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Cefn Cerrig Road Again.


Cefn Cerrig Road Again. The chief business transacted was the dis- cussion as to taking over the new road from the Trustees of the Llwynwormwood Estate. Mr. John Williams moved that. inasmuch as the District Council refused to take over a new road in the parish of Llansadwrn until it had been made at the expense of the rate- payers of the parish, that this Council have nothing to do with the contemplated new road near Cefncerrig Mothvey until the same had been made at the expense of that parish, and approved by this Council. Mr. Thomas Williams, seconded the motion. A long debate took place during which Mr. David Davies said that this was a different road to that at Llansadwrn, that being a parish one, whilst this was one which was kept at the expense of the Highway Board, subse- quently by the District Council and, if this Authority neglected it, they could apply to the County Council. Mr. John Williams held that before they could legally take any road over that! it must be dedicated to the public by an Order of the Court of Quarter Sessions. In this view Judge bishop, the Clerk and Mr. Evans of Glassalt concurred. The Chairman said that several roads had been taken over in Breconshire without going to the Quarter Sessions. Mr. John Davies added that it had been done in many other Counties as well Mr. John Williams sharply retorted that that wasn't proof that they could do things which were illegal- Judge Bishop thought it would be a very ungracious act on their part, having gene so far, not to take the road over; he was of the opinion that they should do so and go to the Quarter Sessions. The Chairman stated that when he and Mr. John Williams went up to this place in con- nection with the first Committee, that then Mr. Williams raised no objections. Mr. John Williams, however, flatly contra- dicted this, the Chairman still holding that it was so. Mr. W. Tudor Lewis moved that the Dis- trict Council sign the agreement of the solici- tors to the Trustees of the Llwynwormwood Estate, to take over the new road, and then go to the quarter sessions. Mr. John Williams: At whose expense ? Mr. W. T. Lewis (warmly) At the expense of the District Council, of course. At whose do you think ? On the matter being put to the vote, the mot ion was defeated by 9 votes to 4. VELINDRE-CARREGSAWDDE ROAD On the proposition of Mr. W. Tudor Lewis, seconded by Mr. J. Jones, it was resolved that the Llangadock Surveyor be instructed to pro- ceed to have this road at Carregsawdde widened, and that the Clerk be instructed to take steps to obtain the other piece of land adjoining from the owner, (Mrs. Thomas, of Swansea.) CONFIRMATION. The Lord Bishop of the Diocese attended at Llandingat Church on Thursday last to hold a Confirmation Service. About 36 were con- firmed from the parishes of Llandingat, Llanfairarybryn, Llangadock, Mothvey, Cilycwm, and Ystradffin. It will be noticed that the number confirmed were not as numerous as in recent years, the reason being that the Service has been held twice in succession, whereas in former years it was only held once in every two years. ANNUAL GATHERING AT GLANBRANE MANSION. On Thursday last, the gemal Squire of Glanbrane, Mr. Isaac Haley, J.P., entertained at his historic mansion,between fifty and sixty tenants, neighbours, friends, and tradesmen from Llandovery, to an excellent dinner. This gathering has been held now for many years and is looked forward to with eager interest by one and all. Full justice was done to the splendid things provided, and af ter the re- moval of the cloth Councilor Ihonias Roberts, of the Crown Sforts, was voted to the chair. In the course of his remarks, the chairman proposed a hearty vote of thanks to the host for the excellent dinner provided and for his kindness in extending to them an invitation to attend there that evening. He hoped that Mr Haley would live long to repeat his gen- erosity and that by the same time next year a lady hostess would grace the festive board It was very nice to see a gentleman like Mr. Haley associating with the neighbours in this Mr. Thomas (Cefnllan) seconded the vote of thanks, which was unanimously carried. • Speeches were also delivered by Mr. Dicks (Cefnpal) and Mr. David Williams (cabinet maker), who made some humorous re- marks; and Mr. R. Lewis (Bronfelen), Mr. James (Lletherhir), and others. Mr Haley, in acknowledging the vote of thanks, said that he had been very pleased to entertain them there that evening. He praised very much the spirit that animated neighbours to assist one another in connec- tion with farming operations, and pointedly referred to the assistance that had been given him on his own farm in connection with ploughing by his neighbours. During the evening songs were given by Mr Rees Jones, Tanpal, who contributed the Farmyard in fine style, Mr. W. R. Lewis Bronfelen, Mr. Rees Jones, Dolaubran, Mr. Morgan Williams, Cefnllan, Y Mochyn Du," Mr. M. Morgan, Gilfach, Mr. M. Nicholas, Bronfelen, and a duet by Messrs Jones, Havodpant, and Evans, Llanerchindda. ) Mr. Haley also exhibited some very good Magic Lantern Views, including some very old faces from the district who have joined the silent majority, with the life histories of all of whom he appeared to be well acquainted. He also invited these present to come there in April, when a friend of his would give an exhibition with a very powerful lantern shewing pictures on the screen measuring 20 feet in diameter. Later in the evening some choice selections from the gramophone were given by Council- lor Roberts, after which the evening's enter- tainment was brought to a close by the sing- of "Hen wlad fy nhadau" and "God save the King/' TEMPERANCE. A well-attended meeting of the Temperance Association was held at the Salem Vestry on Thursday evening last, when Mr. J- Tertius Phillips, the district secretary of the United Kjngdoin Temperance Association, gave a stirnng address. The chair was taken by Mr. George Morton, of Erskine House. The monthly fair was held on Monday and Tuesday test, the latter day being for the »»le of Figs only. There was a fair num- ber present, but the hu^iaess transacted was veTF "SSfJfk ^^pour of rain being undoubtedly the cause.

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