CounciJ met there was further discussion over the Parliamentary Commit- tee's report. Mr David Davies inquired whether it was necessary that a third counsel should be em- ployed. It also seemed to him curious that it should be deemed necessary to exclude counsel who had a local, knowledge. Wty should they go to North Wales for the second counsel for a Bill that required local know- ledge he could not understand, and he moved that the clause be referred back. Mr Moy Evans seconded,, and said he ffid not think it was. a wise or right thing to em- ploy counsel, whet were not residents of the ^ItTwas explained that very often the second counsel was called upon to fill the leader's place, and the Mayor further I'ald his ex- perience showed "that it was necessary to have two counsel who accustomed to the Parliamentary Bar. It would be well to have as the third counsel one who had a local knowledge. The amendment was lost. Some discussion ensued as to whether the whole of the Committee should attend ill London in connection with the Bill. The Mayor remarked that it would be in- vidious to select any smaller number from a committee appointed to carry on the Bill and also gave it as his experience that the additianal expense was nothing »» compared with the importance of the issues involved in a Parliametary Bill. Eventually, on the motion <>i Mr. Merrelfe, a Parliametary Bill. Eventually, on the motion 01 Mr. Merrelfe, members of the Committee exclusive of the Mayor. Mr. Hopkin called for a list of members, and the Town Clerk gave the attendances at the 13 meetings as follow:—Mayor 6, Howel Watkins 10, Wm. Watkins 11, Dd. Davies 5, Moy Evans 7, Thos. Freeman 8, D. Harris 12, E. W. Jones 9. Rd. Martin 7, and Morgan Tutton 8. Mr. David Davies explained that five of the meetings had taken place during the past three weeks, during which time he had been on the Continent. The five following were appointed to pro- ceed to London in connection with the Bill: Messrs. Harris;, Tutton, E. W. Jones, David Davies, and R. Martin. PROPERTY AND GENERAL PURPOSES COMMITTEE. The Property and General Purposes Com- mittee reported: -Sketch plans for the pro- posed police and fire brigade station on the site situate at the corner of Orchard-street and Pleasant-street were submitted, and the Surveyor was instructed to prepare detail plans and submit the same to the Watch Committee. This Committee would be pre- pared to recommend the Council to agree to the utilization of the site for the purpose at a rental to be hereafter arranged.-Minute 14 of the Telephones Committee was sub- mitted. and your Committee recommend that the property in question be let to the Tele- phones Committee for the pumose of a muni- cipal exchange at a rental of jS36 per annum. Mr. Tutton moved, and Aid. Howel Wat- kins seconded, and the minutes of the Pro- perty Committee, embodying the Parliamen- tary Committee's renort. were approved. Sir Wilfrid Laurier. The Town Clerk read a letter from the Canadian agent for Wales, containing an intimation that Sir Wilfrid Laurier was un- able t accept the honorarv freedom of the borough offered him on the occasion of his visit to this countrv on the King's Corona- tion. It was resolved to acknowledge the com. munication. and expfesg the hone that the Canadian Premier would see his way to accept the offer at some future date. WATCH COMMITTEE. The Watch Committee minutes stated that it was resolved that the estimates of expendi- ture of this Committee for the ensuing year be approved as follows: Police. £ 12.332 6s. 10d.; last year's estmati, £ 11,700 3s. 8d. Fire Brigade. JE557 16s. 6d.; last year's esti- mate, J3316 4s. 5d. Mr. Moy Evans moved, and Mr. Lee se- conded, and the minutes were confirmed. FINANCE COMMITTEE The Finance Committee minutes were. A report by the Borough Accountant was received and adopted. It stated: I have re- ceived from the several committees of the Corporation (not including the Committee of the Urban Sanitary Authority) the esti- mated expenditure for the year ending 31st March, 1903, amounting to £ 33,863 14s. 2d., showing an increase JE1,388 8s. over the amount estimated to he received for the pre,ce,ding year1 Balance to be raised by means of a borough rate, JB10,408 5s. 6d.—A precept for £16.208 16 Od. has been received from the Swansea School Board, being the amount required from the Council towards the expenses of that Board for the half-year ending 29th September, 1902, and I beg to recommend that a precept be served on the overseers of the Parish of Swansea to collect this amount less £3 19s. 3d. received from the Local Taxation Account under the pro- visions of the Agricultural Rates Act. 1896. The amount collected last year was E281,134 13s. 4d.-The total amount of rates required to be raised for all purposes during the en- suing year is.estimated at 7s. 6d. this year, as against 7s. 4d. last year. Mr. David Harris moved the adoption of these minutes. Aid. Roger Thomas seconded, and the min- utes were ratified. WORKS AND SANITARY COMMITTEE. The Works and Sanitary Committee re- ported:-The Borough Surveyor was in- structed to prepare plans for the erection of an infectious diseases hospital on the site near the junction of the Glanmor and Cockett Roads. Dr. M. O'Sullivan submitted the minutes of the Works and Sanitary Committee. Mr. Lee seconded, and they were adoptdf. STREETS COMMITTEE. The Streets Committee's minutes included: The Committee, after visiting the proposed sites for a refuse destructor at the north of Jersey Dock, and the vacant land adjoining Llangyfelach-streef and Cwm-road respec- tively, and considering the same. unani- mously resolved to re-approve of the following minute of the sub-committee, dated the 5th February last, with regard to the adoption of the Llangvfelach-street and Cwm-road site, viz.: "The Borough Surveyor submitted detailed plans and sections of the site pro- posed for a refuse destructor on the vacant land adjoining Llangyfelach-street and Cwm- road, together with the information and general conditions upon which it is proposed to invite schemes and tenders for the pro- vision of a destructor.—Your sub-committee recommend that the conditions and informa- tion be approved and printed and the plans lithographed for the information of persons tendering, and that advertisements inviting schemes and Senders the i'nserted in the 'Contract Journal' and the 'Municipal Jour- nal.' Mr. Merrels moved, and Mr. Harvey so* conded. and the minutes were approved after a short discussion anent the refuse destruc- tor, during which Mr. Morgan Tutton dis- approved of the site recommended. WATER AND SEWERS COMMITTEE. The Water and Sewers Committee re- ported:—A letter, dated the 18th March, was read from the Board of Trade inquiring whether the Corporation, in consequence of the recent refusal of the Board to sanction the construction of an outfall sewer upon the foreshore at Brynmill, propose to proceed with the construction of a sewer terminating at high-water mark at that place, and the Town Clerk was instructed to reply that the matter of the construction of the Brynmill sewer was still under consideration, but that no definite course of action had been decided upon.—Resolved that two 30 h.p. engines be purchased from Messrs. Ruston, Proctor and Co., at the price of JE143 13s. 6d. nett de- j livered at the Cray.—Thirty-five tenders for the supply of cement to the Cray Works were submitted, and it was resolved that the Borough Engineer be desired to tabulate the same, and that a meeting for their consider- ation should be held before the next council meeting. Mr. Freeman moved the adoption of the minutes. Aid. Wm. Watkins seconded. Replying to Mr. Morgan Hopkin. it wa9 stated that a saving of some £ 18.000 would be effected by the substitution of a concrete 'dam at Cray for a stone one. Mr. Freeman also intimated that a memo- rial had been received from the inhabitants of the Coedsaeson Estate, Sketty,. concerning the drainage of that district. The matter, together with the Brynmill* outlet sewer, would be discussed at a special meeting of the Council. The minutes were confirmed. PARKS AND OPEN SPACES COMMITTEE. The Parks a.nd Open Spaces Committee re- ported:—Resolved that the Town Clerk be instructed to state by public advertisement that the Council will receive applIcation. .from bona fide cricket clubs for the use -of the cricket pitch :n Victoria Park on Thurs- days and Saturdays between May 1st and September 30th. such applications to be sent in before 21st April inst.—A letter was read from Mr. A. T. Williams, stating that Lord Jersey could open the Jersey Park any day in Whitsun week, and the Town Clerk was instructed to suggest Tuesday or Friday, and 6 sub-committee, consisting of the Mayor, the Chairman, the members for the East Ward, and Councillor H. G. Solomon, was appointed and authorised to make all neces- sary arrangements in connection ith the ceremony.—The Surveyor was instructed to submit the plans for a keeper's cottage in Victoria Park at an early date, and the Town Clerk was directed to inquire whether Col- Morgan would permit the erection of the cottttge with reference to the agreement with liim as to the division of ground rent. Aid. Spring moved, and Mr. fiee seconded, and the minutes were ratified. STORES COMMITTEE. The. Stores C-ommitteo reported:- Resolved that the tender of Messrs. Giles Ph.llips and Co., for certain noir-horse fire brigade bar- '.7 i 4-1. £ >!<> faction of Mr. Alderman Roger Thomas and the Chief Constable.-Resolved that the ten- der of Messrs. Roberts and Co., Llanelly, be accepted for the supply of coal for a period of three months, at 17s. 6d. per ton, to be de- livered in truck either at High-street Sta- tion or at the South Dock.—Resolved that the tender of Messrs. Fitt Bros. and Davies be accepted for the supply of India rubber goods to the 31st March next.-Resolved that sand be purchased from Mr. Wm. Jones, Convent-street, at Is. M. per ton.-Eight tenders for the supply of oilskins and jackets for the men engaged in the scavenging and etreets department were opened, and it was resolved that the following be accepted, viz., Oilskins, Messrs. Fursland, Davies, and Slo- combe, coat, 4s. 9d.; leggings, 2s. 2d.; Sou' Westers, lid. Jackets, Messrs. Ben Evans and Co., Ltd.—Resolved that the tender erf Mr. Charles D. Richards be accepted for the supply of cleaning materials to the various police stations. These minutes were submitted by Mr. Mer- rells and Aid. Griffiths, and confirmed. ELECTRIC LIGHTING AND TRAMWAYS COMITTEE. The Electric Lighting and Tramways Com- mittee reported:—Resolved that the tender of the British Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co., Ltd., for the supply, delivery, and erection of two 600 k.w. con- tinuous current steam dynamos together with condensing plant, exhaust pipes, valves, etc., for each engine for the sum of £ 14,000 be accepted, and that the Mayor be autho- rised to affix the Common Seal to the neces- sary contract. (This minute was confirmed at a special meeting of the Council held on the 9th April fnst.) Mr. Chapman moved the adoption of the minutes. Mr. Tutton seconded. In answer to Mr. David Davies, Mr. Mer- rells explained that it was not correct to say that a sum of £ 2,400 might have been saved by the acceptance of another tender for the extensions to the electric lighting plant. The minutes were approved. TELEPHONES COMMITTEE. The elephones Committee's minutes re- commended:—Your Committee recommend that the Property and General Purposes Com- mittee be requested to let to this committee. for the purposes of the proposed Municipal Telephone Exchange, a site on the north side of Pier-street, now occupied on a monthly tenancy at a rental of £ 2 58. per month.- Resolved that the following scale of addi- tional tariffs be and is hereby approved:—In connection with Exchange Lines: Extra in- struments in same building per annum. Wall, 16s. 6d.; table, 20s. 3d. Extra instru- ments (in another building), the same, plus 4s. per 110 yards of wire or fraction thereof: Extra receiver, 4s.; extra bell, 4s.: indica- tor, 4s.; switch, 2s. 9d. These are the same prices as private lines, plus 10s. for Post Office Royalty. Note.-All the above prices, private as well as Exchange, apply only when the lines can be carried, at least in great part, on existing poles or in exist- ing conduits. When special works are neessary special prices will be quoted. Extras Private wire on three years' I agreement: Wall instruments, per annum, I £1 3s.; table instruments, per annum, 91 5s. 6d.; metallic circuit, per 110 yards, 3s. 9d. Extra instruments in same building: Wall instruments, per annum, 15s.; table instruments, per annum. 16s. 6d.; extra -re- ceiver., 3s. 6d.; extra bell, 3s. 6d.; indicator, 3s. 6d.; switch, 2s. 6d. (No Post Office Roy- alty is payable in these.) -Resolved that the time within which subscribers to the Muni- cipal Telephone Service must sign their ap- plications to be entitled to three months' free user. be extended from March 31st to April 30th. Mr. Solomon and Mr. Payne submitted these minutes, which were also cou irmed. HOUSING OF THE WORKING CLASSES COMMITTEE. Mr. Merrells moved, and Mr. Morris se- conded, the adoption of the minutes of the Housing of the Working Committee, which recommended that four houses be erected in Well-street. The minutes were approved. Formal Business. Mr. C. A. Seyler and Mr. Llewelyn Davies were re-appointed respectively borough an- alyst and inspector of nuisances for the ensuing year. Rates were also made to cover a precept of £ 16,204 16s. 9d., the next half- year's expenditure at the School Board; also J310 408 5s. 6d. for a year's Council purposes, ( and the usual Libary and Inter indiate and Technical Education rates. The adoption of the minutes of the Bunal Board terminated the meeting.





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