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CRICKET. SWANSEA v. PENARTH. AM OTHER, DEFEAT FOR THE FORMER. After the Swansea premier eleven's recent exhibition of cricket at Cai diff, I entered the St. Helen's Field on Satuiday fully anticipating Another defeat; but i really uid not expect to see the Swansea men make such a ridiculous figure of themselves. The Penarth eleven have for some time now WjtiiG tue reputation of a capable lot ot cricketers, fcau 6IS a matter of fact they are relatively as etropg as the footballers who represent the II (feruiff suburb are weak. Therefore, the fact tfcat the Swanseaites suffered a i everee at their kuido on Saturday is not in itself very surprising: is su* prising is the mauner in which they jpoUapsed before the trundling of the visitors. 1 At not wisb for a moment to detract from the Merit vi the Penarthites' performance in di=pos- fee ofc &heir oppoiienta &o cheaply, but I must say ifc*t ,whii=t then bowiiug wos undoubtedly goon, J ooutider there was nothing superlatively clever Stoat it. • And this makes the downfall of the hufloeters seem all tue more inexplicable to me. Bot not only did bwansea give a miserable ftooount of themselves in ttie batung department, tlelr neldiht: was aloo dtciuedly mediocre. Jiomeioua chances weie lust during the visitors' inning-, and, with a very Itw exceptions, ail the ■Jitters bcemfed to have little interest in the I do not quite ohard in the gloomy views iheturd expressed by maiiy ou Saturuay mternoon with regai d to the piobpecis of the eea&ou. It jomy be that the fc}>vaiist-a men have not yet got imie their stride, though it's luil time they had, #Weidt»iing the excellent climatic conuitiona that feaVB p.evaded for so many weeks past. Perhaps ? little change is wanted in the cemposition of Ote eleven ? ■ The weather on Saturday was just the kind Wanted tor cricket—beautifully fine and clear, with the slightest of bretzes to temper the heat. .Ybtt atttnuance Of spectators, although the jkugegt bo far this year, was yet not so large as one might have expected, consideriug the importance of the fixture, as well as the atwpicions meteorological conditions under whicu it was played. Swansea, who turned out a leproeeiitative team-the only absentee was Dr. lieid—won tue toss, and muurady elected to bat ftrbt. A pretty lair Biart was made by E. W. Jones and Eilu, though Ue latter did not stay loi g, being smarny canght by ,.or. Badge after {ratting on 9 Jim boviw, the newcomer, had a remarkably luck.) innings. Hitting p. rhaps a little too treely, he gave three chance in one over to the man at cover-point, Stveet-Esoott, who, fcowevt-r, managed to hold the third, and two Wickets were cko-vn for 42. With Davies s ctis- Hveitl a rot set in. Ba'.OiofL succumbed to a fast yotker from H. E. Moigan, while Thiesan and Gtoixhegan were caught lor 1 and 6 respectively. S. W Juties, who hau meanwhile compiled a use fttl 26, was clean bowled by Morgan. Then A. W. Samuel made a gallant attempt at staying the cot, but after contributing a vigorous 18 he gave a hot otidnce to Sweet-Escott at covet-point which was held. The end was not long in coming, 80 one else reaching double figures. The last wicket fell for the paltry total of 94. An auspicious opening was made for Penarth b7 Ii. E. Morgan and A. Osborne. The former is undoubtedly one of the finest bats in the ttmmy; be it, know it as the "safe man of the Penarth team. His bat is as straight as a plumber's die. He looks a iypicalsportsman anu m this case appearances do not ueceive. He is a keen crickeLer when he likes he can put plenty of beef behind his strokes, and he is werry'ot againet last bowling, as Haycroft, tile Swansea pto., soon found out on Saturday Afternoon. But I do not think Morgan was in his beet form, for though be made 42, he should have been out soon alter reaohing double figures. Altogether he gave four or five chances before "Jt? very smartly caught by Bancroft close to the boundary. Osborne, too, played brilliant Cricket, he combined with Morgan in a most judicious manner, and his hitting was crisp and Bard and all round the wicket. He gave less chances than his partner, and scored a very clever 54. I Before the close of the partnership the general opinion was that Swansea were 111 for another overwhelming defeat, but these- gloomy prognostications weie, happily lor Swansea, not quite fulfilled. For the only other Penarthite to do of any note against the Swansea bowling was W. Gibbs, who ear tied out his bat tor 22. And the result was that the visitors only won by 51 runs, though that's substantial enough in all conscience. Swansea had a second innings, and scored 92 for the loss of three wickets. I must confess to feeling rather disappointed with Haycroft'a bowling. He kept pitching them too short, and was punished accordingly. Creber, on the other hand, bowled splendidly, and it must have been very exasperating to him to see so mary chances missed off his bowling; the offenders in this respect were Francis Lloyd, E. W. Jones, Geoghegan, Ellis, Haycrott and Bancroft. The latter, however, wiped this blot of his escutcheon by afterwards holding two difficult catcher., and altogether fielding, better than any of the others. I The scores and bowling analysis were as follow SWANSEA. E. W.JONES, B F. W. Morgan. 26 H. ELLIS, O DR. BUDGE, B BENOH 9 J. Davies, c SWEET-ESCOTT, b Morgan 16 BANCROFT, B MORGAN 0 D. Thissen, c OSBORNE b BINCB 1 J. GEOGHEGAN. C OI-BORNE, B Binch. 6 A. Samufl. 0 Sweet-Escott, b Binch 18 Creber, b MORGAN 5 Dr. Cameron, Ibw, b BINCH 4 I 0. F. LLOYD, not OUT 1 Haycroft, c Morgan, b BINCH 0 Extras. 9 Total. 94 2nd innings.-A. W. Samuel, c Binch, b Osborne, 28; F. Lloyd, b O-borne, 5; Dr. Cameron, b Osborne, 0; H. A. Ellis. not out, 22; J. A. Davies, not out, 28; extras, 9; total for three wickets, 92. PFNARTH. H. E. Morgan, c Bancroft, b Creber 42 A. Osborne, c Bancroft, b Samuel. 54 H. Beasley, b CREBER 3 R. GIBBS, ST THISSEN, B CREBER 3 H. ALEXANDRA, c Samuel, b CIEBER.. 0 E. SWEET-ESCOTT, c Thissen, b Creber 9 Dr. Eudge, c HAYCROFT, b Samuel. 2 S. Turner, b CREBER 0 W. Gibbs, noto.t. 22 Binch, at Thissen, b CREBER 0 F. W. MORGAN, B CREBER 3 EXTRAS 7 Total. 145 BOWLING ANALYSIS. Swansea. O. M. R. W. Binch 10.3 3 48 6 B. W. MORGAN 102 2 38 4 Penarth. CREBER 22 7 42 8 Dr. Cameron. 10 0 54 0 Bancroft. 5 0 28 0 A. W. Samuel. 7 3 14 2 SWANSEA SECONDS v. MARGAM. The above match WAJ played on the MARRAM Castle Ground RN Saturday last,. The vi?i'ors batted first, but. with the exception of J. Hill (11) and G Hazpl (9). no siand was made against the excellent deliveries of W. A. Davies and G. Aitken (the latter b kinsr 5 WICKETS for 1 run), the whole side bei, p dismissed for 42 runs. M&rgam entered upon their light task in a vieorous fashion, and pasAPn the visitors total with the lost of a few wick< ts. E TENANT being top scorer with a bard-hit 25 ("ot out) to his credit. Swansea, on going it) a second time. made 33 for the LO-<S of 8 WI 'K' TS. Appended are the soores I SWANSEA II. J. J. HILL, O AITKEN, B DAVIES 11 W. HOLLOWAY, o David, b Davies. 1 I HAROLD SWEET, B DAVIES E. BISHOP, B DAVIES. G. P. HAZPL (CAPFR.), B AITKEN 9 R. WOODLIFFE, B AITKEN. 1 E. WALTON, C DAVID, B AITKEN 0 F. BROOKS, NOT OUT 6 R. E. Gold, b AITKEN 0 A. J. PRITOHARD, B DAVIES 0 F. BROOKS, NOT OUT 6 T. E. Nash, b Aitken 0 EXTRAS 4 TOTAL 42 MARGAM. W. J. Keates, Ibw. b HILL 7 T. DAVID, C NASH, B Pritchard. 6 Rev. A. Edwards, c Bishop, b Hill. 11 Willie A. Davies, run out 11 LI. DAVID, C HAZEL, B HILL 5 G. Aitken, C BI^HOD, b SWEET 10 R. Russen, run OUT 1 E. Tennant, not OUT 25 L. Davies, c BISHOP, b Sweet. 4 G. Powell, b Sweet. 0 1 R. MILNER (CAPT.), not OUT 0 EXTRAS 4 Total (for 9 wkts) 78 BOWLING ANALYSIS. Swansea. O. M. R. W. GEORGE AITKEN 5 4 1 5 W. A. Davies. 11 1 23 5 E. TENNANT 5 0 14 0 I Margan. Pritchard. 5 0 16 1 Hill 7 0 13 3 I Sweet. 8 0 17 3 WOODLIFFE 2 0 10 0 I Bishop 3 0 8 0 THE LEAGUE COMPETITION. Only two league matches came off on Saturday. The Swansea Tuird XI. were to have played St. Jude's, but the latters' ground at "Paradise Pai k," Town Hill, was found to be in a very poor condition, and it was mutually agreed to pustpone the fixture. It will be tulfilled at Peiillergaer on a date yet to be fixed. OYSTERMOUTH LOSE THEIR FIRST LEAGUE MATCH. Oystermouth journeyed to Gowerton on Satur- day with only nine men,", of whom were reserves, and the result was that they were administered a severe drubbing by last year's 1 champions, who snowed better form than that whicu marked their play on the previous Satutday, when they were eaauy defeated by St. Judes. The Gowertonians, who batted first, simply played havoc with the Oystermouth bowling, kuookiug it all over the field. W. P. Lewis, G. E. Ellis and J. Davies were the bhining lights in this respect. The two first-uamed both oon- tribnted 26 runB. while J. Davies put on 20 in good style. Altogether Gowerton knocked up 130 runs-a very creditable peiformance. The Oystermouth men went in to bat with little hope of reaching their opponents' total, much I 1 less exceeding it. Several of their best batsmen being absent, they did nut expect to knock up anything like a big figure still, they little thoog-hlof the dismal shuw they weie to make. The only one to make a stand against the keen trundling of T. blo, gan and W. J. Bowen was W. P. (iwvnne, who oompiled 18 runs in a very satisfactory fashion. The next highest scorers were J. L. CtOugn and Gas Nttteil, who were responsible for 8 and 5 respectively and the last wicket fell for 45. Scores :— Gowerton-D. Ward, o and b Dorrell, 13; W. J P. Lewis, lbw b Dortell, 26; F. Ellis, c Dorrell, b Evans, 0; A. Ward, b Evan*, 7; J. Davies, a sub, b Hay, 20; T. Morgau, c Evans, b Hay, 9; G. Ellis, st Nettell, b Hay, 26 D. M. Williams, o Domd.1, b Hay, 1; W. J. Bowen, b Hay,0 W. G. Williams, c sub, b Hay, 1; W. Anthony, not out, 16; extras, 16 total, 130. Oystermouth—J L. Clough, b Bcwen, 8; W. P. Gwynue, b Morgan, 18; (j. Dorrell, c Williams, b Morgan, 0; J S. C- Taylor, C Ellis, b Morgan, 0; Victor Evans, c Anthony, b Bowen, 1; G. Nettell, b Morgan, 5; Cololough Nettell, c and b Morgan, 2; H. Morris, c Ellis, b Morgan, 3; G. ( Lt. Hay, not out, 2; extras, 6 total, 45. J BOWLING ANALYSIS. Gowerton. I O. M. R. W. J. L. Clougb. 6 0 33 0 Victor Evans. 10 T 33 2 t G. Dorrell 5 0 20 2 G. Ll. HAY 5.4 0 25 6 H. MERRIS 1 0 2 0 OYSTERMONTH. T. Morgan. 10.1 3 16 6J W. J. BOWEN 10 3 23 2 j PRIORRON MAKE A GOOD START. Priorton, who this year make their first appear- ance in the ranks of the competitors for L. ague houou, s, made a most creditable start on Satur- day by thrashing Killay to the tune of 158 runs to 6. In fairness to the losers, however, it should be stated that they were only able to bat eight men. Priorton having so far failed to I secure a suitable ground, the match was, through the kinduess of Sir John Llewelyn, played at Penllergaer Park. The chief features of the game were the excellent all-round displays given by Frank Humphries and Percy Moriis. The former riot only captured five wickets tor four runs—quite an uncom "on performance—but was also responsible for 25 runs. Percy Morris did not do quite so well as Humphries in the bowling department, for he only took one for two. Still, lie fuily made up for this by knocking up 50 runs in almo;-t faultless style. Scores :— KilIay.-T. Bocquet, b F. Humphries, 1 Aubrey Williams, b P. Morria, 2; Dyson Williams, b F. Humphries, 0 T. Jones Powell, c I Edwards, b F. Humphries, 2 C. Jones, not out, 1 D. Bellingham, cand b Humphries, 0 Thos. Jenkins, run out, 0; F. Jowttt, b F. Humphries, 0 extras, 0 total, 6. Priorton.—M. Rogera, b Jones-Powell, 8; F. Humphries, run out, 25; J. Bancrolt, c A. Williams, b Bocquet, 0; D. J. Lewif, c Jone<S- Powell, b Bocfquet, 2 T. Harry, c Bocquet, bA. Williams, 13 P. Morris, c Dyson Williams, b Thos. Jenkins, 58 E. A. Billings, c Jones- Powell, b Bellingham, 20 P. Bevan, c Bancroft, b A. Williams, 2; W. Nicholls, b Jones-Powell, 8; A, Ellis, c Bancr. ft, b F. Jowett, 4; A. Edwards, not out, 5 extras, 11 total, 158. THE LEAGUE TABLE UP TO DATE. P. W. L. Pts. Gowerton 2 1 1 2 CLYDACH 1 1 0 2 Priorton. 1 X 0 2 St.. Jude 110 2 KILLAY 1 0 1 0 Swansea Thirds 1 0 1 0 Oystermouth 1 0 1 0 The suggestion thrown out by the Hon. Odo I Vivian at. the annual meeting of the Cricket Club, that two League players should be allowed to practise at tbq nets each evening upon the payment of 10s. 6d. by the various clubs, came before the committee on Monday evening. It was favourably rec ived, and it was decided to allow the League members the option of practis- ing at St. Helen's without any payment.








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