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LLANDOVERY BY OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT.] CRICKET. LLANDOVERY COLLEGE v. LLANELLY. T he cricket season for 1901 was opened at Llandovery on Saturday last with the above ttatch. Both sides were fairly represented. The weather was glorious, and in conspquence a good sprinkling of spectators were present. The visitors winning the toss elected to send the Collegians ifrst to the wickets. C. M. Davies and J. A. Jones opened the innings in opposition to the trundling of Fred Rees and H. Howell. The start was nnpropitious, as with only seven runs on the "telegraph" Jones's wickets were disturbed with a curler from Rees. The Collegians continued to fare badly, and when luncheon was called five wickets were disposed of for only 14 runs. On resuming, the bomesters fairly succumbed to the deliveries of Fred Rees and Joseph, and by 2 40 the whole of the wickets were dismissed for the paltrey total of 27 runs. Rees captured six wickets for 13 runs, Joseph two for three runs, and H. Howell two for nine runs. The Llanellyites opened their innings with Fred Rees and J. Howill. The former opened with vigour, and runs came at a brisk rate. However, with the score at 18, Howell was dis- missed with a fine ball from Hudson, which broke a good deal from the "off." LI. John filled the vacancy, and without further loss the neccessary runs were obtained. With the total at 35. Hudson again found a way to Reea* wickets. Davies, Watkins, and John also made some in. valuable stands, and materially assisted to increase the soore. Percy Rees, however, gave the better display of the day, playing in brilliant style all round the wicket. He kept his wicket up all through with 54 runs to his credit, which was obtained by hits for eight 4's, three 3's, and seven 2's. The innings ultimately closed for 133 runs, thus leaving the Tinplaters easy victors by 106 runs. Appended are the respective scores :— LLANDOVERY COLLEGE. C. M. Davies, b F. L. Rees 7 J. A. Jones, b Rees 3 R. B. Calcott, b Howell 0 S. H. Lookyer, c and b Howell 4 Hud-on, b Rees 0 A. E. Seymour, c Watkins, b Joseph 2 P. Richards, c Howell, b Rees 3 H. S. Brabant. b Rees 4 A. L. Green, c Watkins, b Joaeph. 2 G. Bowen, b Rees 0 M. E. Davies, not out. 0 Extras. 2 Total. 27 LLANELLY. Fred L. Rees, b Hudson 26 J. Howell, b Hudson 4 U. John, c Hudson, b Brabant. 17 H. Howell, c Jones, b Hudson 1 Percy Rees, not ou t. 54 Davies (pro.), at Bowen, b Caloott. 14 B. V. Watkins, b Seymour. 14 L. Williams, c Jones, b Davies 1 T. Randell, c Hudson, b Seymour. 0 D. Watts, b Seymour. 0 D. L. Joseph, absent 0 Extras. 5 Total. 133 DEBATE. At the last week's meeting of the Temperance Association an interesting debate took place, the subject being, Should Christian men engage in war ?" Papers were read by Mr. F. Sheppard in the affirmative, and Mr. G. Morton in the megative. After an interesting discussion, in which several of the members participated, the debate resulted in the affirmative paper being defeated by four votes only. TOWN COUNCIL. This body held its usual monthly meeting at the Town Hall, on Thursday in last week, under the presidency of the Mayor (Councillor Thos. Phillips, of Picton Villa). There were also present: Alderman Thomas Jonefe, Llanfair Grange; Councillors J. R. James, Springfield Cottage (ex-Mayor); D. Saunders Thoma&, Belmont House; W. Rees, Forest House H. Havard, Stone-street; John Evans. Old Change D. T. M. Jones, Nantyrhogfan; T. Gwenlaia Davies, Greyhound Hotel; and Dan Davies, Stone-street; the Town Clerk (Mr. John Thomas) and the Surveyor (Mr. William Lloyd). Minutes. The minutes of the last meeting were read by the Town Clerk and confirmed. The Increase in Rates. Mr. D. Saunders Thomas questioned the accuracy of the report of the last meeting which appeared in the papers in connection with the aew rate of 6s. in the £ having been levied for the year. He contended that tfais report was incorrect, as there would only be 3s. in the £ collectable during the present year, and 3:iJ. in the £ during the next year. Mr. D. T. M. Jones retorted that the report was quite correct, as it stated that it was levied for the financial year which ended on the 31st March next. The rate would, however, be eolleoted in two instalments, one of 3:i. in the £ to be collected immediately, and the other moiety to be collected between the 29th September next and the ensuing 31st March. The Town Clerk That is quite correct. The subject then dropped. Correspondence. The Town Clerk read two letters from the Local Government Board, sanctioning the appointment of Dr. E. Berryman as medical officer of health for the ensuing year, and also the re-appointment of Mr. John Roderick as inspector of nuisances for a like period. Tenders. Tenders for the supplying of stones on the Dolanhirion-road and the roads in the borough were read, and it was resolved to accept the tender of Mr. Ernest Thomas, of Bailyglas, as far as the Dolanhirion-road was concerned. It was also decided to accept the tender of Mr. Dan Jones to supply stones on the main roads in the town and for the bye-roads, Mr. David Evans' tender was accepted. Bills. Cheques in payment of some bills presented were drawn and signed. The Meat Market Ground Rent again on the the Boards. Arrears Still Unpaid. Mr. Dan Davies enquired if the arrears of ground rent due on the meat market had yet been paid. The Mayor No, because they have no money. Mr. J. R. James Why don't the shareholders pay the rent. Mr. D. T. M. Jones: There is a resolution on the minute book which states that unless the arrears were paid by that meeting proceed- ings were to be taken against the company to enforce the payment thereof. I fail to see the use of making resolutions unless they are carried -out. The Town Clerk: It is useless proceeding against them, as they have no money. Mr. J. R. James: Why don't they borrow off their bankers ? Mr. D. T. M. Jones: I take it that in any event the shareholders have a private banking account of their own. Surely they are strong eiongh to pay JE40 between them. Mr. T. Gwenlais Davies: I certainly press that the arrears be paid at once. If I or any other ratepayer got in arrear in respect of rates it is hardly likely you would give so much grace in that case. The Mayor: I think we had better let the matter rest for a time until some terms are settled as to the proposed purchasing of the building. I have suggested that half its original value be paid to the surviving shareholders, and it is pretty well settled. But the Corporation at present is not in a position to buy. Mr. D. T. M, Jones: It has not been agreed yet by us that we give them half the original cost of the meat market. In any event the arrears of rent will have to be paid. I move that the resolution previously passed to be carried out by the next meeting. Mr. T. Gwenlais Davies seconded. Mr. J. R. James: The shareholders can easily get the momey from their bankers if they desire to do go. The motion was carried. Extra Water Rate. Mr. D. Sanndera Thomas inquired if the collector had received the fee of 5s. from the persons who used an extra supply of water. The Town Clerk replied that the collector bad informed him that he had collected those amounts. Valuation of Railways. Aid. Thomas Jones inquired as to the extent of the railways in th* borough. The Town Clerk: Something like 11, but I sannot be positive on the point without refer- ence Aid. Thomas Jones remarked that the railways had not been valued for 16 years, and he thought the Town Council should take some stepwto have them re-assessed. He gave notice that he would Oiove to this effect at the next meeting. What Rates do .the College Pay r" Mr. John Evans inquired on what terrur was the new warden going to pay rates in respect of the college. Was he only goir^ to pjythein £ 15, had been arrange! some tima ago If tha latter case, th>n they as a council were ^oinpr to P^ve the warden a present of something like Mr. J. R. James contended that this was a special arrangement between the Council and the warden on the old assessment of the college which had existed for ten years. Mr. John Evans Now that the assessment has been increased from JE80 to JE120 he certainly ought to pay more rates. Mr. J. R. James: The increase in the valuation of the college will only afiect the assessment. Mr. John Evans: And will the previous arrangement to pay JE15 only still exist ? Mr. D. Saunders Thomas Perhaps if you press this matter much. the warden will pay less than £ 15, ascertain privileges were extended to public institutions as regards rates. Mr. John Evans A proper man should re-value the building. Mr. J. R. James The assessment has already been increased £ 40. I feel certain that if we proceed in this manner, the warden will only pay what sum he is legally liable. Mr. D. T. M. Jones considered that the college was rated quite high enough at present. Mr. John Evans If the warden pays only JE15, then, under the new rate of 6s. in the X, we as a council will lose £ 21, as the rates would amount to JE36 on the assessment of £ 120. Mr. D. T. M. Jones Does the warden pay rates on JE120 ? The Town Clerk": That is the new assessment. But there are certain deductions allowed in res- pect of his private house. Mr. D. Saunders Thomas thought it very desirable that the collector should always attend the meetings of the Council in order that they might have some enlightenment on matters which cropped up appertaining to the rates. He moved that a list ot defaulters be presented quarterly by that official. Mr D. T. M. Jones seconded, andj it was passed. The subject then dropped. Capital Proposal by Councillor J. R. James. Mr. J. R. James moved that an improvement committee in connection with the Council be formed, and that the whole of the members of the Council act on such committee. They could meet on several occasions to discuss some schemes for the benefit and general welfare of the town of Llandovery. A committee of this kind was formed in other towns, and he considered it would be well for them to have one also. He suggested that the Mayor act as convener of such committee meetings. Mr. Dan Davies seconded, and the motion was carried without any distention. Gutters out of Order. Mr. T. Gwenlais Davies desired to draw the attention of the Surveyor to the state of the gutters in Victoria-street. The water would not run but remained in pools about the street. He proposed that the gutters be re-set. Mr. J. R. James seconded. Mr. D. Saunders Thomas having also confirmed Mr. Davies' statement as to the state of the gutters, the Surveyor was instrujted to have the work done. New Rate. The seal of the Corporation on the new rate was affixed at the meeting. This was all the business. FUNERAL. The funeral of the late Mr. George Edwards, of King's-road, in this town, house decorator and painter, whose demise was reported in our last week's issue, took place on Saturday afternoon last, and being of a public character, was attended by a large number of persons. The place of interment was Llandingat Churchyard. The Rev. Eben. Jones (vicar) conducted a brief service at the deceased's residence, whilst the Tiev. Grnffydd Evans (curate) was the officiant at the church. At the grave the Vicar again officiated. The coffin was made by Messrs. E. Williams and Sons, cabinet makers, in this town, whilst the undertaker was Mr. William Jones, of Alma House. SCHOOL TREAT AT CEFNARTHEN. On Saturday afternoon last, at the Cefnarthen, Schoolroom, near Llandovery, Mr. John ■Yilliams, J.P., of Tirypentre, again gave a proof of his benevolent character by entertaining in sumptuous style the children attending this day school to an excellent cake, with tea and other delicacies. No less than 64 children and friends partook of the repast which was catered for in his usual capable and satisfactory manner by Councillor Thomas Roberts, of the Jubilee Crown Stores, Llandovery. The arrangements in connection with the tea-fight was under the superintendence of Mrs. Roberts, who richly deserves high commendation on the efficient style in which all the preparations were carried out. The company having done the needful to the 4'inner-man," oranges and cakes were liberallv distributed amongst the children. The conclud- ing part of the afternoon was then merrily whiled away in the playing of miscellaneous games and all kinds of amusements. Councillor Williams has a^rayB been a faithful and regular supporter of this school since its formation, and amongst other kindly and generous acts has never failed to pay his annual voluntary subscription of XI towards its maintenance. For his great kindness on the present occasion, a hearty vote of thanks was accorded him on the proposition of the Rev. E. Maelor Roberts, seconded by Mr. David Morgan (schoolmaster), a vote which was greeted with loud and continuous cheers by the children. A similar vote was also passed to Mr. and Mrs. Roberts for preparing such an excellent tea. In the evening the children entertained the company to some excellent songs, recitations and dialogues, which were much appreciated, and at its teimina- tion hooks and cards were presented to the children for regular attendance at the school during the year ended the 31st March last. Appended is the programme:—Opening address, Lizzie Mary Owens song, Strike up the Music," School Children; recitation, "Maegenyf ddwy law," Infants recitation, We are but little folks' you see," School Children; song, Lili Lon," School Children; dialogue, "When a woman I am," Six School Girls recitation, Y Bachgen bach a'r Duc," Sailor Boy recitation, Y_ cloc wedi sefyll," H. M. Williams; song, Little sister's gone to sleep," School ChUdren recitation, "YMorgrugyn a Sioncyn y gwair," Joseph Morgan recitation, Bydd dyner wrth y plentyn bach," Maggie James song, Y gath a'i rhai bychain," School Children; recitation. "Y gwcw a'r y fedwen," Annie M. Thomas recitation," The Little Teacher," D. B. Owens; rccitation, "Y Ffermwr;a'r gwas," Maggie L Jones; Bong. Ar byd y nos," School Children recitation, What we Love," Six Little Children; recitation, "Y Bachgen ddywedod gelwydd," J. Morgan; dialogue, Five Children; recitation, Y gath a'r llygoden," Margaretta Thomas; recitation, "Yr Eneth ddall," Mary Lizzie Owens; song, "Pwy na fyddai yn Amaethwr," School Children finale, God Save the King."



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