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AS A a.E, PERMANENT, AND WAERANTID eURR tor Piiaples, Scrofnia, Scnrvy, Bad Lees, Ski nAr: Bland Diseases, Pimples and Sores of sll kinds, we c?.n with confidence recommend Clarke's World-famed Blood Mixture. It is certair.iv tt.e tir est Blood Purifier ttia* science aud medical skill han brought to Thousands of'nl cures have been ejected by it. Sold everywhere, at 2a. Oct. per bottle Beware of worthies* imitation PIMPLES PREVENTED BY pen* SOAP +.- ¡ The most effective skin purifier and beautifier as well as purest and sweetest, for toilet, bath, aDd nursery. It strikes at the cause of bad com- plexions, red, rough hands, falling hair, and baby bjemi.-hes, viz., the clogged, irritated, inflamed, overworked, or sluggish PORES. All Chemists. Price, lB., or postpaid by F NEWTBEBT Ie Soya London, E. C. PorxER D. & C. COKJ-, Sole Props., Boston, U. S..A. Hoy to Cure Pimpies," tree. I Choice Tea. I Dulcemona I r Tea. I Leading1 Grocers SPII it, In Packet6, 16, 18, 2 per lb. FOR Coughs XLSAM I t T/iADE MAR* J Powell's 1 Balsam 1 OF Aniseed. IT CURES COUGHS, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, i > AND ALL LUNG TROUBLES. j ( SAFE AND RELIABLE. 3 S A Proved Remedy of 75 Years' Standing. ( } Sold by all Chemists and Patent Medicine 2 | Vendors, in bottles 1/1^, 2/3, 4/6, & 11/- each. I Nature's Perfect Remedy for all kinds of W IDI. WILLIAMS' (PONTARDAWE) w ORM LOZENGES. For over 30 years this highly Valuable Remedy has met with the greatest success. The effect upon Weak. Delicate Children (often given lip as incurable) is like Magic. Getting rid of his torment ing pestB by taking these Lozenges, tbe thin, pale-faced, inanimate Child becomes strong, healthy, and lively, the pride. Instead of the anxiety of his guardians. Llangennech, near Llanelly, August 30th, 1872. DEAR SIR,-My youngest daughter, Emma Ann, 13 years of age, got rid of a great imtnbor of worms by taking only three or four of Wiihamx* (Pontardawe) Worm Lozenges. I am glad to say that Ftle has much improved in health, being previously lingering and delicate in health.—Yours very trul r, MABTHA GRIFFITHS, J-ite of Ynispenllwch, BTMPTOMS.—Any of the following SYMPTOMS indicate Worms:- Variable appetite, foetid breath, acid erjeta- tions. pains in the stomach and head, sickness, grinding J of the teeth during sleep, oreams MId restlessness, paleness of the countenance, stitches in the side, short dry cough, and emaciation of the body, often mistaken for decline, nervousness, slow fever, and irregular puise (aintness, sometimescon vnlsi ve lits, often causiiigsudden deatb; dizziness, sore throat, and inflammation of tile- bowels. The above symptoms VARY according to the kind of Worms. The Lozengeacontain nothing detrimental to the Con- stitution, and are suitable for Ji ages. Williams'(Pontardawe) orip Lozenges we prepared from the Original Receipt hy JOHN DAVIES, M.R.P.8' Chetnis', ?o, Hi«h street, Swansea, and sold by most chemists, iIot SAd., 13td., and 2s. 9d. per box; by post, 14 or 34 sumps." Protected by the Government stamp, on which are engraved the words "Williams' Worm CRS. D ON'T COUGH-USE D0N' T COUGH-USE TJON'T COUGH-USE There is absoiurely no -emedy so cpeedy and effectual. One Lozel..ige alone (fives relief can be taken by the most delioato. TT EATING'S COUGH LOZENGES, K EATING'S COUGH LOZENGES, XT EATING'S COUGH LOZENGES. If you cannot sleep for coughing, one Keating'•» Loajnge will set you right. Any Doctor will tell you they are "JJTTESLY UNRIVALLED. UTTERLY UNRIVALLED. U TTERL Y UNRIVALLED. eold everywhere in tins, 13|d. each, or free on reeemt of stamps, from THOMAS KEATING. Chemist. London. ■TJADE'S OQUT PILLS. All who suffer from Gout or Sheumatism shotUd immediately have recourse to EADE'SPirr« JADE'S GOUT P1J.L8. MADTAPILLS- Hundreds of Testimonials have beeu received from all sorts and conditions of men, testify- ing to the wonderfal power these Pilla HAVEI* giving relief in the very worst cases TRADE'S GOUT PILLS. These Pills are purely vegetable, and Der- fectly safe in their anion EADE'S GOUT PILLS INSTANTLY IiELIEYB and RAPIDTV OFRE the worst form of HOUr Rhllumatism LIMB™*00 GOUT, Pains in the Head, Face aud ADE'S GOUT PILLS E have the largest recommendatiou ever given "DV Patent Medicine of its class. TRADE'S GOUT PILLS for GOUT and RHEUMATISM. FOR THE LAST THREE YKARS I TTAVK NEVER HAD A RHEUMATIC PAIN. '•37, Bryne-street, Wjllington, Durham Jan. 12tfi, 189S II Dear Sir,-It affords me great pleasure in wriUng you these lew lines about your valuable P.lls. It >S seven Y^MSI,ICE I bad Rheumatic Fever, and the following THRE* years I suffered with Rheumatic pains Having tried so-called snre remedies but getting no better, and bearing of your Pin8 I got some, and received great benefit from them. For the LAST THREE YB4 S R have FEVER HAD A RHEUMATIC PALN Mar.y whom I recommended to take on- Pills have obtained relief. You can use"" M v name. and also publish to the world the great Power your Pills HAVE over Rhen. matic pains.-1 remain, yours truly 'IOHIS LONGSTAFF." P>I wonld have written yon sooner but gave them a good test. O ADE'S GOUT & RHEUMATIC PILLS CJADE'S GOUT PILLS. Ask for and be sure you obtain- Eadew, Gout and Hheumatic pills. [IJ936 gTIFFS STARCH. ^TIFF'S STAECH. gTIFF'S STARCH. ^TIFF'S STARCH. STIFF'S STARCH. gTIFF'S STARCH. TIFF'S STARCH. STIFF'S STARCH, jgTIFF'S STARCH. ^TIFF'S STARCH. ^TIFF'S STARCH. ^TIFF'S STARCH. Sold !n lib. Picture Boxej Sold in !>lb. Packets. Trade Mark—Queen Bess. Uniform Quality. Warranted Pure. Most ificonomical. Impartt an Exquisite Gloss vf«r Onif"nen Look Uke Kew. For Collare. For Wristbands. For £ tiirt Fronts. For Neckties. For Caps. For Culfs. For Lece. "> For Linen. For Muslins. Foor Curtains. For Table Cloths. AFk f')r Still'- I-cb. Note the Caution Label. Observe the Trade Mark. See Dr. HasM!J'r Testimo: ¡d. Mark what Dr. Griffin 1!3YS. Read Pro Herapatb'sReport. Sold by Grocers. Scid by Tirup-nsta So!d by Oilman. Estah'ifibed 1818. Wholesale—STIFF & Co., EEDCLIFF-STAKKT BRI&TOJL. 0 Father: Remember, my sou, one never loses anything in this world bv being polite bon ■' i ou're wiolig, father; I lost irv scat m the tram this morning from that very cause."