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BEN. EVANS & CO. I WILL OFFER FOR SALE To-day, Friday, AND To-morrow, Saturday, Several Exceptionally Cheap Lines for Whitsuntide, bought on most advantageous terms, the full benefit of which will, as usual, be given entirely to their Customers. r LADIES', GENTLEMEN'S, and CHILDREN'S STRAW t HATS, MILLINERY, CHILDREN'S WASHING RATS, BONNETS, PELLISSES, COSTUMES, Ac. GRAND f LADIES' TAILOR-MADE CAMBRIC SHIRTS, MUSLIN, SILK, and PRINT BLOUSES, PIQUE and HOLLAND VALUE SKIRTS, JACKETS, MANTLES, CAPES, etc. IN LADIES' TAILOR-MADE COATS and SKIRTS, LADIES' COSTUMES and UNDERSKIRTS, MADE-UP LACE GOODS, SILKS and CHIFFON SCARFS, GLOVES, l SUNSHADES, &c. AN ENORMOUS STOCK OF LEATHER AND STEEL TRAVELLING TRUNKS. INSPECTION RESPECTFULLY INVITED. Ben. Evans & Co., Ltd., Swansea. ODAMS* MANURES, ODAMS' SHEEP DIPS, ODAMINE DISINFECTANTS, MANUFACTURED BY ODAMS' MANURE AND CHEMICAL COMPANY, R LIMITED. DIRECTORS: rWr«^CaA9. DORKAN, Wadburst, Sussex. Deputy-Chairman GARRETT TAYLOR, Norwich. C RNAA Lincolnshire | THOMAS KINO. Great Chesterford, Essex. WE.^b^ £ rSU. C. T. MACADAM, Bournemouth, Hants. ROBSBT B. L*KDS. Castleacre, Norfolk. I CHIEF OFFICES MANUFACTORY = 116 FHNCHURCH STBKIT. LONDON. ODAXS' WHARF, VICTORIA DoCKS, E. Manager and Secretary-HBNKY CLAYDEN. Assistant Secretary-C. L. B. MACADAM. Factory Manager-H. E. MACADAM, F.C.S. Branch Fittory-TorsHam, EXBTBR. Branch Offices-QUBUN STRMT, EXETER. Branch Manager-J. P. RIPPON. RURAL J)ISTRICT OF L LANGYFELACH. a« AVmtract of the Accounts of the Rural District Council for the above- named Rural District for the Half-year ended on the 31st day of March, 1901. RECEIPTS. £ s. d. £ 9. d Balance b- ooght forward Contribn ione Overseer": For General Expenses .1906 0 0 For Special Eoipeaaee 887 i> a Grant un^er the tural Rates A<-t, 1896 •" lb5 11 From Glamorgan County Council Contribution in reapeetot Highways between Lon- lae and Olais Bridge, and Looghor Road to Loughor 110 0 0 In reepeet of SUanes of # M 78 9 2 Waterworks:— Charges for Water used for other than domestic purposes ••• ■■■ For connecting private services Fees for registering premises for Explosiv-, &C- 0 13 0 Interest on Balances in Treasurer's "an** „r SwanseaCorporatioo—Way- leave for Telephone Poles 2 12 0 L. & N.W. Railway Co-" for Repairs of Roads over Bridgoe and Level Cross- Q "• 3399 5 3 JM653 4 10 PAYMENTS. £ s. d. £ s. d. In respect of Highways:- Maintenance and Repair of Llangyfelach Main Road 26 18 4 Maintenance and Repair of District Roads .1547 10 8 Improvements of District Roads 57 15 0 Salaries of Officers 100 0 0 Establishment Charges.. 17 2 7 1749 6 7 Drainage 0 14 7 Water Supplies.627 9 31 Maintenance of Patient in Hospital 10 0 8 Disinfecting 19 17 6 Removal of House Refuse, &o. 196 4 0 Notifications of Infectious Diseases 10 5 0 Fees for Lists of Deaths. 1 15 9- Loughor Telegraph Office (half deficiency) 2 5 6 Bacteriological Examina- tion 0 2 6 Loans:— Bacteriological Examina- tion 0 2 6 Loans:— Principal repaid 219 18 3 Interest, including In- come Tax 159 9 4 Salaries, Ac., of Officers. 290 12 11 Establishment Charjres 26 19 8 Contribution to Swansea I Port Sanitary Authority 21 16 5 Legal Expenses. 3 5 8 3340 3 71 Balance. 1313 1 2 £ £ 4653 4 10 JE4653 4 10 NoTTt —There were no receipts from, nor payments out of Loans during the half-year. G. B. HAYNES, Clerk to the Council. ™ -i Cfa+imflnt of which the foregoing is an Abstract, was audited and certified BX*• DiSrirt Auditor, « th. S«h day of M»y. 1901. ENTEKTAI ^MENTA. GRAND THEATRE SWANSEA Leasees and Managers—Mr. H. H. Morrell and Mr. Fredk. Mouillot. MONDAY, MAT 27th, 1901, for Six Nights only, WARWICK MAJOR'S NO. 1 Company in the Highly Successful Musi al Comedy-Drama, SOMEBODY'S SWEETHEART, By Edward Marris. To commence at 7.30. Box plan at Gwynne H. :Brader's, 17, Heathfield-street. Telephone 291. FIBST-CLASS HOTELS. ROYAL HOTEL, SWANSEA FIRST CLASS FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL HOTEL. EXTENSIVE BANQUETING HALL AND BALL ROOM. TABLE D'HOTE LUNCHEON DAILY, vzm 12.30 to 3.0 p.m. MANAGIRB:— MR. AND MRS. FRANK DICKENS. Telephone 56. BRIGHTON GRAND HOTEL. Centre of JLJP splendid sea front. Electric light through- out. Lift to all floors. Sei-water swimming baths. Inclusive terms (if deaired) from 12s. daily, minimum four days.-S. C. HOWASD, Manager. SWANSEA STEAM TRAWLING, PtfUE ICE AND COLD: STORAGE CO. Are supplying ICE at the following PRICES 1/- per cwt. (AX store), 1/3 „ (delivered Swansea). 1/6 „ „ (packed free on rail). 5 cwt. lots at 61- delivered <7- packed f.o.r.). 10 owt. lots 10/6 delivered (12/6 f.o.r.). All Orders to Factory, Prince of Wales Dock. Telegrams: Trawling, Swansea." THE Companv'a Trawlers will commence landing FISH on the 15th APRIL, at the PRINCE ow WALigs DOCK. when the Catches will be DISPOSED OF by PUBLIC AUCTION every morning. Further pwrtical <rs can be had on applying to the Managing Director: P. MOLYNEUX, 0d37] SWANSKA. t. tl:, EVERY facility at the "CAMBRIAN" Office air. pj for executing nil kinds of Printing, i N Excellence iu Qu i v and Moderation n Price lways studied. Estimates free. PUBLIC NOTICES. gWANSEA HARBOUR TRUST. WHIT-MONDAY, MAY 27th. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the HARBOUR OFFICES will be CLOSED on the above day as customary. WILLIAM LAW, General Superintendent. Harbour Offices, Swansea, 2l6t May, 1901. LLANGYFELACH RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. TO PRINTERS AND OTHERS. The COUNCIL invite TENDERS for PRINT- ING the MINUTES, AGENDA and HIGHWAY SURVEYOR'S REPORT, for each of tne Monthly or other Meeti"gs during the Twelve Months ending the 30th JUNE, 1902. Forms of Tenders (in which form only tenders will bo oontidt-red) can be obtained, and samples of the style of printing and of the paper to be used (tan be seen, at the Offices of the Council. Tenders mast be sent in to tiie undersigned on or b-fore the 8th JUNE next. The Council do not undertake to accept the lowest or any tender. G. B. HAYNES, Clerk. RUrttl District Council Offices, Alexandra-road, Swansea, 22nd May, 1901. TT LEWELLYN THOMAS, DECEASED Pursuant to the Statute 22nd and 23rd Victoria cap. 35 intituled "An Act to further amend the. law of property and to relieve Trustees." Notice is hereby gives that all CREDIfORS and other persons having any claims or demands against the estate of LLEWELLYN THOMAS late of 86 Woo.lfifld Street, Moriston, in the County Borough of Swansea, Chemist and Druggist, de- ceased (who died on the 5th or 6t'.i day of February 1901 and of whose estato Letters of Administa- tion with the Will annexed were on the 12vb day of April, 1901 g, anted by His Majesty' High Court of Justice at the Principal Probate Registry thereof Roger Melhuish Harvey of 8 Giltepur Street London E.O. a Creditor of the s id Testator) are hereby required to send the particulars in writing of their claims or demands to us the un- dersigned on or before the 24th day of June 1901 after which date the said admiuixtrator will pro- ceed tc distritmtu the assets of the Slid deceas d among the parties entitled thereto having regard only to the claim., and demands of which be shall then have had notice, and he will not be liable for the asatita of the t-ai i deceased or any part thereof to any person or persons of whose claims or de- mundrt he hhni) not th-n have|h <d nonoe. Dated tIll- 17th day of M'.y, 1901 SOLE I'UKJSER & KNIGHT. 69 Alderman- bury, Lot.doti, E.C., solicitors for the Administra- tor rpo ARCHITECTS.—Bound vol. Plans and, JL Specific tions, i?wan-ea Gr moiat School. (Jaoh tjS-ts.—Wls&MAN, Paianwick, G as 1 (2538-24-5- BOOTS CASH CHEMISTS. LARGEST, BEST, CHEAPEST. From small beginnings this firm has built up a. splendid reputation with the public for supplying drugs of the beet quality at reformed prices. BOOTS CASH CHEMISTS Is essentially a shareholders' company. Customers are shareholders and share- holders are customers-a. judicious com- bination. BOOTS CASH CHEMISTS Our immense turnover enables us to supply fresh drugs daily to all our branches—an important consideration where drugs are concerned. BOOTS CASH CHEMISTS The most improved and modern sur- gical appliances of all types at reasonable prices. BOOTS CASH CHEMISTS The pioneers of reformed prices in the drug trade. BOOTS CASH CHEMISTS Physicians' Prescriptions prepared at all branches by chemists fully qualified by Pharmaceutical Society's examiner tion. BOOTS CASH CHEMISTS For Patent Medicines, Toilet Requi- sites, Household Remedies, at their well- known reduced prices. BOOTS CASH CHEMISTS Our prices enable customers to use the best quality of drugs, being in many cases less than has to be paid elsewhere for inferior kinds. BOOTS CASH CHEMISTS £1 spent with us buys as much as 30s. or 40s. spent with an ordinary old- fashioned chemist. BOOTS CASH CHEMISTS We go carefully through the stock at all our branches at short intervals, and any drugs that are not selling, or getting in any way spoiled, are withdrawn. BOOTS CASH CHEMISTS Compare our system with that of the old-fashioned chemists, many of whom have had articles in stock for years and years. J "y^THEN YOU BUY DRUGS You Want Them Pare, You Want Them Pure. You Want Them Pure. You Want Them Pure. yyHEN YOU BUY DRUGS You Want Them Fresh. You Want Them Fresh. You Want Them Fresh. You Want Them Fresh. yj^HEN YOU BUY DRUGS You Want Them at a Reasonable Price. You Want Them at a Reasonable Price. You Want Them at a Reasonable Price. You Want Them at a Reasonable Price. BOOTS, CASH CHEMISTS, Can Supply These Three Wants. Can Supply These Three Wants. Can Supply These Three Wants. Can Supply These Three Wants. JJOOTS, CASH CHEMISTS, Are Best Able To Do So. Are Best Able To Do So. Are Best Able To Do 60. Are Best Able To Do 8o. J^OOTS, CASH CHEMISTS, Being the Largest Retail Chemists. Being the) Largest Retail Chemists. Being the) Largest Retail Chemists. Being the Largest Retail Chemists. PHYSICIANS' PRESCRIPTIONS J. should be Carefully Prepared with Pure Drugs. Carefully Prepared with Pure Drugs. Carefully Prepared with Pure Drugs. Carefully Prepared with Pure Drugs. PHYSICIANS' PRESCRIPTIONS JL should be Dispensed only by Certified Assistants. Dispensed only by Certified Assistants. Dispensed only by Certified Assistants. Dispensed only by Certified Assistants, PHYSICIANS' PRESCRIPTIONS JL should be Brought to Boots, Cash Chemists. Brought to Boots, Cash Chemists. Brought to Boots, Cash Chemists. Brought to Boots, Cash Chemists. JJOOTS, CASH CHEMISTS, Only Employ Certified Assistants for Dis- pensing. Only Employ Certified Assistants for Dis- pensing. Only Employ Certified Assistants for Dis- pensing. Only Employ Certified Assistants for Dis- pensing. I BOO rs, CASH CHEMISTS, I Only Use Pure and Fresh Drugs. Only Use Pure and Fresh Drugs. Only Use Pure and Fresh Drugs. I Only Use Pure nnd Fresh Drugs. JJOOTS, CASH CHEMISTS, Charge only about One-half Usual Prices. Charge only about One-half Usual Prices. Charge only about One-half Usual Pnoes. Charge only about One-half Usual Prioos. fJiOILET ARTICLES AND PERFUMES Make very Suitable Presents. Make very Suitable Presents. Make very Suitable Presents. Make very Suitable Presents. TOILET ARTICLES AND PERFUMES Are Good and Inexpensive at Boots. Are Good and Inexpensive at Boots. Are Good and Inexperwve at Boots. Are Good and Inexpensive at Boots. rjOILET ARTICLES AND PERFUMES A Large Stock for Selection at Boots. A Large Stock for Selection at Boots. A Large Stock for Seleotion at Boots. A Large Stock for Selection at Boots. BOOTS, CASH CHEMISTS, Sell Patent Medicines at Immense Re- ductions. Sell Patent Medicines at Immense Re- f duotions. I Sell Patent Medicines at Immense Re- ductions.. Sell Patent Medicines at Immense Re- ductions. BOOTS CHFM'STQ. Over 200 Branches, each of which is under the Management of a FULLY QUALIFIED CHEMIST. LOCAL ADDRESSES: 1 and 2. OXFORD-STREET, ) 8, GOAT-STREET, > SWANSEA. 60, HIGH-STREET, » 83, TAFF-STREET, PONTYPRIDD. 42, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT. 12, COMMERCIAL-STREET, ABERDARE. 26, STEPNEY-STREET, LLANELLY. JESSK ROO M <n;igin > Oi. ctor Head Offices, N t in h i m. 01. 93 EXTENSION OF PREMISES. I w- GREAT CLEARANCE SALE NOW ON. BARGAINS IN ALL DEPARTMENTS. =====-=-==-==:11 EDDERSHAW <& SON, COMPLETE HOUSE Ft) KNISHERS, HIGH STREET. SWANSEA. EXCURSIONS. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. Until further notice, EXCURSIONS will run as under:— Every THURSDAY, to CORK and KILLAR- NEY, for 16 days or less, from Neath and SWANSEA. Every FRIDAY, to WATERFORD, CJonmel, Tipperary, Limerick, Kilkenny, KILLAR- NEY. etc., for 16 days or less, from Neath and SWANSEA. Every MONDAY (commencing June 3), to GUERNSEY and JERSEY, for a fortnight or less, from SWANSEA, Neath, Ac. EXCURSIONS will run as under :— THURSDAY, May 30, HALF-DAY TRIP to CARDIFF from SWANSEA, Nfath, Bridgend, &o. For times, bookings from other Stations, Week- end Excursions, Country Lodgings, &c., see bills and pamphlets. DHONDDA AND SWANSEA BAY XL RAILWAY. WHITSUNTIDE HOLIDAYS, 1901. On WHIT MONDAY. MAY 27th, EXCURSION TICKETS will be issued a" under:- To SWANSEA, from Treherbert and inter- mediate Stations. To PORT TALBOT (Aberavon Station) from Treherb- rt and intermediate Stations. To CARDIFF (via Treherbert and Taff Vale Railway) from Swansea and intermediate Stations. For times, fares, and further particulars see bills, which may be obtained at the Company's Booking Offices. JOHN DAVID, Traffic Manager. Swansea, May 15th, 1901. MUMBLES PIER. WHITSUN HOLIDAYS, 1901. FOR TRAINS-See Special Time Tables. WHIT-SUNDAY, MONDAY and TUESDAY (by kind permission of COL. WILLIAMS and Officers), the BAND of 1st GLAMORGAN VOLUNTEER ARTILLERY (Bandmaster Hanney), Will play from 3.30 till 5.30; and 6.30 till 8.30 p.m. The P.S. Brighton" and "Heather Bell" will make frequent trips from the Pier. Studt's Fair at Oystermouth. THURSDAY, MAY 30th, 1901, the SWAN- SEA CYMMRODOBJON MUSICAL SOCIETY (Con- ductor, Mr. J. D. Thomas, M.C.W.), will give a GRAND CONCERT, consisting of Glees, Solos, &c. Commencing at 7 p.m. ADMISSION ONE PENNY. DAVID JAMES, General Manager. ^"HITSUNTIDB HOLIDAYS The Splendid Saloon Steamer "HEATHER BELL" (Captain J. W. Peacock) Will commence running, during the Whitsuntide Holidays, from MUMBLES PIER (Weather and circumstances permitting) as under. SATURDAY, May 25th, at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.— CHANNEL CRUISES. Fare, Is. WHIT-MONDAY, at 11 a.m 2 p.m., 4.30 p.m. and 7 p,m.—CHANNEL CRUISES. Fare, Is. WHIT-TUESDAY, at 10.30 a.m.-To TENBY. Returning from Tenby at 5 p.m. Fares, Fore Deck, 2/6; Saloon, 3/6. WBDNKSDAY, May 29th. at 10 30 a.m.-To WMSTON-SUPER. MARE. Returning from Weston-super-Mare at 5 p.m. Fares, Fore Deck, 2/6; Saloon, 3/6. THURSDAY, May 30th, at 11 a.m., 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.—CHANNEL CKUISES. Fare, Is. The Catering Depart ment is under the Owner's supervision, and luncheons, teas and refresh- ments of the best quality, and at moderate charges, are served at any time in the ppaoious Dining Saloon, and a well-fitted Refreshment Bar is fitted in the Fore Cabin. Family Tickets issued. Children half-price. Bicycles, 6d. 101106 GWYN ~p|~ ALL, EATH THURSDAY, 30TH MAY, 1901. Q.EAND JiJORNING £ JONCERT munificently given and arranged by MADAME A DELINA pATTI (BARONESS ROLF CEDEKSTROM), assisted by the following Eminent Artistes (who also give their valuable services) Miss MARIANNE EISSLER (Solo Violin), Miss CLARA EISSLER (Solo Harp), Mr. PENDEREL PRICE (Tenor), Mr. SANTLEY (The Celebrated Baritone), and Mr. WILHELM GANZ (Solo Pianoforte and Conductor). Numbered and Reserved Seats, jEl la., 10s. 6d., and 5s. Plans may be seen and Tickets obtained at Mr. Whitiington's, Wind-street, Neath at Messrs. Brader'e, Wind-street, Swansea; Messrs. Thomp- son & Shackeli's, Queen-street, Cardiff; and at Messrs. Stock wood & Williams', Post Office Buildings, Bridgend. The PROCEEDS will be applied in aid of the poor of Neath, the Swansea Hospital, and the Porthcawi Reat. Railway Tickets at Reduced Fares on most of the Local Railways. The Secretary will be happy to select Tiokets (if so desired), for persons residing at a distance, on receipt of Cheque or P O. Order. Doors open at 1.30; Concert at 2.30 p.m. EDWIN C. CURHS, Hon. Secretary. Town Clerk's Office, Neath. [01066 COUNTY OF GLAMORGAN. Manor of Clase Llangyfelaph- NOTIOE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT A SPECIAL COURT LEET and COURT BARON of our Sovereign Lord King Edward VII.. and of the Ecclesiastical <'ommianioners for England, L,)rds of the said Manor will be holden On TUESDAY, the 4th day of JUNE, 1901, 1ft the Penliergaer Arms, Llangyfeiach, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon precisely, FOR PERAMBULATING THE BOUND- ARIKS OF THE A BOVE MEN HONED MANOR, and for other epecial put posea. JAMES THOMAS, Deputy Stewa d of the above Manor. 6, Victoria Place, Haverfordwest, 17th May, 1901. QXYNCORRWG SCHOOL BOARD. CYMMER MIXED SCHOOL. WANTED, A-SIS 1 ANT MISTRESS, Artiole JESO Salary, £ 55 p-r annum, sing bv annual increments of £ 2 10s. to a maximum of £60. GLYNCORRWG SCHOOLS. ASSISTANT MASTER, Artio e 50. Salary, JE60 per arnum. rising by annual increments of £ 5 t • a max mum of £ 70.<-Htiori8 in each ,.>tl'e, stltti"R' age,. qoalitiC:Il- t on and pisfc rxp ie.ce, together with copies of three recent te.imn iMia, to be sent to the nd reigned not later than the 19t" J-nf next. CUTHBEKISON & POWELL Clerks. Water-street, Nea'h, 17th May. 1001. 00.0 II II I .1 For Horses, Cattle & Dogs. I" t CALVERT'S CARBOLIC SOFT SOAP Cures Mange, Greasy Heal, Itch and other Skin Diseases, destroys parasites, and keeps away aiec. A sure insecticide for Plants. 1 & 2 Ib. Jars, 1/- & 2/- each. F. C. CALVERT & Co., Manchester. 1 t t t t I I I IMPORTANT. ADVERTISEMENTS RECEIVED AT THE OFFICES. No. 58 WIND-STREET, SWAN- OF-A. UP TO 11 O'CLOCK ON THURSDAY NIGHT. THOSE POSTED ON THURSDAY NIGHT WILL NOT BE IN TIME FOR PUBLICATION ON FRIDAY MORNING. TELEPHONE—NUMBER 36. TzijBa&A.MS Cambrian Newspaper, Swansea TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. Delivered in Town Is. 3d. per quarter Post Free (United Kingdom) Is. 9d. „ „ (Foreign) 2s. 6d, „ Pavable in advance.

Ilie dambrian,


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