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THE WEEK IN SWANSEA. THE LABOURERS' DISPUTE. Up to the present, the dispute between the masters and the labourers in the lonal Vuiild- ing trade has not been settled. Indeed, there is every indication that the strike will spread unless some concessions are MILD"- In the meantime the action of the Swansea. Guardians has caused come amonnt of (,.riti(-i-m respecting a tende" at an increase of vd- an hour in the wages of i be men. The master" re- s- nt the interference, and the matter oame before the Building Committee of the Guardians ou Monday. The contractor, Mr. J. Jones. f-aM he could not undertake to av the wasre required, but he guaranteed to do the work in eight months. rhe tender was accepted on the condition named by Mr. J. Jones. I DEATH OF AN OLD SCHOOL MISTRESS. At the time of our going to press last WA-k the death took place of Mrs. Phanuel Davies, the oil Sketty National Sohool Mistress. Tbe deceased, who was 67 years of age. had bpen for some time past a great sufferer, and her illness had recently reached so acute a stape that it was de-mei advi-able that she should undergo an operation. She was accordingly c >n- veyed to the Swansea Hospital, at which Institution she succumhed on Thursday m-irning in last week. Her remains were interred, on Monday morning, in the family grave at 51. Paul's Church, at which the Vicar $and chair- man of the School Committ'-e) ofiv'iatMl, the funeral being, at the deceased's special request, a strictly p ivatf one, the arrangements there- for being carried out by Mr. Joseph Gwyn. ACTION FY A \TTLE TRADER. At the Swansea County Court yesterdya (Thursday) before his Honour Julge Gwilym Williams, Mark Scanes, cattlo delaer, of St. Helen's-avenue, Swansea, sought to recover from the defendant, William Williams, far- mer, of Go're-fawr, Dunvant, £ 32 CtF. in re- spect of two co"'ts so d to defen lent in Xcvem- ber last by a third party named Thomas Jones who had been in plaintiff's employ. Thf ca-e ad been rer« I'ted from the Jligh Court and the question his Honour had to •'tcide was whether lpr. dant was ju«ti'><! in paying Jones after notice not to do so. Mr. D. Lleufer Thomas appeaerd for the plaintiff and Mr. R. T. Leyson defended.- His Honour, after a lengthy hearing, in which it was stated that Jones ihmself had originally bought one of the cows in ques- tion, gave judgment for defendant, holding that plaintiff had failed to establish his ownership to the cows. DEATH OF MR. H. GREEN. At the early a?e of 49 years, and after a brief but painful illness, the death took plxce nn Mon- day la-t at his residence, 30. Wern 'Pit road. Landore, of Mr. Henrv Grpen, who for a period of twelvp years filled the posi'ion of sf«tinn master at Landore under thp G W.R. C mp"ny Some two yenrs ago Mr (jreen underwent medical treatment for an internal complaint, and ns a result felt const. aineri to resign his nositinn at Landore. subsequently retiri g on a pension. So"n nfter h's heal'h "howe 1 some siirns of improve- ment an < it wa" h. ped that this would l e" me permanent. Th'ee week ago, how»vpr, he had a relapse, from "hiih he never rallied. Dc ceased w s for tbirtv- hree years in the BPr vi..p of the G W.R Company at Swansea, and Lanlore, where his cenial nntur" earned bin much respect not o' )y from th- -taff bnt from the tramline public- De -ea«e-t leaves a "Viõ w (-econd wif..) a d several eh-ldren to mour-, their great Hweavemen*. 'rl.p funeral tonfcolac vester i«y (Thursdav) a, the Danveraie Come- ery, and was attended by the local officials d the Company. MORRISTON SUNDAY SCHOOL DEMON- bTRATION. A century ago a poet wrote "Coming events cast their shadows before This is especially true of a coming event, at Morriston, for t.ho' place is all agog just. now concerning the monster demonstration of Sunday Schools, to be hpld on Whit-Monday. N-1 less than 16 schools of our populous suburb will take parr in the procession, and more than two thousand scholars are to join in the proc-odings. Th" IncHI ministers arp invited to head the pro- cession. which, in the ahsence of In^pecNir Nicholas, who has lecently bc^n promoted to Swansea, will have hi« successor as chi-f marshal. All the W.-lsb Schools are to join f, r a united meeting in the spnc'ous Taber- nacle in the mornicg the English ..chool? I holding their eomhin. d meeting at Lib mils-. At both places papers will b- reid hy able speakers on the wnrk ..f the Sunday Rcho.,1. In th afternoon, by th" kind permission of Mr. C <vagej all thec'iildren will be a'lowerl, after t a, to pl-iy to their h -art-' content on the L< Fi-Mc. There, .|«n a most ^ffiei >rit bind i^ ex;>< cted t.o enliven *h hours tor bo'h youngsters and adul's



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