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_n_+- [BY Ova OWN CORRESPONDENT.] NEATH BOROUGH POLICE COURT. At the Neath Borough Police Court on Satur- day. John Jones, of 3, Morgans-road, Melin- ciythan. was brought up in custody and charged with having been helplessly drunk in Windsor- road on the previous night. The defendant, whose fest;vities were stated to have had some connection with returning volunteers, bad been fined for a similar offence on the previous Wednesday. He was fined 5s. and costs. MONDAY. At the same court, on Monday, the following were fined for drunkenness :—Peter MeGuinness, 7s. 6d. and costs; and James O'Neill, of 20, Castle-street. W and costs.—Dd. John Hopkins, of C»binet-court. High-street was ordered to pay 5s. and costs for ketone a dog without a licence. Charge Withdrawn.—Th^ case of J G. Reed, of Pailwty Inn, aeai; st 1 bomas Eynnn, lab, nrer, who bad tonnd two sove-eitrns on the tramway belonging to Reed, was witbdrawn on the appli- cation of Mr. Jeffreys. The Bench (a majority) I decided to grant the application. The Mayor (Councillor L. C. Thomas) said he wished it to be clearly understood that the Court was not to be used for the purpose of extracting money from persons charged with having feloniously stolen it. TUESDAY. TBefore Councillor J. D. Llewellyn and Mr. J. Fear Davies.] Assault on a Wife.—WiHiam Henry Davies, sinker, 5, Gold-street, was brought up in custody and charged with assaulting his wife, Sarah, by striking her with the leg of a chair. The blow had cut her head open. The accused was fined 40s. and costs or 28 days. Obstructing the Footway. — Elizabeth Ann Hughes, charged with obstructing the footway in Church-place, was fined 5s. and costs. Drunk and Disorderly. — Mary Johnson, a tramp from Newport, charged with having been drunk and disorderly, was ordered to forthwith leave the town, or in default she would be sent to prison for 21 days. NEATH RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. A meeting of the above-named Council was held on Wednesday, Mr Wm. Howell (Chairman) presiding. The following also were present Lieutenant-Colonel Gardner (vice-Chairman), Messrs. O. Spence, C. V. Pegge, George'Jenkins, D. J. Hopkins, E. Law, D. Thomas, E. E. Bevan, Richard Davies, J. B. G. Price, Dr. Jones, T. G. Lloyd, C. H. Ealden, D. Vaughan, Wm. Jones, Edward Davies, and J. H. Moore. Dr. Whittington (Medical Officer of Health) reported the prevalanco of diphtheria and erysipelas at Cwmavon. This was an affected locality and at the backs of the houses there, the paving being defective and slag water polluting the soil, a most unsanitary and objectionable state of affairs arose. The matter was referred to the Parochial Committee. Cases of overcrowding in Baglan Lower were reported. There was one case in which eight persons slept in one bedroom. The occupier offered to build another bedroom, and the Council decided to call upon him to sub- mit plans. Mr. W. E. Clason Thomas reported that the water supply at Todna was most insufficient, owing to colliery and quarry operations. The water which passed through the colliery had been condemned, and had been cut off. He (the S'lr- veyor) had been unable to find another adequate source of supply. Mr. William Jones said the colliery water was the main source of supply. The water from the quarry had proved satisfactory. It was resolved to form a committee, in co-ope- ration with the Tonna Parish Council, to deal with the matter. Mr. D. H. Jones (the clerk to the Parish Coun- cil) wrote suggesting that the Bkenrhondda sup- ply might be used for Tonna. Mr. Edward Davies demurred as he thought the Blaenrhondda supply would not be sufficient for the needs of the district of Blaenrhondda. The names of Mr. J. B. G. Price and Mr. W. H. David were added to the committee already named as appointed to decide in the matter. The Council, at the close of the sanitary busi- ness, proceeded to deal with the highway business, Mr. J. B. Moore (chairman) presiding. The matter of carrying out works which would prevent damage through any further outbreak of water from the old Wenallt Colliery, Abordulais, was again reported upon, and it was stated that Miss Giiffiths, of Dylais Fach, would contribute £ 100, the Neath Canal Company £ 100, and Messrs. Joshua Williams and Co. £ 50 towards the cost of the proposed work. It is contem- plated to make an easy course to the River Neath. Mr. T. G. Lloyd demurred to carrying out a more extensive scheme in order to suit the requirements or wishes of the iNeath Canal Co., and asked who were really liable for the out- burst. The Clerk said it was impossible to fix the liability. Mr. Wm. Jones said he did not think there had been any negligence. Mr. W. B. David Then if there is no negligence can there be liability ? Mr. T. G. Lloyd had moved an amendment in connection with this matter, but after discussion he withdrew it. In connection with land required for water storage works at Resolven, it was conveyed to the Council by letter from Mr. Colville that Captain J. Edwards Vaughan asked £ 250 per acre. Captain Vaughan had since written to say that he understood that the Council considered that price too high, and he thought the best course would be for the Council to make an offer. The matter was referred to the Water Com- mittee. NEATH BOARD OF GUARDIANS. A meeting of the above Board was held on Tuesday, Mr. Hopkin Jones (the chairman) pre- siding. The following also were present: Messrs. LI. Howell and E. E. Bevan (vice-chairmen), Rev. James Edwards, Rev. H. Hughes, Messrs. Rees Jenkins, W. D. Jones, Alfred Roberts, J. Thomas, G. H. Jenkins, H. Walsh, J. H. Moore, Wm. Howell, J. B. G. Price, W. H. David, Richard Davies, E Law, C. H. Ealden, W. LI. Giiffiths, Jamee Preston, John Morgan, C. V. Pegge, John Daniel, William Jones, Daniel Evans, Edward Davies, H. P. Charles, D. Williams, Owen Jenkins, O. Spence, J. G. Lloyd and M. G. Roberts. A letter was read from Mr. Richard Allen, the contractor for the supply of groceries to the Workhouse, stating that he should add the Budget duty of 4s. 2d. to the price of sugar supplied. Some members objected, but the Clerk read an extract which showed that the Board must pay the extras upon the contractor giving an under- taking to refund in case of the repeal or modification of the tax. It was reported that the sum of £ 364 had been paid to the treasurer as the result of the opera- tion of the Agricultural Rates Act. An erltry in the Workhouse visiting book by Mr. Bircham (Local Government Board Inspector) was read to the effect that he deprecated the carrying out of certain proposed structural alter- ations at the Workhouse, as the Board would | inevitably have to face the erection of a new workhouse. He suggested that the Board would do well to supply some of the older men with cloth coats and waistcoats instead of such gar- ments made of corduroy. The tender of Mr. James Fear Davies of £ 255 7s. 3d. for furnishing the Cottage Homes was accepted. Mr. William Howell pointed out that it bad been arranged for several committees to meet that day. There was really too much to do in one day, and he proposed that the motion in the name of Mr. H. P. Charles, respecting the appointment of rate collectors, be adjourned until this day month. Mr. H. P. Charles said there was a disposition to adjourn it indefinitely. The committee had fixed the day for the discussion, and he did not think it was competent for Mr. Howell to move that a date fixed by the committee should be altered. Mr. Daniel Evans complained that the con- venience of outside Guardians had not been con- sidered. He thought that arrangement was most unfair, as if it were adhered to, some of them, if they attanded the meetings, would not be able to get home before midnight. Ultimately it was re,olved by the majority to deal with the motion in committee at the close of the Guardians meeting. A letter was read from Major D. R. David thanking the Board for its kind vote of sympathy, and expressing a strong desire to return to work in connection with the Board. Later the Board considered the motion of Mr H. P. Charles in reference to parishes appointing their own collector of rates. The matter had been adjourned from a previous meeting. There was a strong feeling among the representatives of rural parishes in favour of all parishes having the power indicated conferred upon them. Mr. Charles, however, modified his proposal, and moved that the power to appoint be given to the iirbnn parishes only. The discussion lasted two hours, and in the end the motion was lost by 21 votes to 11. The committee appointed to formulate a scheme in refe ence to the new allotment of areas to the Relieving Officers also met. and after further discussion adjourned. There is a strong disposition to increase the TM-im h. .rv^* i\Ø! .L- t UL -lAtUlWVIIl^ vyuiutus tu lour. PROPERTY SALE. At the Castle Hotel, Neath, on Wednesday, Mr. W. B. Trick sold by auction the undermen- tioned property :—Lea-ehold dwelling-house, Belle Vue Vilia, situate in Gnoll Park-road, 95 years of lease unexpired yearly rental, JE32 subject to a ground rent of L3 19s. Mr. J. Griffith Isaac, chemist, was the buyer at JE500. Some other lots offered were withdrawn. Mr. A. J. Jeffreys was the solicitor to the vendor of the lot sold. THE PATTI CHARITY CONCERT. We understand that there are ve-y few unsold five shilling tickets for this concert. There are some excellent seats at half-a-guinea and one pninea available, and the Town Clerk (Mr. Edwin Cnrtis, Neath) will be pleased to make the best selection in his power for those desiring1 him to book their seats, tie will deal with each request in the order of its arrival. A cheque or postal order should accompany every application.—See advt. in another column.

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